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LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects
by Andor Communications Pvt Ltd

LightX is all in one free picture editor to make photo collages, add photo frames to your pictures, add stickers, make cutout and photo background changer, blur photos, create cartoons and caricatures, create sweet selfies and portrait photos, change hair color, add color splash effects, merge photos for double & multiple exposure effects and apply many other tools to edit pictures. You can put text on your photos and create your own text memes as well.

LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects

LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects

You can edit pictures using various advance photo edit tools like Color mixing, Curves, levels and vignette effects. You can edit brightness, Contrast, Exposure, Hue, Saturation, Shadows & Highlights of pictures. You can apply array of photo filters like Vintage, Retro, Drama, Glow, B&W, grunge and many more photo filters on photos.

LightX picture editor offers:

1. Cutout and Photo Background Changer
• Use Lasso tool to recognise similar regions and change photo background
• You can superimpose your cutout on any photo background and create new content

2. Color Splash Photo Effects
• Selectively apply different color, light and gray photo effects on different regions of photos
• Smart lasso tool to automatically select similar color splash regions

3. Merge photos
• Mix photo to create impressive photo effects
• Merge photos using different blend modes like darken blend, lighten blend to create double exposure, multiple exposure photo effects

4. Professional image editing tools
• Use Curve, Levels and Color Balance to edit pictures.

5. Perfect your Selfie and portrait photos
• Auto and manual mode to smooth and sharp images
• Range of automatic selfie filters to choose from
• Remove spots and marks like pimples and blemishes from your face
• Change hair color and apply different hairstyles
• Whiten your teeth
• Blur background of your portrait photos

6. Edit photos with range of photo filters
• Choose and apply different photo filters like Vintage, Retro, Black and White, Grunge, Drama , Analog filters and Glow effects
• Range of artistic filters to get different gray shade, color shade and paint photo effects

7. Advanced Photo Transform tools
• Crop, Rotate and apply perspective transform to edit pictures.

8. Standard Photo Editing
• Edit photos with various adjustment tools to change brightness, contrast, exposure, hue, saturation, intensity, shadows, mid tones, highlights, temperature, tint and color

9. Blur Photo Editor
• Apply different blur effects like lens blur, bokeh blur and use mask to selectively blur background.
• Apply vignette effect on inner and outer regions.

10. Shape Manipulation
• Use refine tool to shape your body features
• Use reshape tool to get different cartoon and caricature effects

11. Photo Collage
• Create photo collages by combining multiple images from wide variety of collage templates and grid layouts
• You can resize your collage, change background color and border thickness of your collage

12. Photo Frames
• Put your photos in a range of photo frames like grunge, birthday, color, vintage & love photo frames.

13. Photo Sticker
• Apply numerous photo stickers like love photo sticker, comic photo stickers, text photo stickers, birthday photo stickers and many more to your images
• Change color and transparency of your stickers

14. Doodle and drawings
• Use different doodle brush options to draw on your images
• Change color, thickness and size of your doodle brush

15. Text on photo
• Add different text on your images and create text memes as well
• Option to change thickness, color, font, opacity of the added text

Download LightX on Android. This versatile picture editor makes photography easy, fast and fun.

Download LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects app from PlayStore :

User Reviews :

-This is a pretty full featured editor. The UI takes a little bit to get used to. There is a blend of ads, micro transactions, and social media sharing to unlock features but even with that the base app is decent to work with

-Very skeptical about photo editors. Poster all the same just another person knocking off or stealing the idea from another one. This one is completely different and by far one of my favorites has every available option plus features I’ve never seen before 5 * 4 show

-It wont go no further once i choose a photo to edit. It keeps going right back to the blue light x screen. Not sure what is wrong. It worked in the past. It was awesome. I loved it. IT’S also up to date on it’s updates with google play

-Maybe add somethibg like auto lining. So we dont need to line the photos so slowly when it comes to edit the background using phones cause its a bit of difficult. Sometimes we shaded some parts of our body cause its hard.and more backgrounds like horror or more.. but its nice i give 4 stars

-I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP! The only thing that I DON’T LIKE is some back drops have to be purchased. It could use a some more backdrops, more frame options.

-I can manipulate my pics with so many options and variation. More so with this amazing app than any other apps I have used in the past. Let your mind wander and be as creative as possible. So many options… Your work will come out incredibly intriguing, complex, intricate, and unique. Enjoy it …

-I love this but the only reason it isnt 5 stars is blending. It blends 2/3 photos but i wanted to blend 5 together and it loomed a bit wierd. I LOVED IT THOUGH

-This free app puts the full PhotoShop Suite to shame!! Such cool effects and super user friendly. I got “lost” in it just trying everything out!

-How do i add outer glow effects? Man this app is soooooo good!! Super brilliant app!!! Wow guys how did you make this, how it works is so unbelievable! I wish i could give 1 million stars, the best photo editing app!! Thanks for this awesome masterpiece! Keep up the good work! To all the users: supp…

-It’s fine with editing but some time hang then automatically restart perticular LightX app, as I’m using in xperia xz premium due, kindly check and fix ASAP

-It has many features and a great editor but alas! I’m unable to save the pictures, it takes forever.

-Fun app if you want to touch up photos or change them. Wish the cut and paste was a little better, but a good app nonetheless

-I love it everything is good and it has alot of customs. It is good up for editing photos it has alot of varieties of filters. It is much better than my past apps that is simillar with editing pictures

-Because this app asked me to rate so early I can only give opinion on what I have used. Double exposure functionality is very good, one of the few apps that allows access to edit both separate layers. From what I had to to use the functions are directly similar to photoshop which is great.

-It has everything a photo editor needs and it’s super simple so even if you don’t have much experience LightX has tutorials to help you.

-I use this app to make collage art, and I absolutely love it. If I could make a request, could the option to use your own picture be added to the Backdrop function? That would make it close to perfect. It’s definitely worth buying the upgrade (and I never usually buy upgrades), the smart select/er…

-Amazing I could make a career out of this it’s so fun if I got payed just making my photos look better I would be so happy haha but I need to dream on about that !! 🙂

-Jus found this app, now it’s the main app I use to quick edit photos from Phone. Imma pro photographer that use photoshop but this app is awesome

-I like thia app and use it a lot to blend pictures. It just need to level blended pics automatically horizontal or vertical.

-I am sure this is the best app for editing in the all world. Believe me! Only for one of the app is this. I am so lucky that this app is have me now. I am so lucky. Hey! Good, thanks to you give this app. Love you lights photo editor.

-SUPER easy to use!!! I can’t tell you how many hours I spent on that OTHER app that’s so popular, trying to erase a background…Thank you for making this app!!!!!!

-Great app! Really easy to use, has lots of cool effects and pretty much everything you want in a photo editor. It could use a little more variety in the frames and fonts but hey, still better than any other app I’ve seen. Thanks!

-Never ever thought a Free app will give something this much cool stuff.. Keep it up guys 😎😎

-Amazing, I’m a YouTuber, producer, and musician this is amazing for quick thumbnails when ure behind time and pro looking album covers so faults at all

-Many different areas to explore and I’ve yet to experience the seemingly endless possibilities.

-Photoshop is nothing before this app. This is in no way compared to Photoshop or any other similar app. This is an OUTSTANDING app in Photo World. What I want is there. A GREAT APP I LOVE IT.

-Awesome editing app but please add some good background themes. E.g.-natural background, animals background etc

-Nice app bt when v cut the phtos phts will not cut properly… Bt it’s have a good features… And easy to use… Am enjoying it

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