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Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe

By Edushire

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Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe



Want to speak Spanish? Learn Spanish (Español) with SpeakTribe.

Learn Spanish fast with fun and interactive lessons. Even beginners find it easy to learn Spanish (Español) through SpeakTribe.

Our mix of lessons teaches you vocabulary and grammar, along with conversation practice for real-world situations. This amazing mix of lessons makes this app the fastest way to get started with Spanish. You get the hang of basic conversational Spanish in as little as 5 days!

As one of our delighted users says, it is like you have a personal teacher in your hands. Teaching you Spanish words, different grammar rules, explaining confusing concepts AND opportunities throughout the course to speak Spanish with your virtual friend. And the personal teacher helps you to learn Spanish when you want, where you want, at the pace you want to.

Using SpeakTribe you learn how to speak Spanish and test for it at the same time by playing a game. You start speaking by learning words, short phrases, and sentences matter of days. SpeakTribe, your personal coach, will help you learn basics including vocabulary and pronunciation in a fun and easy way.

The design of the course is based on scientific research which tells that, to understand basics of a language you need not master a large vocabulary. SpeakTribe introduces you to the more common words and phrases first, so that by the end of first day itself you can form your own basic sentences which are not just academic but also practical.

There are many other guiding principles behind the design –

* Language is primarily vocal –

SpeakTribe emphasises on listening and speaking more than anything else, the two faculties which are also the most useful to a new learner.

* You need to practice a language to master it and gain confidence. And so, SpeakTribe provides you ability to chat (speak) with the application.
* Any language has a small number of prepositions and conjunctions, some of which take some time to master but are crucial to your understanding of the language.
* Noun words constitute the majority of a mature vocabulary but they do not give you the best ROI initially in terms understanding a language. Once you have a solid foundation built, you will find picking up these words pretty easy.
* Verbs are the most useful but the most difficult set to master.

So go ahead, give it a shot, and learn Spanish – one of the most popular languages of the world! You will find it was actually fun to learn Spanish.


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User Reviews

Neha R K
😍😍😍This app is GREAT

Graeme Archiebel-Laurie
Fantastic app ten out of ten !!!

Shivani Lahoti
A must for those for whom learning the correct pronunciation is a priority!

Jyoti khantwal
I love this app. With this app It’s easy to learn spanish

Anshul Rathore
awsm learning tutorial, good for beginners

App User
This is very good app. This can improve ur skill

App User
Easy to learn Step by step program. Easy to learn.

John Rose
I really like the way it gives you daily exercises.

Karell Edja
This is probably my favorite language app. If actually teaches you stuff step by step and gives tips that are easy,comprehensive, and not overwhelmin unlike many other language apps. I will definitively buy the higher levels once I finish the free ones. I just really wish they had more than just Spanish and German. Hopefully in the future!

Love it I’m a beginner but I’m actually learning Spanish!

Está es genial Learn that word from this and it is awesome mí puta.

Catherine Clevinger
Easy to use and learn from Liking it so far. Great to learn to speak quickly.

RRooc asweq
I’ll GIVE THIS MILLION STARS Now, I already know how to read Spanish texts and speaking Spanish but not as fluent as it is. I highly recommend this. Thanks!

Tammy Martinez
Really Easy To Use and helpful

The Lillys
The best ever It gudied you there the words I love it☺☺☺☺

Yun Liu
Make the beginner easy to learn

Kamran Darabi-Ford
Great app Very helpful that it reminds you of particular rules that follow the language. Great app. Thanks

App User
Great app for learning Spanish! I’ve never learned Spanish before but since booking flights to Barcelona, I thought it would be nice to speak basic Spanish for my first visit to the great city! I’m learning Japanese and German – I used Duolingo for both but it doesn’t do the job this app seems to do. Specifically, the inclusion of grammatical advice as you learn is helpful as well as the option to slow down the pace of what the app is teaching you at that time. Other niceties include ‘monthly scores’ where you’re ranked (anonymously, I assume) which is encouraging. All in all, a good app that I would recommend for newbies to learning Spanish!

lll SnowFlakes lll

Ronald Kebaso
This app is quite nice.I like the continues assessment of comprehension of topics covered.keep it up.

James Chuah
Awesome work Speedy Spanish language learning 😘😘 Amigo

Ron R
Excellent teaching tool This app is excellent everything is nice and clear now.

brunn wills
SUPER TEACHY It helps you to learn a spanish conversation thoroughly. LOVE IT you have to try it!

Soriah Jenkins

Jaison Bosco
Wonderful app. Good for beginners like me. I have absolutely no knowledge on spanish. And in here you get to learn right from the basics.

Jason Panrucker
Excellent I’ve purchased the whole app. Looks pretty good

yza anonuevo
Very effective In just 1 week i can read and understand spanish soooooo love this app!!!

Rachel Chambers
Simple & Challenging I know if I actually do this for a month straight I will be able to do a whole mess of Spanish speaking interactions!

nandhini r
Nice app Nice app to learn Spanish for the beginner. The tasks are very nice to practice

Omg! This app and learning languages are my new favorite thing Wow just started last night! I love this I want to do it all day long. Become fluent and then learn more and more languages!!!!

Brodie Larimore
Great Just started an hour ago and it’s been very helpful and entertaining

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