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Kids Learning Box: Preschool
by KidsAppBox

Kids Learning Box Preschool

Kids Learning Box Preschool

Kids Learning Game is an all-in-one app for preschool and kindergarten kids! There are 10 different carefully created categories:

– Numbers flashcards and counting game: Pre-K kids will learn numbers up to twelve and practice them with the counting game.
– Alphabet flashcards: All letters in the alphabet is presented with items having corresponding initial letters.
– Colors and shapes flashcards: Toddlers will learn basic colors and shapes with these flashcards.
– Memory matching game: Preschool kids will make brain exercise by playing memory matching game with letters, numbers or shapes.
– Practice items game: Toddlers will practice by trying to find the correct letters, numbers, shapes or colors.
– Months and days flashcards: 12 months and 7 days are included with cute themes.
– Coloring book: Kindergarten kids will draw on empty canvas or on carefully created shapes. They can use various colors for drawing and can save their drawings. This section is a doodle for kids.

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User Reviews :

-My 3 years old grandson loves the painting and matching feature and we take turns on both for interactive play. We like the kid-friendly piano music that goes along with it, too. We use this app to wind down and prepare for naps and bedtimes and it works everytime. Ads show up at the bottom of the s….

-The graphics could be better. The topics are good but there’s a synthetic sounding voice that says what each item is when you click on it and it’s not pleasant. Also, in the alphabet section, when you get to the letter c it shows the letter c clearly in capitals and lowercase, it shows a cat, and th…

-It would be better for kids that already know how to count or just need practice counting because the learning numbers portion is just a flashcard with x number of objects and then it says the number very faintly in the background. The counting is just picture of x number of objects where you have …

-I like the game, my daughter does learn alot from it. However some of the images are diffucult….. Q – Quince…. why not use a Wueen. S – Sofa…. why not a snake. Y – Yaght was used… daughter keeps saying boat. And then the pronounciation of “owl” sounds like “ellow” ??

-This, is a great app I love it! It definitely keeps my 2 year old, daughter calm. She loves using her fingers to draw. She has learned her ABC’s with this app. I enjoy watching her maneuver through the app. 👍

-My 2 year old son loves this game, he can do it himself without my help thanks to its interaction with the player. I would love if we didn’t have to purchase the extra individual games i.e. colors. The ads are frustrating when little fingers always find them and also find the games you have to pay f…

-My kids have used other apps in this series. I like this one as will for them. This has everything u could need. It’s worth getting the locked portion of this game.

-Well, it’s all fine but when my 3 years old son tried it the second time he complained, he said “mommy paulit -ulit naman” “alam ko na to eh” ” wala na bang iba” hmm, for me he doesn’t meet the satisfaction he needs, Tsk, but maybe for a younger age than he is this might be very helpful… But over …

-kids can learn easily. but u can unlock months and colours. kids friendly piano music and other animations are good. kids r very much eager to learn. interesting for the kids. u can add nos. upto 50 . Thank u.

-Good app, better than most. Teaches the basics. In the number section, I would like it to teach the numbers past twelve.

-Its very nice app. My dougther likes very well. For those who have a kids.just install this and i,m sure they will happy and they learned a lot. IT IS BASIC BUT IT IS VERY VERY USEFUL. thanks for making this kind of educational app. Thumbs up!

-Nice app…I just like it…my daughter like to do colouring,n memory game in the app…9s idea to divert her mind 4m watching YouTube to fun learn education…thanks to flinto…

-I would have happily paid for full version but only when it can be run off sd card.

-Nice but only less number’s and letters .please give all numbers at least up to 1 to 50

-Jerraco can play it for hours and she learns from the app. I will soon be paying for the add-one which is something I have yet to do with any app EVER!

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