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Live Trivia Quiz Show to Win Cash – Brain Baazi
by Times Internet Limited

BrainBaazi is a LIVE FREE trivia quiz game show in India where you can win REAL CASH in your PayTM or Mobikwik wallets everyday by simply answering 11 quick  questions. You can refer friends and get free lives to increase your winning chances. There is no limit to how many times you can play.

Brain Baazi App

Brain Baazi App


Registration in BrainBaazi app is through your phone number and One Time Password (OTP)
After downloading and registering, you are required to create a username. You can pick any username you want as long as another user has not already chosen it.

👉Game Rules

The game show starts at ⏰9 PM sharp everyday.
A 🎩host or anchor 🎩 runs the show live and asks questions while also entertaining you with interesting acts and facts.

The host will ask 11 (eleven) questions, each question having three options each. Only one of these three options is correct.

You have to tap on the correct option on your mobile screen Note that you only get 10 seconds to answer a question and the 10 seconds start from the time the anchor starts speaking out the question. So listen very carefully and don’t wait  for the question to appear on the screen.

If you give the correct answer, you stay in the game and get to see the next question
If you give incorrect answer, or are unable to select an answer in 10 seconds, you are eliminated

However even after you are eliminated, you can continue to watch the show and win other prizes and benefits during the show.

If you are able to answer all eleven questions correctly, you become a WINNER and your username appears on the leaderboard.

The prize money for the day is equally divided among the winners. So for example, if prize money is Rs. 50000 (fifty thousand) and there are 100 winners then every winner gets  Rs. 500 each. Similarly, if prize money is Rs. 100000 (one lakh) and there are 50 winners, then each winners gets Rs 2000 each. Simple!


A life can be used to stay in the game even if you are eliminated. It is like getting a second chance after making a mistake While rules may change in the future, but at present, you can only use one life in one game.

Lives are obtained through many methods, the most common being referrals which are explained below. However if you watch the game regularly and follow us on Twitter and
Facebook you can get many more opportunities to win lives 😃

You can ask all your friends, family and colleagues through various means like Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, SMS, GMail etc. to download and install the app
When they install the app and enter your username in the referral code, you get a FREE LIFE😊😊

Note that there is NO LIMIT to number of referrals. You can get 100, 200 even 1000 lives by referring as many people as you can.


The Quiz questions are from a variety of common topics like Bollywood, Cricket, Politics, History, Current Affairs etc. We always welcome inputs and feedback on the kind of  questions you like

👉Cash Withdrawal
If you are among the winners, you can immediately apply for cash withdrawal to your PayTM or Mobikwik wallets. If you don’t have a wallet, one will be created for you.
Remember to follow us on Twitter (, Facebook ( and our website



Direct Download Brain Baazi APK (9 MB )


Download Live Trivia Quiz Show to Win Cash – BrainBaazi app from Play Store :-


User Reviews:

-instaII “UNOPAY” App to Start Earnings.. use: (SEYA) I Never Knew that I can earn money just by WATCHING Advertisements!! UNOPAY App is Iegit one which allows
earning points just by doing simple tasks (like watch advertises, videos and so on). Then you can exchange your earned points for PATYM/GIFTS/PYPAL and therre various
options to choose from. Also TOYOCASH App is perfect app for anyone in anywhere who has free time and doesn’t wana waste it. You can use it while working, studying..
simply earning points while watching advertisements.

-I haven’t received my winning amount and now more than 1 week has passed away. I have told you my problem on facebook, gmail and also tweted about 7 or 8 times and
everytime you just keep on asking my detail and do nothing to solve my problem. This is seriously very unprofessional attitude from your side, do you guys even care about your
user’s problem. Now I have reached my tolerance limit, I want my money in 24 hrs

-Would have further interesting if the game is in English, looks like game is for hindi people.. Also too much talking, lots of time consuming

-I would have liked to give 5 stars if the questions were of good standard. Most of the questions are useless in starting like questions related to Bollywood, advertisement of
Bollywood etc. Other than that a brilliant thinking and app

-Use my referral code “prachiver” to get a life which will help you in game This game is awesome . If u have general knowledge then this app is for you and it is great app to earn by
just answering simple 10 questions. Love this game daily gameplay. It also help us to gain good knowledge

-Top most game among Trivia Best game among triva , use my referral code “” to earn one life line.people say that u get. 2 or5 life line but that false they want to cheat you
reality is u get one life when u apply code and the person who send code also get one if u like this pls pls apply my code”” to earn life and also help me get one. enjoy
the of luck for hard

-Grt..the game really connects with people…it engrosses users.. wonderful hosts…wonderful questions… had fun playing u brainbaazi !!!

-Use my referal code ‘pulom’ to get extra life which will be very useful for you at the game and yes the gameplay is very good and it is aperfect platform to earn money for those
people who have a little knowledge . It is a platform where you can prove yourself.

-Good one…great way to maximise knowledge along with getting chance to earning some cash

-It’s nice and a new way to help people through their knowledge which tells about the value of knowledge

-This app is good for live game experience & to earn by doing fun, if you have extra time. You can use my code “amarindia” to sign up and get extra life. Thank you ☺

-Awesome. A good app to earn money. Pls. Use my refferal code – ghgh while signing up to earn extra life. You can use this life while playing it. This life will save you incase you are
eliminated to continue playing

-Hey guys one hint broke out use this link “prasanna747392” this link gives u unlimited lives hurry up i too used and i got many lives and play ur best to the game and let all win

-Really amazing app …use Neha_1_7 to get “3””” lives extra ….u can also follow me on insta Neha_1_7

-Awsm Superb thanks for the advice bro if you can please let me know what you think should be possible to change the email address to the email address and I will tell you nd
opt for the new players on

-Hey guys, you can use my referral code ‘ujrohilla’ to get extra life. Only way to get life is by referral. Good Luck ☺

-Want to get 1 extra lives????? Its as easy as that. just add referal code “savita_rohilla” and earn your welcome gift. Its really nice. Join today and win.

-It’s very nice app. Use my referral cod “adnan10” It will give you a life.

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