New Android App ”Koinex – India’s largest digital assets exchange” Download Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, App Information, App by Discidium Internet Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Koinex – India’s largest digital assets exchange
by Discidium Internet Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Koinex is India’s first and most advanced digital assets (or crypto assets) exchange supporting multiple cryptocurrencies/ tokens on a single platform. With a live, open order book, peer-to-peer model, it is the most popular and secure trading platform for the blockchain based assets in India. Koinex is built over cutting edge technology and grade A security.


Koinex India's largest digital assets exchange android app

Koinex India’s largest digital assets exchange android app


Currently listed crypto assets: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).


Key Features:

– Easy to register: Enter simple details and get started

– Convenient KYC process: Click pictures of KYC documents and edit it in the app itself. No scanning required

– Personalized price alerts: Set your own price triggers and get alerted when the asset price hits your desired range

– Highly Secure: 3-step secure verification process including Google Authenticator codes at all important steps

– Easy to read charts: View real-time price chart with current market trading volume, 24 hour low and 24 hour high prices

– One stop trading: Get all information right next to the order book and make your trades seamlessly


Download Koinex – India’s largest digital assets exchange App :- 

Download Koinex – India’s largest digital assets exchange App (14.8 MB)


User Reviews :-


-Love the dark theme used on the app. Also fingerprint scan is well thought of. However there are a few issues, 1. There should be an option to select the primary coin. Etherium is set as default for every view. I don’t trade etherium. Or sort by portfolio. 2. The alert got triggered as soon as I set even when the rate wasn’t below the set value. 3. I didn’t find an option to change the mpin 4. It’s showing future prices in the chart. Predictions??? Also please re enable NEFT and IMP



-Hate how it always logs me out and no option to keep it stay logged in forever. Also on my oneplus 5t I need to clear the app from open apps in order to start it Also it asks to create new mpin evertime I resets Pretty buggy but overall a good interface,, far better than other out in market


-Wow love the UI, app is so smooth. Much better than zebpay. Haven’t used much but one suggestion. While trading it should be such that when we touch any order in open orders then details of that order should be automatically filled in the box where we have to specify the price and quantity to buy and sell just like binance app does. Thanks


-Having an app instead of website is lot convinent to monitor the data. But its annoying to see the app crashing every now and then. App automatically logs outs each time and forces me to login and set pin every time that happens. Ideally mpin and finger print setting should one happen once, that is at the first login to the app. Please fix this and the app is will be awesome.


-1. Each time I login afresh, it asks me to set an mpin and then to enable fingerprints also. It should ask these things for only one time and after that login should work using fingerprint or mpin. No need to setup or enable them again and again. 2. UI and functional navigations should be more simple.


-Ever since I have logged on to the APP, my account is frozen and getting the error message “we are currently monitoring your account, all the activities are temporarily disabled.” Koinex people neither reply emails and nor resolve the tickets ever. Beware guys, Koinex has already taken my hard earned money. Think twice before investing.


-Clean UI. No Lag. Much needed alerts. Fingerprint login adds to ease of use. Found three issues though. 1. While logging in, the email id we provide is case sensitive. 2. While zooming the price chart, the graph shows future time i.e. price chart for next few hours. 3. Gives alerts even before price reaches the specified limit.


-UI is good….Mpin or figure prints detection feature is cool… But when the user login there should be an icon beside password which helps the user to know what letters he has typed in the password box by pressing the icon and see…this would avoid multiple failed logins…


-Initial Feedback : 1) App is logging out when I switch back to the App. 2) Double back should quit the app not single back 3) Only first time it is allowing fingerprint option. Next time if I want to change the mode of login I cant do it 4) Typing pin has some response delay. 5) Some times App quits after entering PIN. Need to open and enter pin again.


-App is OK. There is something issue which need to upgrade. Like : Login problem, page refreshing, switching time, should have both day and night mode view options . Now only have one. Withdrawal should be active. It’s not what you have promised and provided. Hope all issue will be resolved soon.


-Currently, single back key press exits the app instantly and then you’ve to login again, which is irritating. The app should exit after pressing back key for at least 2 times. Single back key press should take it to home screen. Please consider this in your next release. Rest looks promising.


-Could be an excellent app if following concerns are taken care. 1. Crashes often. 2. Single back button press exits app. 3. Changing context to another app and coming back here (for Google authentication to quite an example), restarts entire app and I have to login. The above basic use cases failing doesn’t inspire confidence in the app to do any actual trading. Looking forward to have better experience sooner rather than later


-Hello koinex team. First work on activating deposits.. Wats the use of all this app Wen u can’t resume Ur deposit procedure. Makes no sense


-This app need much improvement because there is lot of bugs in it. It is automatically stop working and exit from home screen without any notice. By the way mpin and fingerprint login is awesome. And try to fix that bungs.


-Configuring fingerprint is having issue, the app crashes. I am a Pixel 2 user. Kindly address the issue. Also the mpin input is very slow..I am unable to type it faster. This also needs to be addressed


-Time to rate the app (not Koinex). Interface is nice. But force closes at times. Also, let the app work on rooted phones as well. I have bypassed the issue using magisk for the time being. But do something about it, will ya? Even bank apps just warn you about root these days and let you use the app.


-App is good. But every couple of days when i try to open it asks me to sign in again with mail id password, Google authenticator and create MPIN all over again. It’s tedious.


-UI is good. Need to work on a few improvements:1)Mpin keyboard not working properly.2)Oder book looks like static.3)add a pointer in chart to know the value at particular time.


-App looks promising. However, as in initial stage, lots of work needs to be done. The app simply logs out, when switching to other apps. Also, it keeps crashing alot. Please look into these issues. And thanks for bringing a much awaited mobile app.


-UI is good but it asks for SignIn using email password every now and then. On each sign in I need to setup pin and enable fingerprint which is worthless as I am forced to sign-in via email / phone


-Crashes everytime when I login using mpin or touch. I’ve to force stop it and restart. The UI/UX is nice however it would be great to have option for light theme.


-!!!Please help me!!! I have just deposited 2500 INR in wallet through payment gateway. But koinex doesn’t show my wallet balance. Bank successfully transacted my balance to koinex. Please help me sir. U giving me no reply. Please dont be a fraud.


-I deposited 2000 in the wallet and it never reflected. I raised tickets regarding that but never heard back from Koinex team. They don’t even have a customer care number. One of the worst apps ever.


-App is nice. Restrictions of +-20% on limit order price is worst policy of Koinex. 1 star downgraded.

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