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Kids Learn Professions
by forqan smart tech

App Category:- Education

This great app help children to get an extra portion of educational puzzles. There are about 200 puzzles in 7 different interesting styles to help the user know the jobs. The application is available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian & French.

Kids Learn Professions is a very rich, fun and educational game for kids and adults with 9 sections:
✔ Match between professionals and tools: many to one mapping.
✔ Match between professionals and tools: many to many mapping.
✔ Painting: paint professionals.
✔ Kids build rails from pieces and then a train crosses the rails.
✔ Fishing activity.
✔ Build professional puzzles from pieces.
✔ Barbecue: the kid learns about making meat on the fire and feeding people.
✔ Farmer activity: planting different kinds of vegetables, watering the vegetables and collecting them.
✔ Doctor activity.
✔ Memory: cards matching, images the jobs domain.


Kids Learn Professions

Kids Learn Professions


This application is very funny and interesting for kids and it helps them learning the names of jobs as well as the tools and their sounds. Adults also will enjoy the activities of “Kids Learn Professions”: farmer, doctor, fishing, restaurant and the memory cards section.
We, at Forqan Smart Tech, have always sought to provide the best for your family through applications designed, and directed each age group separately, our belief in the feature each evolutionary stage passes by your son, but in order to lend life skills and the mentality to learn and grow and play correctly and properly, and to communicate with his peers and the environment surrounding it.


Download Kids Learn Professions App :-


Download Kids Learn Professions App


User Reviews :-

Ramchandra Chotia
Thanks Panasonic eluga 2 to tharo me know if you need anything please don’t hesitate if you need to tharo to tharo hi lagana me to thari

mahender lohani
It is very good games for kids want to play this gameit isa professional game I like this

Tomás Corellano
Military as a job for kids, seriously? Let’s associate bombs guns and knives with a professional for my kid. HORRIBLE

Janette Dulaney
Bombs, guns and gas masks that I have to explain to my 4 yr olds. Not cool and then it stops the game after completing the soldier, and goes into a gun ad. Thankfully, I was there playing along and took my phone away.

Vivek Singh
In one level it is shown that we can play it but when we touch it we can’t play it. I think that next time better😐

Azhar Mazhar Khan Jatoi I y I don’t know what to do it .

Ajju Rao
it ,s like an profesers it can shore the to mean of their parents value

Josielyn Padrigo
My 23 mnth old baby enjoy this apps He loved and enjoy it😊

Moe Webb
This is an OK app. It didn’t last long before my son gave up on it altogether.. He got bored very quickly.

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