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Defend the baby monster with the Force against falling obstacles! A fun physic game to play fast.


Keeper android app

Keeper android app


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User Reviews :-


I always play games with music in the background and while playing this game my music would be constantly shut off because of the ads, I don’t mind the ads themselves, just the fact that it constantly interrupts other sounds playing on the system is very irritating. Gave you 2 stars for a nice game, didn’t play a lot though so couldn’t tell you more.


-I paid to get ad free…..STILL HAVE ADS! I like the game a lot. But if you have a button that gives you the option to pay for NO ADS, then you should get what you PAID for. The game itself is a lot of fun. I enjoy it a lot and its great time killer. But NOT getting what I PAID FOR does not make me a happy customer. This issue needs to be addressed and fixed.


-I paid for the game, because why not? I enjoy VooDoo’s games. But please tell me as to why even though I purchased this particular game I’m still getting it riddled with ads? And it’s already beginning to to tick me off. Come on, fix this. I understand the ads if I wamt to continue my score, but I paid for pop-ups and other ads to dissappear entirely. It’ll get a better score when the issue is resolved.


-JUST AWFUL!!! The whole thing stinks. Not because of the app asking me for my card before downloading it, not because of thing being riddled with ads and especially not because of the fact that this is like all the other run if the mill apps that many will play for a bit or so and just get borde and never play it agian; or just out-right uninstaling it. It is all because of one simple reason. The missed opportunity of bounceing on my boi while playing this. I mean, I just can’t play this stupid game and bounce on my boi at the same time! I mean are trying to exclude the people who want to bang and play a game at the same


-It s a good game i like it BUT always the adds interrupte me. You guys have to work on this problem more cause it makes me hatin this game!!


-The game is addictive and really great. But the add are annoying and when I’m in the middle of a game an ad will pop up or redirect me to a link which disturbs my game play and I die. Absolutely disruptive it’s hard to enjoy the game.


-Way too many adds, all the time. Not really that fun. Repetitive gameplay that didn’t feel engaging in smooth. Didn’t suck but I wouldn’t recommend.


-We get it. You’re desperate for money, and decided that littering ads every ten seconds will make the app somehow more enjoyable. Don’t know your logic behind that.


-All is excellent…. But there is a lot of Gap between the owl and ring….which makes it little inconvenient to play…


-Good so far what people saying bout ads are anoying but found once i load the game and switch to airplane mode it stops the adds hehe


-Great game. Put off by constant ads. Get a grip voodoo and listen to people.


-At first I thought this game was pretty cool but soon realised that the best strategy is simply to swipe your finger back & forth quickly across the screen meaning there really is no skill needed to get a high score so the game is rather pointless, I would unistal it but my 6yr old daughter quite likes it! (Hence 2 stars rather than 1)


-Just wanna know what the upgrades actually do as they dont seem to do anything you get the stars and nothing happens


-Its are really great game but do you rhink u can make the a liitle less


-First game was fun. But then as soon as I’d finished my first ever game I was bombarded with adverts. No thanks.


-Like the game! Hate that I get an ad after every loss. Voodoo you guys do this every time.


-Ssoooo many adds and the blocks always go against any law of physics. Just too many adds really.


-You literally don’t have to do anything. I came up to 300 without doing anything.

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