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Knife Throw 3D

By Vicenter Game

App Category:- Casual

Knife Throw 3D


Knife Throw 3D is a game where you use knives to break the woods.

Game is simple, just tap to throw knife, once enough, the wood is break and you can procced to next level. Just evade others knives to break the wood. And you’ll see yourself a master.

Game features:

🔪 Simple gameplay

🔪 Great 3D view

🔪 Perfect game effects

🔪 Smoothly experience


Download Knife Throw 3D App:-

Download Knife Throw 3D App ( 41.2MB )

User Reviews

anfal Bhai
nice and cool game for time paas

Vivek Kumar
Good game

Bilal M Bilal
wawawawawawa this game is very good

its an amazing fun time killer thx for making it

A Google user
this is sooo good game I love to play and listen the funny voice thanks to make this game loved it☺😁😄

nicest and.adictive

Mr. Wagle Tech
ये गेम अछा है।

Pankaj Bhagat
fun playing

A Google user
i recommend you to try it then you will realize how happy you feel when you are busy throwing the knives

Indranil Sarkar
Very much addictive.

A Google user
super addictive …this game tots rocks😅😅😍😍😜

Michael Pratt

A Google user
very nice sounds are too good

A Google user
it is the best game ever

Sunita Maldhiyar
Game is a good one for all of us to be a good player

A Google user
i like this game is so amazing good Job develepers :3

A Google user
amazing game

Gaming with Elton
Im happy to let you know…THIS GSME IS AMAZING!

A Google user
This is a good and very hard game i like this game

Marcus Gabriel
this is great. but even greater if there’s a store to buy more apples

A Google user
This game is awesome… ads and it’s cool

Shanmugavel M
it is quite interesting

A Google user
its nice very nice and i like it

Omar Hassan
very nice game

very good i love it

A Google user
super great

Leila Ramos
good and cool

misbah py
it is soooooo good

A Google user
nice game

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