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by Kickstarter PBC

Kickstarter is a place where independent creators and passionate backers come together to bring new ideas to life. Explore creative projects in art, design, film, games, music, and more, and pledge to your favorites right from the app.


Kickstarter android app

Kickstarter android app



With the Kickstarter app, you can:

• Back projects to help make new ideas a reality.
• Stay in the know with updates from projects you’ve backed.
• Save your favorites and get reminders before projects end.
• Share projects with friends via email, messaging, and more.

Download Kickstarter App:-

Download Kickstarter App ( 7.3 MB)


User Reviews :-

The app is really good, but there’s some things that could be better. For example: trying to get back to the campaign page when watching a video seems to be more difficult than it should. It’s small things really, other than that it’s a great way to browse projects.


-Can’t read comments on updates, or add a comment. Can’t like posts. Hyperlinks in posts don’t work, which isn’t a surprise. Search is vague with no filters, so ended projects appear. Wildly overdue projects should be flagged, and stats added to Creator profiles about the delivery and quality of projects they have created. This could highlight the best and deter the rogues. The option to report projects more than once is essential, least once a month.


-The app is fundementally very good but the updates section of a project doesn’t allow you to comment on it even when asked to by the project managers and you can’t see the updates in a summary you have to scroll through them all. Also it’d nice if you could comment on another person’s comment and have polls etc.


-Kickstarter is the most dangerous money sink in the world. Normally I’m extremely frugal when buying luxuries… But I just dropped £150 on board games, badges and other cool stuff. Here be dragons


-A great service for making dreams become reality, but as with any business venture, investing in a product is a risk. Kickstarter makes that risk much less dangerous, but that doesn’t mean the money you invest will always result in a successful product. This fact doesn’t affect my rating, but it is worth mentioning to those unfamiliar with the business model. I rate four stars because the interface is clean, but there are some small annoyances to go along with it. For example: after scrolling to the bottom of a list, one must manually scroll all the way back to the top before having access to the


-Very limited list of things you can do with it. I don’t really like how it navigates through anything but projects it’s trying to sell you. Comments are dificult to make, replying is dificult, messaging someone or checking their profile is impossible.


-Completely useless. Tried to create a project.. nope.. no can do.. went on line outside the app.. still can’t do.. I’m either missing something or this app is focused on taking your $$, nothing else


-My only real concern is the comments section. There is no way that I can find to email a creator for questions. Just posting on a mass comments section where it could be swallowed up by hundreds of other posts


-Very good app, but the one thing missing is the main reason to have the app and that is, where is the pledge button? You can see your saves, but we need to see the pledges worth money. Well, that’s all fixed! Now off to pledge even more money!


-You cant go to your own projects and edit them. If you could, i would give it 5 stars 🌟


-Kickstarter makes it simple for all of us “real people” to support great ideas that need a little bump up to succeed. No Shark Tank required for someone to succeed here 😉


-Very hard to put in a card number I started typing like the first 4 and as soon as you get to the 5th it randomly inserts numbers into all the rest and continued to do this throughout the process of the purchase took me like 10 minutes with it doing that error


-Awkward UI. Does not appear to let me even *see* the project I created, let alone check my messages or do any creator work, and the mobile version of the website won’t show me project messages either!


-All kickstarter functionality in a handheld device with no remarkable setbacks. Great work.


-This is a very clean app and pretty easy to use. It’d be nice if there was a menu item to view the active Kickstarter projects you’ve backed


-Muy buena y funcional. Aunque peta cuando te quedas sin red. Así, en lugar de notificarte el error directamente se cierra 🙂


-I enjoy using the app, however sometimes I don’t feel like I can search for everything that the website provides. I love that I can now use Android Pay as an alternative for payment too.


-I love love love this app. It’s so much fun to see all the awsome things that people are creating that I would never know about if not for Kickstarter! Great job guys!!


-Basically a web browser to the Kickstarter site. Except there’s no text search functionality in project’s pages, so it’s actually worse.


-A little bug when you open other section from the menu, the tab still showing the previous tab you open and cause confusion


-Just started using it so I don’t know about all the features yet but so far I like it as it is a dedicated Kickstarter app that works very smooth and seems to run pretty fast.


-I love it. If I were to add one thing it would be the ability to get notifications for when a new campaign was started in selected categories. That would be amazing.

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