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KineMaster – Pro Video Editor
by NexStreaming Corp.

App Category:-Video Players & Editors

KineMaster is the only full-featured professional video editor for Android, supporting multiple layers of video, images, and text, as well as precise cutting and trimming, multi-track audio, precise volume envelope control, color LUT filters, 3D transitions, and much more.

For professionals and amateurs alike, KineMaster offers an unprecedented level of control over the mobile editing process, and for artists and educators, handwriting layers allow you to draw directly on the video (also handy for storyboarding!). Our users include mobile journalists, YouTube creators, short film producers, educators and other professionals from various industries around the world. Join the mobile editing revolution with KineMaster!


KineMaster – Pro Video Editor

KineMaster – Pro Video Editor



• Multiple layers of video, images, effects, overlays, stickers, text, and handwriting
• Download more effects, royalty free music, overlays, stickers and more from the KineMaster Asset Store.
• Precise frame-by-frame trimming
• Instant preview for all edits
• Hue, brightness and saturation controls
• Audio filters, including voice changer
• Blur, mosaic and other effects
• Lots of animation styles
• Speed control for video clips
• Volume envelope (Precise volume control from moment to moment within a clip)
• Transition effects (3D transitions, wipes, fades, and more)
• A variety of themes, animations and visual and audio effects
• Share on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Dropbox and more
• Real-time video and audio recording


KineMaster requires access to your phone’s camera and microphone if you want to record videos or sound directly in the app. KineMaster also requires access to your phone’s storage in order to save projects you are working on (projects are saved externally in a folder called “KineMaster” so don’t lose all your work if you reinstall the app or clear the app data).

KineMaster is a subscription service, but you can use it in trial mode without a subscription. In trial mode KineMaster is free for unlimited personal, non-commercial use, but has a “Made with KineMaster” watermark on all videos. Both monthly and annual subscriptions are available for purchase within the app. In addition to the removal of the watermark, subscribers benefit from access to premium downloadable assets from the KineMaster asset store, including visual effects, overlays, professional high-quality royalty-free music, and more, with new assets added regularly. A subscription automatically renews every month (or year, if you chose the discounted annual subscription option) unless you cancel in the Play Store app.

KineMaster + Muserk (free for personal use—no watermark!)
Use one of the professional-quality royalty-free Muserk music tracks available in the Asset Store, and the watermark will be removed from your video when you share on YouTube (for personal, non-commercial use only). More details in the music section of the KineMaster Asset Store.


Download KineMaster – Pro Video Editor App :-


Download KineMaster – Pro Video Editor App


User Reviews :-


Floyd The Floud
ITS SO EASY TO USE! I made anfortnite montage in about 10 mins. Check out my YouTube channel to see it. I just find it so easy and there is no lag. There are pay to remove ads and stuff but that’s the only downside. Can you make it so that you can search for sound effects?

App User
Its “okay” the only thing I don’t like about this app is that you took away the option to use the video overlay/video layer. I like how its simple and easy to use, but I’d much rather use cute cut pro over kinemaster, and I wouldn’t want to pay just to get a few features. I wouldn’t recommend this app if your looking for something more professional, I’d pick something else over kinemaster because I don’t really like the transitions and animations the editor has. I don’t dislike it but it’s okay in my opinion, sorry for the long review but I’d much rather recommend something else over kinemaster.

Chris Kolar
Export needs a estimated time to work. There need to be a way to cut out the audio and splice in or layer a audio in it place, like a recording, or just a open mike to add a narration in a certain spot. If there were a pop up bubble like a comic book to place in that would be cool. When adding a feature there needs to be a warning that a in app purchase is happening. I did not know that adding effects were a in app purchase. It’s prolly in the directions and I did not read them.

NinjaMaster Playz
I absolutely love this app. I encountered some issues though. First of all, please get rid of the monthly payment. I am in 7th grade, and I feel that there should just be one big payment to unlock the full features. How am I supposed to pay monthly for an app when I don’t even have a job? Second, I edit videos on my tablet, and my device isn’t compatible with the chroma key features. In the next update, could you please make Chroma Key compatible with Samsung tablets? I really need this specific feature for a projact I am working on. Lastly, please make video layers compatible with Samsung tablets as well. Thank you, Atomic Paradox

Doll Goodz
I put four stars because I haven’t used the app much yet, I used it once in the past and it worked like a charm. Looking to use for mostly YouTube, I’m not that computer savy, so it’s perfect as long as it keeps uploading my videos.I just used it for Instagram and Facebook.I was able to add music and a voiceover if I chose to. If it keeps working like it has been…it gets five stars no doubt! I’m just a regular girl who’s not that good at editing but still understand that I can make great content with a simple editor. I am thing of now buying their 4.99 special

I use this app monthly subs version. Not bad, very user friendly. Only that, it doesn’t accept 2.7K video, have to compress and produce to 1440 size only. No reverse functionality and fastest speed only 2X? We have another app that can except 2.7K and produce 4K, can do video timelape function (up to 8X speed) and reverse function too. Look like this app a bit outdated. Please upgrade, we pay for it. Thank you.

Andrea R Deyzel
Irritating to use, no worthwhile filters (unless you want to buy them) and not intutive. I found two other apps that work better. One that has excellent filters and the ability to change brightness and hue. (InShot) Yes there are a few you have to buy, BUT the free ones are pretty good.

Meowl Sofea
I REALLY LOVE DIS!!!!! Ever since i started download it i started to fall in love wif it!! So now i have a new fav editor from cute cut to kinemaster. And its the best so far. Well for me this is already perfect and i recommend this app for editting /making videos wif pic or even video u can edit dem so yea.. This is a really good app Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Mark Barlow
Probably one of the best the market. Cant complain for the price. Its basically fully functional, people complaining are either cheap or dont know what they are talking about. For an app this is excellent. Definitely need a tablet to take full advantage. May need an audio app as well for niggly work-arounds but this app does fine for regular sound and music with normal fade features. Keep up the good work, Kinemaster! Hope to see more features as the years go on!

Briana Vlogs
I would say it was good but i am having a problem. The audio i use for my video isn’t working. When i say that I mean whenever i have to make the slightest change to my video ( this was a video that contain screenshots ) i had to go through the whole video so the audio doesn’t go back a couple seconds.

MadMetal Photography
Today all of a sudden won’t export video longer than a few min. App keeps crashing. My android is up to date. Ive tried deleting catch. Restarting my phone……nothing. PLEASE HELP. this app worked flawless for years till now. Can’t rate 5 stars till I can export video again.

Michael W
Hi there. Love this editor, much better than any others I have tried on Android. Would like to buy full version but there’s just one annoying thing I have found. There seems to be a bug which stops you putting transitions between clips even when they are long enough (over 10sec each). Keeps saying you can’t insert a transition because one or both adjoining clips are too short. Please fix and I will subscribe + change to 5 stars as everything else in this app is awesome!

App User
This is Great! Though, When I try to watch my videos, It shows a blank screen and only plays the audio. Could you maybe try fix that.? But, The app is still good. (Edit) It works in the editor, Just not outside the editor.

Furry Alex
Um….there seem to be a problem….. I have a couple of videos on my tablet that are green screen….but the problem is that it won’t give me the option to put them as a layer…. It will let me put pictures as a layer but not videos as a layer …. I’m really confused about this… So yah …. Other then that the app is very helpful

Prudence Mignonette
I gave this app 5 stars because I rlly love it but not because it’s perfect. The watermark is bothering but I crop it. And sometimes the play butron has errors and I wish the speed cpntrol and volume envelope could go higher. Otherwise, LOVE THE APP! So many awesome features. I use it for youtube check Prudence Clemente.

Vanessa Torres
I really love this app,but every time I want to export my video it says export has failed. I try again and again, and it does the same thing. I also don’t get why it does that, because in the past I had no problems with it. And now I do. Please fix this I really need to upload the edit I made. When you fix then I will give it stars but for it is 3 stars. Thank you.

karissa’s channel of awesomeness
It deleted my video clips and edit that i worked hard on for youtube, then i go to try and export them, and the video clips are missing. This app worked for 5 days then everything went downhill from there. Im definitely uninstalling this app. If i could give this app no stars i would. Do not install this. Im literly crying right now due to how much of my footage it deleted. Do not install this. This app is STUPID.

Brandon Thomas
This app is fantastic. I have tried out several video editors, and while some are pretty good, they didn’t seem as complete as KineMaster. I think one of the biggest advantages of this app is it’s feature to overlay your own watermark logo. Working with the timeline is also very simple. Many pros, but the one con that hurts this app is you have to buy a subscription in order to remove the KineMaster watermark at the top of the video. When will companies get it through their greedy pockets that subscriptions are very anti-consumerist. Why not just charge $10 for each video download minus the KineMaster watermark, and for people who make a ton of videos, give them the option to pay for the subscription model? I just need one video. As much as I want to not give this app a perfect 5 stars because of one issue, I still do because ot works well relative to all of the apps I’ve tried. KineMaster creators, please respond to my concern. You’ll do much better with revenue, if you consider my suggestion. Happy customers mean more business referrals.

• ̇ ʚ Elza Forte『왕비』ɞ ̇•
Its such an very usable application, unlike the other free videos maker this is a simple one. Although the price to remove watermark was a bit expensive to me. Beside that its greate and I recommend this to people. Sorry my english isnt good

Chida Sharifuddin
This app is really easy to use and understand it’s functions.. There are limitations such as the video cannot be too short or else no transition can be added… But other than that it’s really great.. If you’re an amateur video editor, you should totally tey this

Ashkid – 848
For a mobile phone editing app, kinemaster is outstanding. However there are a few problems I had with it. Sometimes when I attach multiple audio layers (only two) to a video and attempt to edit, the audio will play from beginning to end even when I go to sleep different part of the video. This makes it nearly impossible to edit, please fix.

Daniel Burgher
Love this editor just wish they would switch it back to a 1 time fee for the app instead of the monthly fees. I don’t edit videos alot so it’s not worth doing the subscription fee but at the same time I don’t want the water mark. Please change it

Aseem Rastogi
Finally after trying out plenty of apps to edit my blog videos, kine master has come up as a real hero. This is the app each professional need. I have stared to use this app regularly to post my YouTube videos on my channel @meosuccess and its awesome. No need to have a pc around to edit videos professionally. Kudos to devs. Today will upgrade to professional version.

x Meta x
Good app for quick editing. You’ll need to take a bit of time to learn the UI, but once you do it’s quick and easy. Unfortunately this app doesn’t work on Fire HD tablets as it will ALWAYS add black bars to your videos no matter what. Brilliant for phone use, tho.

kushal deep
It’s best but due to one lack of feature one has to use other video editors. The only problem is it adds bars to a vertical video hence it becomes useless. When other video editors can edit on vertical video and import it that way then why can’t kinemaster?

Ianthebest 2643
Its great and the best but the monthly subscriptions… C’mon $40?! Think of the students. I would pay it for 50 bucks to get rid of that watermark permanently. It’s ruining my videos in YouTube.

App User
I have the full version of app on a simple $100 Motorola MOTO E5. Fantastic! I can even do blue screen! I can do all my work from my phone. I do happy birthday videos and this totally rocks! So convenient…

App User
Tbh I think it is the best editing app yet. BUT it keeps kicking me out when I’m editing and do sent save then it says kinemaster has stopped and also I think u need more effects. I will be honest I think Power Director has more effects. And please keep the motion going straight instead of sideways, up, down, Zoom in, Zoom out, etc. Fix please so my stars will go up

MQ Musi_q
Iam editing all my videos in kinemaster,but one problem it shows kinemaster logo on top of the video its too bad. If any need to remove that it will ask to pay 2hundred something.. No other problems founded. This is a good app go and install it

Tinnie Bites
I love the editing. It makes it so much easier but one suggestion. please fix the voiceover so you can hear can’t here the background in the video your tryna voiceover. Please no more premium ads

Digger O’Dell
Top notch video editing software! Been trying others first and always found need for basic features that were not available. Kinemaster on the other hand does everything I need and then some, and I’m still discovering more features as I edit more which has enabled me to be far more artistic and able to publish very professional videos to my YouTube channel. The software is easy enough to pick up and intuitive. After a couple editing sessions I went from taking a couple hours to do a short video to now making more complicated videos with overlays, transitions, voice overs, subtitles, animation effects, sound tracts, and much more Iin a reasonably short time. The only big downside is the cost, and only being a yearly subscription to access all the features and prime content. I would have rather paid a higher one time fee. Because of this I am looking into going back to editing on my laptop and purchase a copy of Blackmagic Design DaVinchi Resolve 15 studio.

Koi The Hidden
gots to say useful and real good stuff, the option to lower the bitrate and res is especially good. Only complaint I would have is a confirmation before leaving the editor. (also please excuse my ignorance in the last review)

Jafreen Gryffindor
Im trying to make a photo slideshow but it keeps going pitch black and it doesn’t have my photo. it doesn’t work and when I add the transition I look at the preview and it hasn’t got my photo in it, it’s grey. Before it worked perfectly but not anymore

Christian Johnson
Buyer beware! I actually really enjoyed using this app. I used it to create a music video for my band. The functionality was easy and I was able to create so much more than I could with the stock video editor on my Mac Mini. However, after more than 30 hours of work and subscribing so that I can remove the watermarks, I discovered that my device (Samsung Chromebook Plus) is actually not compatible with the app. Usually, Google will tell you this before you download, but they don’t because some of the app’s functionality is still available, just not all of the functionality. So, I am left with a beautiful looking video that I cannot export because my hardware doesn’t support it. I found the user guide to be somewhat ambiguous on whether my device would work – they have tons of information in the guide and it’s well written – but the thing I needed to see what this: “After you run the compatibility test, if your device does not support video layers, the following functions will not work and may corrupt your project”, followed by a list of app functions that will not work. I assumed that video layers meant multiple videos edited together, and since my project was a singe pre-edited video that I would be fine. Video layers actually includes all video effects, text overlays, stickers, handwriting and image overlays. Basically, the whole reason I got the app. So, do your homework before spending too much time on this app. It promises much, but only for those who have one of the devices that offer full support.

P o o – y i e
Monthly subscription is the downside of this app. What a waste, i luv this app but i kinda disappointed with it. There are people who love video editing but can’t afford pc so they use this instead and now this needs money. So sad

App User
In the past it worked like a charm, now it won’t save any videos! I spent hours editing my video, now it won’t save! Ugh, this app is just a waste of time. I recommend not to download this app…

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