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Live Microphone, Mic announcement
by PabloApps Inc

App Category:- Tools

Live Microphone is very simple app just sends audio from the mic to the speaker,  plug it into your computer or whatever using a 3.5mm male to male headphone jack and you get a free mic.

You can use it for voice chatting, recording, and recognition. It has nearly unnoticeable lag (*depending on transport and environment), just like REAL microphone devices! The connection between PC and Android phone can be via Bluetooth,  USB. It isn’t possible to make a lag free mic on Android yet, but it’s good enough for emergency use.


Live Microphone, Mic announcement

Live Microphone, Mic announcement


How to use:
1. Connect your device to an external speaker, and speak in front of the internal microphone
2. Use a deconcentrator/an adapter (e.g. iRig), connect an external speaker and microphone

It is suitable for:

1. Music Performance
2. Presentation
3. Outdoor Activity
4. Audio Amplification


Download Live Microphone, Mic announcement App :-

Download Live Microphone, Mic announcement App


User Reviews :-

Dave Sosnowski
People! You can’t use this app without a Bluetooth speaker. I just love the people that complain about a screeching Echo noise. I guess you never heard of Music feedback. You can’t use a microphone near a speaker. Works perfectly for what it’s meant for

Rahul Mishra Mishra
I think that this app is good and very useful for everyone. There is a problem in this app that when we start it , we have to listen a loud noise which is not good for our ears. I think there should be no irritating sound in it.

Danial Warren
This app is very annoying it’s always echoing echo echo echo echo echo very very annoying you can’t hear anything you’re trying to say although it does make your voice louder like it’s supposed to so I hate how it’s always always always echoing unless you turn it off turn the microphone off the only way I can get it to turn off

amalia diaz
when you shut on the mic on you hear is static, echo, and it hurts everyones ears. i WOULD NEVER DOWNLOAD THIS! it almost sounds like someone from a horror movie is screaming, and it is scary to children! if you want to play karoke DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!

PaSsiOnaTe_PaYaL Banerjee
The app could have been made more flexible wid the features, the only draw back which made me to uninstall the app was the screaching noice of the mic. Each time I switched on the mic my voice was very low wid the echo and that weird noise. Yaaak

App User
Geez…it played this horrible screech when I turned it on. I think I’m now deaf. Nice app tho.

App User
Friends please don’t download it beccause it’s soo boring.. My daughter and my son said this game video maker is not good…😣😢

App User
I think this app is the coolest app i’v ever seen in my live i loved it but you could pleas stop the scratching noise ?That will make it much better!

Melanie Howard
It is the coolest but i deleted it then got another app and came getting it agine because i have instruments so i desited to sing play my flute ucalaly drum and do a little consert so i can record it becaus you can leave the app and it still works 1 bad thing if you have it up to your mouth it squeels but it is the best I LOVE IT

All it did was give out this HORRIBLE sound that hurt my ears. Terrible App don’t ever use it unless you want to go deaf. Smh

Utu Bloomfield
The is the worst app ever I hate it. I don’t know who would like this or who does like this bit whoever it is and whoever does like this super app I wasp hate them too.😒😒👎👎

RES0N8 Media
It nearly gave me a brain aneurysm; and may 1000 fleas infest the hairy armpits and groin of this hell-spawn of an app.

App User
It makes this weird like cricket xound very annoying would not recommend this app waist of space😠

App User
I just had to delete it because it’s too noisy and it doesn’t get better after several minutes

App User
The app was going to be great if there was no loud noise which is affecting my ears i cant even say a sentence for myself i have to listen at the noise made by the microphone

App User
No words for this app, just wonderfull app till now i have ever seen 😍 but only a one little bit problem 😖 that this app make a large amount of eco, which is very irritaing, please repair it, by the way everything else is fine 😊♥

App User
This is the best thing because maybe you’re having like a sleepover and you and your having like an idea to make a little karaoke party you can just use this

App User
It’s like people who want to meet their goals singing with the real not the phone singing with the real microphone like they’re only got one call and that is very proud

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