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Last Pass Password Manager

by LogMeIn, Inc

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LastPass is a password manager and password generator that locks your passwords and personal information in a secure vault. LastPass autofills web browser and app logins for you, and generates new, secure passwords instantly.One password is all you need with LastPass – your LastPass master password handles the rest. Store passwords and logins, create online shopping profiles, generate strong passwords, track personal information in photo & audio notes, and more.

Download LastPass now and get the protection you need completely for free. You can use LastPass across all your devices, including phones, tablets, and personal computers, for free.

LastPass simplifies online life:

Password manager – Secure vault keeps your passwords safe
– Password storage – save and autofill personal info for all of your online accounts
– Secure vault holds all passwords – login with one password instead of dozens
– Anything you save on one device is instantly available on all your other devices

Password Autofill – Autofill passwords & personal info with Form Fill Profiles
– One password is all you need to manage your accounts. Sign in using your LastPass master password or fingerprint
– Autofill passwords in Chrome or Opera to make them into a private browser

Private notes – Secure safe info like credit cards, photos & more
– Vault keeps health insurance, credit card info & more safe
– Photo vault – attach photos to any note to lock them
– Audio notes – set custom voice memos that lock in the secure vault

Password Vault – Store & search logins & notes from your vault
– Password manager makes it easy to store, save & search passwords from all your sites & apps

Finger Scan Lock – Finger print lock secures passwords
– Fingerprint password activation – Scan your fingerprint and unlock your vault
– Autofill with fingerprint password fills


LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager



Data manager – Organize passwords in secure folders
– Store passwords in custom folders locked behind your LastPass password
– Sort into categories like Social, Shopping & more

Password Sharing – Share with friends and family
– Password, photo vault & note info can be easily shared
– Share login data for individual sites, or send secure notes to contacts

Secure Password Vault – Multifactor authentication secures your password vault
– Lock down your LastPass account further with multiple forms of authentication
– Choose from top apps like Google Authenticator, YubiKey & Duo Security

Emergency Access
– Plan ahead and give trusted family or friends a way to access your vault in case of an emergency.
– Add security and require a waiting period during which you can decline an Emergency Access request to your vault.
– Once access is granted, your vault syncs as a folder to their vault.

Password Generator – Generate secure, customized passwords
– Generate new passwords for all of your logins and apps

Password Audits – Audit the strength of passwords with the LastPass Security Challenge
– Test the strength of your passwords using our advanced auditing system
– Generate new passwords to replace weak logins

Secure vault makes data available offline
– Secure password storage available online or off

LastPass never has the key to your encrypted data, so your information remains safe. Your vault is encrypted with
bank-level, AES 256-bit encryption.

For $24 a year, LastPass Premium offers:
– Family password sharing with up to 5 people with the Shared Family Folder
– 1GB encrypted file storage
– Secure Vault With Authentication – Premium multifactor authentication like YubiKey
– Priority support
– Ad free
– Desktop fingerprint authentication

LastPass is the easiest way to keep your password safe. Lock passwords, notes & photos with award-winning security.

Download LastPass Password Manager App :-


Download LastPass Password Manager App


User Reviews :-


Let Last Name
Would like it more if it worked better with my browsers. Autofill options often don’t mention the site I’m trying to log in to, but it does mention a bunch of other sites. When I try to launch a site from witin the app I very often get a blank page. To answer your question: I’ve tried it with Firefox, Chrome and Free Adblocker Browser. So: I do get an autofill option, but just not with the site I want to access. And sometimes a blank page. Even when I launch the site from within LastPass it doesn’t work.

Mike Alleman
To date I have no issues. It’s a pain to log into sensitive apps on my phone but that is my choice. You can make it easy but then your phone is not secure. No time in chat rooms figuring out how to use it. Nobody got time for that. Paid version is usable for family devices. Passwords are complicated and all different. The app handles it. Wonderful until someone hacks it. Hasn’t happened to date. Certainly a great deal better than this rating input screen. I can’t even see what I am typing.

Michael Keufterian
I have been using this app for years. I am very happy with it. It is mostly reliable and the support and upkeep of the app is always improving it. I have had no security breeches or hacking at all and feel very secure with this company and the secure database which stores all of my 200+ passwords. I have tried many other password managers but none compare to the features and user friendly interface of LastPass. Absolutely none can compare to the universal accessibility that is possible with LastPass.

Sharienne W.
Works well for my family. The kids have access to our ebook accounts and a few other accounts. But, we still have enough control to let them experiment with trust and money management. If they show that they can’t handle the money or our trust then it’s no big deal. We roll back their access and they can try again when they earn it. I am glad that we have LastPass.

Troy Thompson
The the oreo autofill doesn’t work on huawei mate 10 pro. Granted it exempt from power saving options. The autofill doesn’t pop-up or attempt to fill user names or passwords. It Only works with accessibility turned on but then uses over 300mg of ram. Why doesn’t it work with chrome? when it says on playstore it will

Henrik Hermansen
This used to be a fantastic app. It’s still great, but since Android 8 it rarely shows the pop up when I need it. Too often, on sites or in apps, it doesn’t pop up like it should when I focus login forms. In fact, I can’t remember last time it did. I’ve tried adjusting settings, but nothing helps.

Laurie Nation
I had issues when I changed handsets and upgraded to Oreo. After some back and forth, Customer Service got my multi-factor authentication disabled. When I redid it, the problem was solved. Now we’re back to the joys of password managing with a shared folder for the household accounts.

Matthew Brown
Has given me confidence to change all of my passwords especially for sites containing PII and other sensitive information. I used the same “just OK” pwd for a lot of sites because I hated to have to memorize them. And this was even though I have been using lastpass for a few years. So now I am able to have “very strong” passwords for all sites and don’t worry as much about a single site getting hacked.

Stiliyan Kanchev
Lastpass is so bad at matching websites. It takes out the easiness of actually using it. Focus on your main feature. There is not much to be done outside of storing and retrieving passwords easily! Too bad that i am a paid user – i have to deal with the inadequate support team.

Ramblin Man
Great app. However, I’ve recently upgraded my phone and the fingerprint scanner is on the back of the device. The cases for this phone really make accessing the scanner a problematic. Would be great to be able to authenticate with other biometric options such as iris scan or facial recognition

Tyler Jones
The fingerprint login is great except when it does not work. If the reader sites not recognise your fingerprint it shows a login screen, after logging in the app closes and asks for your fingerprint again, going back to the app prompts for a password, and then for the password another time to unlock credentials. Having a do not reprint for time on login would fix this.

James T. Q.
Worked well until recently. I keep getting an error whenever I click on a box for the app to fill and deactivating and reactivating the app doesn’t fix it, as suggested. EDIT: The latest release has fixed the issue I was experiencing and the app has gone back to working like a charm. Great app.

Adam Burkholder
LastPass has, up to this point, been fantastic. It has started, however, to fail at it’s basic function… saving passwords. Five times now it has failed to save new passwords properly. The first time resulted in the complete loss of access to one of my email accounts, but I assumed this was a result of an error on my part. I’ve since tested at it has in fact failed to sync new passwords when created and saved. It doesn’t matter how good the UI, etc. are if it fails (catastrophically) at its most basic function.

Daniel Betancourt
Latest version has a bug i have replicated on two devices. After starting the app, auto fill works fine until a few minutes go by. When I notice autofill is not working I go into the app, click on the site to copy the login window and the pull down options never come up. The only fix is to force close the app and restart. All still works but is inconvenient.

Brandon Billings
Something changed here. Now it’s asking me any time a text field opens on any app anywhere and if I close it I only have the option of yes always show anytime a text field opens or never ever show for this app which is terrible. I only want it to show when I click into a password field. Can you fix this?

Cliff Reynolds
LastPass has saved my bacon so many times, I can’t count. Thanks for a well organized and safe environment for my passwords. I wish it would always put my information into a site that I am registered on so I don’t have to look it up.

Robert McDougall
I’ve used the premium version for years, but it’s really been hit and miss and more so lately. Sometimes it detects a login, other times it’s no help and I’m forced to go to the LP app to get login details manually which is frustrating. The search feature doesn’t always find login details either that I know exist. Otherwise it’s generally handy.

Annie Wood
Never forget another complicated password! Love this app as I can log-in to any of my accounts almost effortlessly! Allows me to use different password for each account for security reasons. Will even generate a unique password if you wish.

Rick Katz
HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Company! I’ve used their paid service for years and now I’m permanently locked out of my account with no recourse. They offer no email or phone support. I’ve lost hundreds of passwords. BUYER BEWARE!

App User
After trying several password managers and being disappointed with performance or compatibility issues, I asked my brother for a suggestion. I am so pleased with this app! It integrates with MS edge browser, and my saved passwords are saved across my Pcs, tablets, and Android phones. The learning curve is very easy, and it has never had an error in 6 months of use. I highly recommend the paid version to unlock all features.

App User
No need to remember more than one password. You can confirm your identity by responding to a sms message, to add security (two factor authentication)

Gavin Thornton
Super buggy. Can’t even look at an item in lastpass today, just see the title and three dots and it hangs. Closing the app or logging in in the web version doesn’t fix this. Makes lastpass android worthless.

Robert Crisp
Love the app, very helpful. Huawei mate 10 pro I need to keep giving he app permission to draw over other app i.e. to fill user names and passwords. Very annoying. Also (Maybe on my old HTC phone m9) having to reenter password to fill user names and passwords despite having just unlocked the app

Travis Garrison
Developers have not sorted out the points of conflict with chrome. When chrome auto fills last pass erroneously offers to save the password, even though chrome only shows last pass a fake password.

Travis Ellis
The app used to work great. I’m not sure what happened but now if I leave it running in the background and try to view a password it does not respond to input. When tapping the ‘show password’ button for example it should show a pop-up but it doesn’t work. I have to kill the app then start it again. Frustrating.

C.M. Brandenburg
UPDATE: Not only is this a perfect password locker, but in the secure notes and form fills I keep ALL of my important data (banking, ins., Rx) including .PDFs & photos of the original documents. It’s been a lifesaver more than once when I’ve needed anything from the s/n of a computer (I photograph all labels upon purchase) to a birth certificate (each family member has their own secure note). Quite literally you can have your life in the palm of your hand, synced with your tablet, desktop, and phone. ***** A super locker where I keep absolutely EVERYTHING. And it makes me be more diligent about internet security while only having to remember ONE password. I especially like/use the “generate password” feature. It doesn’t get any better.

Shawn S
👌👌 Finally purchased the app and couldn’t be happier. It’s so useful and has saved me enough times to pay for itself tenfold. 👎 Since the update the prompt doesn’t appear and if I don’t have the notification turned on, there is no way to autofill. The tiles also used to work but don’t anymore. Lots of small updated have broken some features. Even using the autofill in the notification bar doesn’t always work and says “unable to match to any apps”. 👎 The new Oreo with autofill update broke everything again. The notification is persistent. The autofill option doesn’t work. The tile doesn’t work. The prompt doesn’t work.

Ryan Rexrode
Simple and multiplatform. Don’t click the remember me anywhere ever again. Also stores anything privately. Documents, software keys and info on the go. Thanks for the much needed improvement with my security to passwords and data

Dave I
This app was great before the last update. Now it constantly asked me to give draw over other apps permission. When I give it it works for a few hours and then goes back to asking me to give the same draw.over permission again. That just repeats endlessly now.

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