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Live Launcher – Live Wallpapers & Themes
by Color Phone Studios


App Category:- Entertainment

Live Launcher is a stylish & personalized launcher app for android phone. Bored with your default home screen? Come find your dream themes and live wallpapers here!
Live Launcher provides 10000+ live wallpapers, unique theme wallpapers and cool launcher app for android free! You can enjoy the most popular live wallpapers and themes app from Live Launcher. Everything is alive and dynamic here.

Personalize Features in Live Launcher
✔Live wallpaper & 3D wallpaper: 10000+ android wallpaper, including free live wallpaper, live wallpapers for girls and so on, make your home screen more stylish
✔Themes for android free: Provide the hottest android themes for your phone free
✔Call screen themes: Glitter the incoming call and make the call screen more dynamic and eye-catching
✔Emojis: Share emotions with your family and friends!
✔Transition Effect: Pages dance between your fingers

System Optimization:
✔Junk cleaner: Clean up junk files
✔Battery Saver: Save battery power for longer life
✔Boost: Boost phone speed in one tap
✔Boost+: Boost phone deeply
✔Notification Cleaner: Remove junk notifications
✔CPU Cooler: Cool down the CPU


Live Launcher - Live Wallpapers & Themes

Live Launcher – Live Wallpapers & Themes


Gadgets and Plugins:
✔Widgets: Launcher widgets and system widgets centre in the Menu
✔Weather: Forecast the weather in the next week
✔Notification toolbar: Easily asses to tools including flashlight, Wi-Fi, data, etc.
✔Search bar(with google search engine): Easily find everything

Home screen Management:
✔Unread message: The icon badges will help you to follow up important unanswered phone calls, unread SMS, emails, and messages for all apps
✔Screen manager: Make the arrangement of icons more neat
✔Smart folder: Get a organized and clean home screen
✔Desktop settings: Adjust the size and style of home screen icons
✔Menu: Quick access to commonly used features

Privacy Protection:
✔App lock: Users can lock up special apps to prevent privacy leaking
✔Hide Apps: Hide important apps to protect your privacy

✔Online Games: 20+ H5 games

Now, please feel free to enjoy the popular launcher app in 2018! Download Live Launcher to enjoy the unique and beautiful live wallpapers and themes for free.

Download Live Launcher – Live Wallpapers & Themes App :-


Download Live Launcher – Live Wallpapers & Themes App



User Reviews :-

App user
As soon as i got into the app, it changed by whole phone without informing me and without my permission! Then my phone wouldn’t let me uninstall the app but i finally figure out how to get my phone back to normal. So ya, DON’T GET IT

mega arcade
I hate it, I just wanted to surprise my mom, now I’m getting scolded for changing the whole settings 😣

Richard Sawere
This app is good, but has tooooo many pop ing up Ads, we need a Pro app to kill the ads..

Nathan Blank
Horrible app that changes everything without premission like a virus. Do not install!

williams scarpitto
It’s a great app just want some more bird backgrounds for bird lover like me :3

Chaitanya Krosuri
Super and nice theme to lava exclusively Thank you so much pls install with trust lava the best

App user
Quite impressed with the way the aap sorts out some of your previous aps into folders. Thats pretty neat for a feature! I do like the live wallpapers, but they drain your battery immensely. Need to work on the live keyboards though. Otherwise, i love how organized this set up is, and some of the aps it gives is interesting. Ill give it 5 stars for now, and updatelater if i see problems that need fixed.

Abby Kuhn
This app completely changed my phone. Not a good app. I was expecting just the keyboard to be changed not my WHOLE ENTIRE phone set up

Khiya Washington
It adds many more apps also when u use the flash call you press the green button then it waits for a while then you press your normal button to answer your calls

David Christ
I think it would be more beneficial to rate app after I’ve tweaked around on it. But not the less very excited about the opportunities and developers for creating this app

Sarah Davenport
I don’t like how it installs like 5 other apps when I just wanted to install one. Also you can’t uninstall the app unless you go on the app store and uninstall it.

Silly Me

Shadoww Fall
I would give it 0 stars if I had the choice, it literally changed everything about the layout of my phone

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