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KeepSolid VPN Unlimited | Free VPN for Android
by KeepSolid Inc

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VPN Unlimited – The Best Private & Secure VPN service for Android!

Get secure and unlimited access to your favorite websites wherever you are!

Join Millions of Anonymous Users who trust VPN Unlimited to keep their Data Private and Secure!

VPN Unlimited is the most trusted security, privacy and access platform among all other VPN service providers with top performance in speed, stability of connection and security. VPN Unlimited gives you truly unlimited online freedom – just one tap and you are able to bypass geo-restrictions and access world’s content from anywhere, always.

VPN Unlimited is the best unlimited VPN client for Android, which is the top choice by such indicators as:
Fastest – Connect successfully and quickly as a hare with high VPN speed.
Easiest – One tap to connect to VPN proxy server.
Most Stable – Lots of cloud proxy servers to provide better VPN service
Unlimited Access – Unblock any websites with our VPN proxy servers, and protect your network traffic under WiFi hotspots to browse anonymously and securely without being tracked.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Free VPN for Android

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Free VPN for Android


Download KeepSolid VPN Unlimited | Free VPN for Android App  :-

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User Reviews :-

Alex Ngatia
Initially rated 2 stars, updated to 4 after working with support team to try different options. Now it’s good. Only missing feature to me to make it 5 star is making encrypted traffic appear more like regular traffic. Where I am there’s a VPN crackdown and that’s one option that works most of the time on my alternative VPN service.

SAT_ DuBai
I really want to report to the support team, i have the 3 months subscription. It worked initially but later on its giving me a very tough time. I am using a free vpn instead which is performing better. I am let with a subscription time of 1 month 22 days I really look forward for a fix. There is no support Email in app itself for quick reporting

ಆನಂದ್ k
Some 3rd party sits like techmint,stacksocal etc..are offering lifetime VPN service of your products at very reasonable price. Is it genuine or some scams??????. If it is genuine will there be any difference in service, if we buy the subscription from 3rd party sits…. Do you run/ have any such SPL offer…

App User
I’ve been a paying customer for the last couple of years and on the whole I have no complaints. Sure from time to time there are issues but the staff work tirelessly to remedy any problems that arise and are quick to find work arounds when streaming services get blocked. The app continually improves with each update and the dev team actually listen to suggestions. Well done and keep up the good work.

App User
Great vpn app, only wish the color scheme was better. It works for touch devices, but makes selection difficult on non touch devices like Amazon fire TV, stick ot Android TV boxes. The color highlight contrast should be darker to be visible on a TV set.

John Richardson
I tested VPN Unlimited, Express VPN, and NordVPN. All passed all the Network test, ip leak and dns leakege. Except Express VPN leak the DNS server all the time. Showed where I was and the VPN server I was working with. I emailed Express VPN and they said they knew about it. I guess they are working on it. Of course my trial version is up. I have been using VPN unlimited for 3 years now. Love it.

Richard Davies
Overall a fairly good VPN. However removing and adding devices is problematic. Even with available slots it comes up with messages saying no available slots. Also, need to wait a week to remove multiple devices (I have gotten rid of a phone and a PC, and replacing with new ones, but can only do one a week). So it’s forcing me to purchase a different VPN. I was getting drop outs daily, bit since latest update (on Android and PC) dropouts have dramatically increased to every hour or so. Their support has offered a number of suggestions try to fix the problem but to no avail. Hence why I have downgraded my rating again. Now looking for a more robust alternative.

Andrew Ackerman
It’d be better if notifications stayed dismissed (even after I’ve closed the app). And sometimes the connection just drops without notification. What’s the point of a VPN if it doesn’t maintain that ‘virtual private network’?

Jojo JoJo
Great VPN. There’s a huge selection of servers, and they’re fast and provide great bandwidth. I game on this VPN all the time to get around NAT restrictions and I never have any problems with latency. I do find the app to be a bit clunky though. It makes a notification while you’re connected that serves as the controls outside the app. Making it go away, even when the it’s disconnected is a bit of a chore. I’d much prefer a system tile for that functionality.

Sanathoiba Soram
It never works consistently in China. Gives a lot of errors. The support team isn’t helpful. I already bought another VPN.

Jess Harpur
I got a sweet deal for a lifetime subscription, and have no complaints about the service. There are servers all over the world so there is always one nearby no matter where you are, and there are also dedicated servers to get access to several restricted sites and services. One very small issue is that the app sometimes ‘forgets’ my real location and shows me as being located off the coast of Africa! However, restarting the app rectifies it, and it doesn’t affect the actual connection to the remote server.

Helped resolve issue, Ivan (support) over at Keepsolid was the one and only support to help me get everything fixed amd squared away. Immense help to someone with a brain injury.

mustang nn
I would suggest ppl to avoid this app, it’s mediocre. The guys aren’t professional. Let me explain , It’s a paid app. And the app works as long as your isp does not block connection to it. Anyone needing this service should know for whatever region restriction, your isp will update list of sites that needs to be blocked and it will include vpnunlimited at some point. Since this app first needs to connect to that domain, entire process is a waste. I am a premium lifetime member having bought 25 license of this app when I was impressed after using for a week. Soon I noticed iOS devices having issue and after a month, Android and windows no longer could connect. It’s been few months now all I see is proxy or server error and the app asks me to check my internet. Support team answer is this by Oleg it appears this issue is cause by advanced VPN restriction on your local network. Unfortunately we don’t have an immediate solution to this and we apologise for the inconvenienc. I have tested express VPN, Nord VPN , and couple other vpns that do work. Unfortunately I put a huge chunk of money on this garbage and now I am afraid to buy any other paid VPN app .. lifetime access .. my a$$

This app was great for streaming Netflix… But for the last few days it hasn’t worked as Netflix has been giving me an error that it noticed a VPN/Proxy was in use. I used this app for months without any issues. But now, for streaming Netflix at least, I have no use for it unless it is fixed.

T Dinu
Upgraded to 5 stars. Need to try it in China to have a proper rating. I had issues that were addressed quickly by email by the support team. Kudos for that. Rebooting did not sort the connectivity issues that I had. I’ll report back later.

Juan Rios
Is great! I use it with lifetime subscription… 2 things that could improve it are: 1) add more servers in Mexico; like Monterrey and Guadalajara. 2) More torrents and video servers would be great.

Jeff Johnson
So far, so good. Limited to 5 servers for torrents, as of now. For speed; I haven’t ran a test yet, but for what I use it for it’s sufficient. I like it well enough I upgraded to the infinite package, so I could install it on all my devices. Btw, my oldest son lives in China. He’s able to get out, and at least connect to Facebook.

App User
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Tim J. Stockton
So far so good. Although I wish the trial were a bit longer and I wish there was a cheap(er) lifetime subscription. Definitely worthwhile to have on all of your mobile devices and home PC’s, and that’s coming from an I.T. Professional w/ a B.S. in Computer Science. Kudos, KeepSolid. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the first 5 days of my trial. 🙂

Stewart Digance
Been using for about a year on a paid subscription, had a couple of updates that seemed to slow things down but the last 6 months it’s been rock solid, kids use it on their mobiles as well no issues really pleased and would recommend thanks devs

Trey Morris
Even though I subscribed, it won’t let me use the service. I’ve tried unsubscribing/subscribing multiple times to no avail. Waste of $10 since I didn’t get to even utilize the service beyond the trial period.

The Scourge
The app suddenly doesnt work on my device. I have reinstalled it and it just show connecting and nothing happens. I have a lifetime subscription. Please advice. My phone is s8 plus

Justin Taylor
I can’t connect. I get a pop up that asks for permission from the app to monitor my network activity. It won’t allow me to press ok, only cancel.

Xx BR0K3N xX
Im Very happy I will be adding more devices to my account in the future (ipv4, email, ipv6 there are no dns leaks using this vpn)

Elais Newkliver
Simple to use. Works decent on my Galaxy S8, fast and most of the time reliable, sometimes it refuses to connect. It’s also missing some features compared to other VPN services (I.e NordVPN and PIA). For example I would like AdGuard compatibility. However, it’s cheaper than most alternatives. The Netflix unblocker feature worked the one time i tried it. Overall my experience with this VPN is “okey”. *DISCLAIMER* I haven’t tried any of the competitors

Wei Chai
Was working perfectly until recent updates to 4.24. taking like a decade to connect to a public server and no ip address assigned. Had to roll back to 4.17 version to make everything back to order.

PG Sebastian
I am having a challenge streaming Netflix with this App on. I am from Ghana, and for over 2 months I could stream Netflix with this App on. Now it tell me there is an Unblocker or a proxy that must be turned off before I can stream. Please check this.

cagdas Yigit
I am from Australia only i had issue with netflix but solved quickly. Communacation is great very quick responds. Great service keep doing good job cheers

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