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LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard
by InConcept Labs

App Category:- Education

LiveBoard is new generation interactive whiteboard app for visual collaboration. Work, teach, draw, sketch, brainstorm, socialize and share remotely with this amazing collaboration platform. It doesn’t matter how far you are from each other, you can make your real time collaboration fun and productive!

LiveBoard is a free interactive whiteboard app that allows you to draw, visualize ideas, work together and chat with friends/colleagues in realtime! This team collaboration app offers practical drawing tools, multiple interaction whiteboards, social media interconnection, live collaboration and chat amongst other features.


LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard

LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard


LiveBoard is much more than just a regular whiteboard app. This whiteboard learning tool will turn your device into a virtual whiteboard (blackboard) where can draw and sketch, add annotations and descriptions to images, mark up areas and more. It’s so easy to share your designs via social media or email, or save it to your device. Want to enjoy the best learning management system of this era? Let LiveBoard become your everyday tool!

Broadcast is an exciting feature that allows you to connect with other users who can see all the edits and additions you are making on your whiteboard at that moment to collaborate and discuss the details via live chat. This allows for realtime discussion of ideas with partner or colleague, teaching and pointing out important details in a classroom, or simply sharing thoughts visually with a friend.

✔️ Real time collaboration app with interactive whiteboard
✔️ Instant messaging – with built-in messaging you don’t need to switch the app
✔️ Realtime drawing and whiteboard sharing with an unlimited number of participants via internet
✔️ Unlimited online whiteboards to draw on
✔️ Share your creations via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Google+, Viber) and email
✔️ Save your drawings from the whiteboard learning into your gallery
✔️ Snap a picture or upload full images from your device to draw on
✔️ Configurable sizes for brush and eraser and a beautiful full-spectrum color picker
✔️ Unlimited undos and redos to retrace your steps
✔️ Text tool to add notes and descriptions
✔️ Essential geometric shapes to complete any drawing
✔️ Palm rejection – rest your hand on the board without making any changes
✔️ Full access control – control who can make changes
✔️ AI power shape recognition – with our magic pan draw like an expert
✔️ Mobile friendly user experience – easy access with stylus or just fingers
✔️ Reach drawing tool-set – snap, draw, type or insert a picture
✔️ Completely FREE to use

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Collaborate and make the learning process easier with our amazing whiteboard app!
Get LiveBoard for free and broadcast your vision!

Download LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard App :-


Download LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard App


User Reviews :-


Sandeep Deshpande
User friendly app. The only thing that I gave 3stars is a) The top bar almost covers 20% of the board space. There can be an option to hide and show top bar by setting bool value to True or False. b) The recording is picking up voice from the default mic even though external mic is attached to it. Kindly make these changes for great app.

Malook Wd
Basic, easy and lovely… my little two problems in the app is: 1/ the size of the board, is it possible to have a BIG board? Zooming to a target and writting in it is the best for me 2/ copying the last thing i wrote and completing it in next page will make my life easier.. Thanks alot for the hard work..

Hello Tasha
Loved it so far!! Though, may I suggest for you to add a pause button because at times, as we write, it takes up a lot of time & leaves a gap of silence in between. So at times like that, a pause button would deem useful. Other than that, LOVED IT

Lauren Casey
I wish it had a save button so we can lock lower level finished work on a simple graph while only editing most recently added overlapping lines. This is because the program can get very confused about which line you want to activate for editing. So it keeps activating the wrong one, which always nudges it out of place, and before you know it, you have to erase and redo half of your work again after it had been perfect, but only needing a coulple more lines. Otherwise I ~really~ like it and I am confident that a “lock work to add revisions” plus a regular save work could be easily added.

Ankur Mehra
The app works pretty well with negligible lag on remote screen. Just a small issue: I am unable to share audio though it is getting recorded. Please help.

App User
Always crashes specially when number of slides are more.i have sent you error logs .I am ready to purchase if it doesn’t crash.i am using this with a tablet(Android 5) connected with network sharing option on my smart tv (Android 4.4.4)..please help.must solve it

Mario Galindo
I like this app. It is really nice, but I miss the option to select an area of a drawing and group/move/copy/paste/scale it. This is the definitive feature I need to rate this app 5 stars. I hope this can be implemented on the next future.

Govind Patidar
There is one bug..we can not use miracast and record the video also simultaneously in live doing so it quit the miracast please solve this i need to solve it very urgent

Ancient-Morden Link
The only problem with ur app is that its tool bar does not hide, it constrict the board while teaching…. Rest features are very good….

Logan Elliott
It’s good But… In smart notebook has size small,medium and large it does not do this here. Could you do a circle then tap in the middle it’s gone it does not do this

Please auto hide navigation pan to go application on full screen because while I am recording screen takes navigation pan in recording 🙁🙁 And I want to import pdf files as well please help

mohamed rajah
Great App. I recommend to use it in the classrooms. No ads. Nothing for purchasing. Thank you very much. Is it possible to stream within same Wi-Fi network.

Meduri Ruthwick
It’s simple basic and easy … It would be simple excellent and easy if it support multiple sessions at the Same time and if there were notifications when ever a session was active

Chetan Nimavat
One Feature You Must Have To Add Which Is Like Writing In Board via keyboard Like Teacher Write in Blackboard From Top To Bottom & Left To Right / Right To Left Like Word Document So It Make Digital Board And We Teacher Use It To Teach Maths Sums With All Characters Keyboard of Maths like Fractional Number And Number’s Piwer Calculation Sums easly we Can At This Time via Handwriting It’s Not Easy And Not Attractive I Hope You May My Suggestion Well I don’t Know I Explained You Well Or Not Thx

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