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Learn to Speak English

By TalkEnglish

App Category:- Education

Learn to Speak English


Talk English Standard is the official Free Android App. There are over 900 lessons and 8,000 audio files to help you learn how to speak English fluently. Most lessons contain clickable sentences that you can click to listen to a native English speaker say that sentence. Each lesson page also has a self record tool. You can record your own voice reading that sentence and compare it with the audio file from the native English speaker.

If you want to learn how to speak English fluently, this app will help you achieve your goal.

Features and functionality:

– Click, listen, and repeat functionality
– Record and play back tool
– Interactive conversation practice lessons
– Hundreds of real life scenarios such as movies, sports, shopping, college life, pets, working, and many more.
– Book mark lessons / Manage favorite lessons feature
– Share feature
– Lesson Search

English categories consist of:

– English Basics
– Regular Daily English
– Business English
– Travel English
– Interview English
– Idioms and Phrases
– Listening Lessons
– Pronunciation Lessons
– English Grammar Basics
– Top 2000 English speaking Vocabulary word list

Everything you need to help you learn English speaking is available in one FREE app.

Download Learn to Speak English App-

Download Learn to Speak English App Apk ( 7.53 MB )

User Reviews

Merolica Petrova
This app is amazing i love this app this app makes my english accent very good than before

very helpful learning a lot with this app love it

App User
Wow. I have to say that it is really helpful app. I learned a lot of things from here. I think everyone will happy to play this app. Best of luck .

App User
This is very gud app to learn more. and to speak more…. it is peculiar app to learn english… it is real star to learn english thats why i am giving 5 star….

Arif Islam fx
I think it’s might be able to me some gather knowledge for fluent speaking English.

tingting Peroso
I very very love it It’s good for all the people even for children that doesn’t know english talking . It is so helpful.

Shubham Singh
No. 1 Apps for learning English I’m regular visiter of your website. And its number one and now you came here with good UI and best line-up . loved this app 🙂

Awesome It is easiest way to learn English with great description. Thanks for the Team.

Shohan Hossain
Best English Learning App. 🙂 Thanks the developer who made this awesome app.Keep developing and carry on this type of good work.

bhupendra choudhary
Really wonderful app I suggest this app to that every person who else always wishing that one fine day somone will come to help them. Hey this app is that one.

App User
its very useful to me because i am improving my english skill now a days i loved it….

Gunal Sivakumar
Learn to speak English Nice to read full lesson in off line..but it should be good if audio files also in offline

David Jong
You can learn the tone of native American English by listening to the sample sentences.

Extraordinary Everyone should be in touch with this app.

Suraj Vishwakarma
Must have very glad to have this app. you can find every topics starting from basic to advance. I do not think there is any need of going for the offline version. Developer should reduce the price for offline version as it costs us more than enough.

Pooya Yaghoobirad
amazing! it is exactly what you want from an app.

The app is very good for everyone who want to learn this language. I have a strong desire to speak English fluently. The app has helped me to learn English. I think that I will earn fluency in English very soon.

Karthic Vsr
Talk English Very nice and quickly learn and flexible

Ankita Mantala
Wonderful app It’s really a good app for learning English

waheed ansari
Very nice This app gives you an opportunity to learn the new things of English.

sanloi Canalita
im done to download i hope this nice to start to learned a lot of it

Kimleang Lay
Useful App I very love this app so much, it’s had teach me which I didn’t know before, great app, great developer.

Bhawanishankar namdev
I love this app because it is different in its of own that learns all that which I hope.

thirupathi jakkula
Very good one It involve example’s which more useful for learners

Paola Cubillos
This app is really very good! It help me to improve my listening and my speaking! Thanks!!!!

A marvellous app I’ve ever found for learning english. I really liked this app nd i suggest for beginners who really want to learn english.

john ray
It’s really awesome It’s my immense pleasure that I am gonna tell you about this app that,s why Fri. ……if you wanna make your speakin skills fluently than you should have install this app that,s why it,s really good for you it decrease your lock of knowledge and increase your growing knowledge so according to my opinion that you must get install , it,s helpfull your speakin fluently. That,s all good luck Fri. …..

Илья Петренко
Very nice app I think it’ll improve my pronunciation very well. All lessons were sorted by categories so it’s very easy to find what I need. Thank for this great app.

Abdu Osman
Mr Abdul Osman Many thanks to developer to make life easy

Asmita Hardikar
Very good app. Very useful to improve english language

Sara jr
It’s a really good app it makes English a lot easier

Rasel Mahfuj
Very useful Very effective apps to learn English speaking.

App User
Very helpful and covers a lot of topics which are needed for daily life.

M.Parvej Alam Rizwi
Very usefull App is very usefull and user friendly. Thanks to developers.

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