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Kinedu: Baby Development & Learning Activities

By Kinedu

Kinedu Baby Development Learning & Activities

Kinedu Baby Development Learning & Activities

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Kinedu: Baby Development & Learning Activities


Kinedu is an app that provides fun and age-based developmental activities to do with your 0 to 4-year-old baby, from pregnancy through his or her first years. Created by experts in child development and used by more than 2 million families in more than 180 countries, Kinedu provides activities to help your child reach key developmental milestones while engaging in meaningful playtime with you.

Kinedu provides personalized activity plans, milestone information, health-related articles & activities, as well as parenting tips to create a solid foundation for your baby’s development. Each of our 1,600+ activities is accompanied by an easy-to-follow short video that allows you to quickly get a grasp of the activity at hand, and then complete it with your baby. If you are pregnant, Kinedu will guide you through your pregnancy day-by-day.

At Kinedu, we recognize that every child develops at his or her own pace, which is why the personalization of the activity sets keeps getting more challenging as your baby grows. Your plan will be set-up to work the right skills at the right time, taking into account your baby’s sensitive developmental periods.

Kinedu is based on the latest findings from leading researchers in the fields of child development and psychology. These findings indicate the importance of secure attachments created through serve and return relationships between a child and his or her caregiver. Kinedu works on four areas – including cognitive, linguistic, physical, as well as social and emotional development.

Kinedu includes:

• Personalized daily activity plan with fun-filled activities tailored to your baby’s needs – not the “average” child.
• Kinedu’s Early Childhood Assessment developed with the help of Stanford Professor of Psychology, Michael Frank Ph.D.
• Progress results with percentiles for every skill to help you gain a better understanding of how the child is doing compared to other children his or her age.
• Learn the science behind each milestone, which ones your baby should be accomplishing based on his or her age, and the activities you can do to reach them.
• A catalog of over 1,600 video activities for different skills by developmental area, as well as the baby’s age. Never run out of ideas and find the perfect playtime activity in our Catalog!
* 450+ articles and slideshows written by our education experts.
• Invite family members or your nanny to your account.
• Pregnancy Plan: activities and articles.


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User Reviews

Jonathan Montano
Very complete app, having a lot of sections and easy to use it.

Mila Pérez
Love this app, I have found the free information and activities very useful. I’m a first time mom and this app has given me tool and information about my daughter development, also as a first time Mom many times you don’t know what you are supposed to teach your baby or how and this app is helping with that so that my baby won’t be behind just because I don’t know what and how to teach her. Thank you so much Kinedu Team, great customer service too. I may consider purchasing when you finishe the things that are currently “under construction “and offer a discount. Loving it.

App User
I love this app! Helps me keep track of my baby’s progress and gives me tons of fun and easy ideas I can do from home.

Jo Karklins
Absolutely loving all of the daily activities I can do with my baby as he grows, learns and develops!

Caroline Lacroix
i love the activities for my baby.. but since ive had the app i cant go see the skills and catalog area

Alicia Cornell
Amazing activities. Lots of fun. Very fair price! Cant wait for the catalog to be available!

Mariana Villarreal
Updating constantly… trying to improve always. Good activities with videos for every day! Would like to know for how long I should do certain activities… besides that everything great

Ivana R
I think that the best thing anyone can offer to a child is their love, quality time spent together, attention and patience. This app helps give your child that – relieving you from stress of thinking much what to do to help your childs developement. Sure you have to pay to get a full tretmant, but what have you bought recently that can help you this much. App is easy to use, very intuitive and can be useful on daily basis. I am not a premium user, but it gives me more ideas when i need them.

Katherine Sonnenberg
I have been loving using the 2 activities on the free version of the app with my baby! I may upgrade eventually but for now I love that it is free to use and gives me good ideas for fun with him.

A very helpful app for new parents, helping parents to get more intense with kids. Many simple brilliant idea that sometimes we don’t even think about it. But sometimes the network reception on my location is not very good.

Raquel Ruiz
This app is great! I love the customized activities for my baby. I also have the option to change to a different activity to meet my baby’s needs. Would definitely recommend! As a working mom, I want to make sure the limited time I spend with my son helps his development.

Hanna Yorkston
This app is amazing. I always feel like I don’t know how to fill the day with my baby in a productive and interesting way but this app really helps me as an anxious first time mum.

Shiela Mae Tizon
I think this app is a great choice for mommies and mom to be’s for the good development of their child. But since I don’t have a credit card, sad that I will not be able to continue what I’ve started for my daughter. Hahaha.

Melissa Gusterovic
I really like this app. I love that it keeps track of milestones and has activities that help my baby. Sometimes I am at loss what to do and he seems bored. This app gives me plenty of ideas!

Lorena Marmaduke
I love this App and wish it had a membership for month or something less than the full price of 1 year. I can’t afford much (well i can’t afford anything that dont involve diapers and wipes 40 dollars in just that) so having something with less money would help. It would help if it had a play thru so i knew where the things are at. Can’t update the pictures without the app crashing. I’m a new mommy and really don’t understand how to mommy and this helps so much with my troubles with my baby.

Rebecca Richardson
I LOVE THIS APP. I was using the free version and then I upgraded. It helps with your childs overall development. My child is in Physical therapy and some of the activities they recommend for her are on this app. I personally feel like my daughter is advancing in her development very quickly. I’m so glad I downloaded this app. The free version only offers one active per day but that’s better then nothing.

Stacey Maurer
I think this is worth the premium price and am really enjoying it! They are easy activities and are explained well. I like the repetition of the activities since they need to be done several times for the baby to learn or master that skill.

Meredith Naim
I have used Kinedu for a little over 2 months as a free version. The content, articles and activities, are excellent! Today I bought the year subscription and was able to add my husband to the account. He is as in love with the program as I am! He tried 2 actives with our son today and he saw the diffrence they make to our childs development! We highly recommend this app to any parent first time, like us, or experienced!

Samantha Rock
I really like this app!! Has alot of different activity so you and your child has something to do a lot of the time. Helps keep your on track on what to work with them on! I highly suggest this app!

Gloria Wu
Excellent app to get everyday activity ideas for my baby, they have lots of research-based articles you can read along side of the activities, very informative! Especially like the little explanation on the brain area before each activity, for a stay home mum it really gives me ideas what to play and do with my baby to promote her development.

App User
Great app, it helped me a lot! I recommend it to every parent with a baby.

Kyria Mercado
It’s a great app so far so good… It keeps my baby on track and keep track of my baby’s progress.

Adam Studdard
Just started using it a few days ago to get some ideas of constructive activities to do with our 5 month old since he’s getting very active. It’s very easy to set up and has lots of great activity ideas with videos, which is really nice. Very easy to use and I think it will be a great tool for giv8ng me confidence that we’re building our little guy’s skills.

Mummy Vi
Amazing how we can follow the progress of our babys and help as well.. the exercises for them are so easy and we never though that sometimes 1m od exercise helps them a lot. Definitely would recomend to every mum!

Dharma Anjarrahman
I love it! It’s easy to use AND very useful to stimulate my newborn baby from day 1.

Amra Bromley
Love it. Short and to the point. Great video of excercises to do with your LO. Milestone chart month by month. Wished it existed when I had my 1st one.

Alessandro Panza
When you are a fresh parent it’s not possible to read books, or search the internet, you have no time. This app makes it fast to get suggestions for nice activities to do with your baby

Dana Istoc
Great app for parents who do not know how to play with a baby…as new parents your baby might seem a bit boring but using the app you become more aware at their small achievements

Diamantis Svingos
Beautiful framework, easy to follow , very helpful explinations on progressive development.

App User
Use Kinedu regularly for great activity ideas to do with our baby and to track her milestones.

Dessa Comstock
LOVE this app. Tons of fun activities even without paying to unlock the other activities!

Felicia McGill
I love the content of the app… I helps me teach my baby things I wouldn’t normally think were important for his development.

Kayla Skare
Excellent development app for babies and toddlers love it just wish it was a hundred percent free however they do have an option to watch ads to get more features which is amazing and I really appreciate that 🙂

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