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Lip Sync by Dubsmash
by Mobile Motion GmbH

With Dubsmash, it is easy to make fun lip sync videos to share with friends. Add music, quotes or Sounds to your video to set your imagination free!

Mobile Motion GmbH

Mobile Motion GmbH

Dubsmash has the world’s largest library of Sounds including:

– Your favorite iconic TV quotes from your favorite characters
– The best classic and new movie quotes
– Fun musical Sounds from all genres
– New Sounds you can Discover

You can also WATCH the best Dubs from the community: from trends and challenges (Mannequin Challenge, JuJu on That Beat), comedy, television and movie themes.

Add special effects to edit your video — such as text and stickers. Submit your Dub in the app to be featured and be seen by the community!

Download Lip Sync by Dubsmash app:-

DownloadLip Sync by Dubsmash App (29.4 MB)

User Reviews :

-Earn.Free.Money👇 ľnstaII “UNOPAY” App Enterr (SWAG) to Start Earnings So far so good. Fun way to get Money. Won’t make you rich but the extra cash is helpful. It’s also the best exchange rate on points. uno points equals uc instead of like some of the others where it takes uno points to reach uc etc….Also, TOYOCASH App very reliable in paying you when you redeem to Giftz/Paytn. You can choose assorted giftcards as payment or transfer to waIet for cash. Your choice. I love these guys thanks for adding some fun to my day.

-The lighting is HORRIBLE!! IDK if it’s my phone but the lighting is….not good. I’m a brown skin girl, and I kinda dark to so….I’m not seeing myself. If y’all can fix that, it would be nice, and some dubs not loading, telling me I can’t play it. If BTS didn’t use this, I would have given it 1 star, because the main part of it don’t work.

-It’s really very nice. But only one problem. I am not able to save my dubsmash videos to “My Dubs”. Can you please help me with this issue ?

-Its a good app and all but I don’t like how, for us android users, that when you try to upload a dub to instagram, the video sounds muffled or underwater. I would really appreciate if they fixed that problem.

-It is a wonderful app. It is better than in most aspects. The place it is lacking is, 1) It does not have the duet feature 2) It does not have transitionings and other effects.

-Its good but I have a problem that I am not able to understand how to save dubs in My dubs. Can anyone of you help me in this issue? Please…

-The aap is very much good and it has a well time pass it is awesome that I have no more words to describe it

-I love dumb smash so much that I want to invent a app just like dumb smash but different you ain’t like something like musically.

-its awesome app….but the video quality is very bad.. video from front camera is very dark even in full light plz help…

-Why don’t you include features like in app? It would be nice if you do so.

-I love this app forever.more fun creates in my life.but created dubs are not saved in my dubs after app update done.please update this problem.

-How to turn off the sound when you chose the track and press the button “Dub”, or when you go back to the same track after sending or saving it ?! Even when I turn off the sound of my phone AND use my headphones, everyone around can hear it! It is very annoying (((

-Change back to the old dubsmash I can’t save any videos to memories or I can’t add anyone I’ve asked my friends and people who I know and they seem to have the same problem

-I have used it before but then I deleted it. Now I have installed it again but it says that there is a new update, but when I go there it keeps on saying no item found That means there is no update 😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 BTW it WAS nice to use PLZ Fix that problem

-My phone is mi note 4 in the app camera is not working good

-There’s a problem with the current version. It doesn’t give the option to save it to my dubs. I don’t want to share everything in my moments. Please fix this.

-Well, honestly, I’ve always loved this app. Its fun to use and never gave me difficulties.. I’ve used it before, but that was years ago, so now I’ll try it again for old time’s sake

-I LOVE dubsmash but tge trending has been the same for a wile and every body complainin on instagram sayen dats y they ant been posten do can yall plz refresh the trending

-Redirects for a new update with a broken link. Please fix.

-Everything was fine until I try to log back in I pressed forgot password because I forgot the password to my email and they said they would send me a link but they never did

-This app is really killing it on every social media really it’s usually great for dancing lip syncing and everything I recommend to use this app you’ll enjoy it alot

-Its amazing actually but, it has many ads!!!😡😡😡😡 but thats not the pojnt. I love how it works and its really helping me to pass time. Wish to have more updates and please fix the ads.

-I try to save my dubs and they won’t save them 🙁 but still good!

-i lost my email and password so there is no option ti create new account… hate this aapp now😡

-Dubsmash is a outstanding application. I feel A hero me. . I practice my. Dialogue delivery ♤

-I tuink it should be a little more like musically where you can do it in slow and fast motion

-I haven’t used it but i seen people use this so im exited to use it

-This is nice and fun i love it so much. And i love that u get iphone imojis

-I love this it’s fun and you can use this if your phone off our without WiFi but ppl won’t see it until you go a WiFi 😭😭😘😘😘😂😭❤

-Overal gd Extra ordinary app and this app has been suggest ed by my frnds and they too gave 5 star rating. This app worth downloading.

-The dialogue’s length are too smaller… Please upload the large length dialogue…. it should be atleast 25 to 30 seconds dialogue… Please make this change if it’s possible… otherwise this app is fabulous…👌👌

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