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Keep – Home Workout Trainer & Fitness Coach
by Keep Inc.

App Category:- Health & Fitness

🏆 Keep – Home Workout Trainer, an easy-to-use free app for you to keep fit and healthy.

400+ exercises will help you track your workouts and transform your bodies.
Here you can find Fat burning and muscle gaining exercise — HIIT and Cardio, Ab ripper workout, Legs Glutes toning, abs training, body weight and weight training exercises for toning, strength training, slimming, more muscle-focused workouts and full body workouts.

🔥Why Keep – Home Workout Trainer?

★Multiple FREE Workout routines and Exercises
400+ exercises database with detail descriptions
100+ workouts designed by experts: Expanding workouts database designed and demonstrated by pros.
Just follow these exercises to keep healthy, burn fat and gain muscle.

★Video guidance of Home Trainers
Experts will help you focus your routine and make progress towards your goals with voice guidance, detailed descriptions, animations and professional video guidance. Your workout guide will give you all the info you need to succeed and progress.

★Personalized training plans
Based specifically on your own routine and goals, our home workout trainer will develop a dedicated plan for you. Just start training with a personal plan that guides you while adjusting to your progress, schedule, and other activities.

★Workouts for all levels
No matter you are a seasoned athlete or just getting started, you can find the workout that’s best for you. We provide different levels of workouts: Beginner & Pro workout routines.


Keep - Home Workout Trainer & Fitness Coach

Keep – Home Workout Trainer & Fitness Coach


★Workouts anytime, anywhere
No equipment needed, just use your bodyweight to workout. Take a few minutes every day, then lose weight, gain muscle and keep fit effectively with our Keep – Home Workout Trainer’s workouts.

★Save money and time
All workouts and exercises are free for users, so you needn’t spend lots of money on gym.
If you are busy with work and have no time to go to gym, then Keep – Home workout trainer is the best choice for you to keep fit and heathy.

What you can enjoy?

✓ Get stronger, leaner, healthier with your Home workout trainer.
✓ Lose weight, gain muscle, burn your fat and get leaner with Keep – your home workout fitness trainer.
✓ Stay healthy with different levels of workouts.
✓ Follow professional real person video tutorials, witness the changes in your body and share your achievements with the world!
✓ Become a better you by using this simple but powerful training app.

Other features are Coming Soon: 🎉🎉🎉

👉 More professional workouts – Later you will find Zumba, Yoga, boxing and other workouts for users to keep heathy.

👉 Add Friends – Add your fitness friends and compete with them. Try body building with fitness friends and keep healthy with friends & family.

👉 Workout together – Make workouts plan with your friends and Keep fit together. Find new fitness buddies in our community and compete with fitness buddies.

Keep – Home Workout Trainer will help you reach your health, strength, weight and fat loss, and training goals from beginners to advanced level. If you want to lose weight, get a six pack, strengthen your core or tone your abs, Keep trainer is definitely a must have on your app list. Try the HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and TABATA trainings and burn calories. Start training and transform your body!


Download Keep – Home Workout Trainer & Fitness Coach App :-


Download Keep – Home Workout Trainer App


User Reviews :-


Very beatiful and helpful app it energizes our body i have just started now lets see whats is the results. And one more thing lower back and legs excercise is not loading anytime . But the aap is good i liked it

App User
Super app.And I thank the team who made this.I want to lose only belly fat to have a better abs please upload that exercise. Thanks for the app again.please upload the belly fat losing exercise and after the fat is burned and one has a flat stomach they can do the abs exercise

Fun Only
Amazing app I used it first day a lot of sweat came out which I hadn’t seen before,even under fan.thanks for this

Poulami Saha
Very nice app….really fulfill all the claims if it gets your support…you will really see changes in you after few days follow ups…

Enzo Ti
Very useful fitness app, suitable for beginners, instructions are clear and easy to understand. Hope more functions and workout lists will be available in the future update(like China version).

Ashish D
Awesome app for workout and getting fit. I was waiting for such an app for a long time. Finally got it. The verbal speech and music is quite good. Well done developers 👍

Mohandas Giriyappa
Best app to keep your exercise records and training. It has excellent workouts, specially designed for.each part of your body.

Pragnan Saha
The best. Period. Only con is the Step counter isn’t accurate. Registers only 20% steps most of the time

App User
I’ve only been using this app for a short time but so far I really enjoy it. I’m looking forward to my results and new workouts added down the road.

App User
This app is the greatest app ever I had seen on this. It’s complete package. Thank you for home physical trainer. 🙂

This app is really good as it increases the intensity little by little everyday… U won’t feel but u will find urself increasing stamina … That is the best part I like … And also it’s free… Thank you for making it free… It would be best if u add toning goals also

App User
This app is amazing as unlike other fitness apps you do not have to pay for a workout plan. This is fantastic thank you!

CoreX Music
Amazing fitness app that slowly but sure makes you fit and it’s free! Would’ve been nice if added a ‘to lose fat’ option..

Akshdeep Singh
Not everyone want to lose weight. Some wants to gain weight as well. Please include training program for gaining weight.

Dinesh Mohandoss
Very nice app for training and tracking… I just love it… One best point is you don’t have to see any ads in this app… Hats off

rajneesh rana
What a application, the best out of best application is this, a actual application to keep u fit, keep u motivated, keep u energetic, keep u charming. The most dependent app for my daily workout. It is the part of my daily routine. Thank you so so much developers for such a lovely and genuine application without frustrating advertisements.

Taavi Lim
What more can I ask for. It has everything. After trying out many apps, this is straight forward and easy to use.

vibha vasudevan
Seriously one of the best workout app available…….suitable for everyone (beginner/intermediate/experienced)….this app keeps on increasing the intensity of your workout so you dnt feel bored or monotonous.👍👍👍

jimmy loternz
it is awesome and really helps! the most important thing is that you need motivation that’s it then you’ll love it

Je Suis Charlie
I don’t usually write reviews but this app made me do it. All the exercises are easy for beginners and it really helps finishing them in a few minutes

Ravi Teja
Super app and changes should be made in leaderboard and discovering people who are using this app and challenging friends.and able to connect to bands (mi band hrx)

Rushikesh Pednekar
Must for those who are in corporate world and cant go to gym .Best body weight programs. you can do it anywhere nice to hav such app

Corine Nugteren
Loving it. One slight adaptation I’d love to see is to be able to set my own rest days in a programme. I use it, combined with MFP, in an experiment to see if increased fitness is achievable based on the Beginner Fat Loss Programme combined with the Good Morning programme and my own Aquafitness classes, and if that has an effect on the amount of analgesics I need to take. Hoping to find pain relief in exercise instead of analgesics. (Or at least hoping for a reduction in dose. I have 2 forms of rheumatism.) Ask me in six months how it’s going. 🙂

Vimal Kumar
One of the best app I’ve ever used for bodyweight training. The voice assistant make you feel like you’re actually getting trained with the help of a real trainer. Love this app. Kudos 🙂 FYI Development team it’s annoying that one has to activate the Google fit every time the app gets updated.

Yasmeen Farahin
It would be good if we don’t have to download each exercises. And the lower back exercise is not working. Anyway, it’s a good app. Will give you 5 stars later…

Hariom Chaudhary
This is one of the best app so far I’ve come across. Very addictive, totally free that too without any adds, all moves nicely explained, no need for any external equipments. Overall I can say it’s a ‘must have’ app.

kalyan reddy
It’s really working guy’s if u want to reduce the wait try this . Really working but you should do perfectly as per the plan with good diet then it works.

Kuzami Abdul Manan
So far do great!I really love this app!btw,would be great if it allows us to just download all the trainings

raunak panpalia
Wonderful app for those who virtually want a personal trainer without having a physical entity. There is a group on FB called keeper’s land. Request you all to join

Rebecca Wilson
This is by far the best workout fitness app I’ve ever used and the fact that it is free is unreal. I will be donating to express my extreme appreciation to the developers! Awesome job!!

Jatin piplani
It’s good but it doesn’t tell about the diet plan which was the main reason I was searching for. You can also add this feature. Highly recommended.

Kin-Fun Leong
As my experience for using Keep’s Chinese version for 3 years, you will get tons of different kinds of trainings in the near future. You have nothing to lose except for those extra pounds☺

App User
Thanks indeed it helped alot. Please guys download it. If you want to be a healthy humanity

videos for you
Loved this app but some workout needs to be downloaded again and again. I want to save the music played during workout in my phone. Good and nice explanation of every exercise. It also has training programs. Complete record of our total training time.

Mansi Joshi
This app is awsome..but I am gaving one issue ..I had completed 7 days biggner but i am not receiving any trophy !! Of 5 and 7 days steak … plzzz plzz plzz fix thiss

bubloo karthi
superb training app…..unmaiya intha appa nalla iruku .. weight loss panna enaku romba use full iruku home made work out

Love this app helps me a lot taking less time good video quality great bodybuilding n weight loss training good plans helps me alot

App User
This one is an excellent fitness Application assistant I have ever seen. This is so like a real trainer. Thanks for the app. And hats off to the devoloper

App User
I have completed my first one week session.. It gives detailed explanation of workouts. It seems some better and more useful.

App User
this app is amazing.. actually the best app i’ve ever used.. if u are looking forward to loose weight please do use this app…lots of love

hardik solanki
Well-done sir you create such a nice app for workout .. Its the best way to do workout with the help of great app.

vibha tyagi
The app is very useful but I think that this app should also include food charts on basis of specific exercises

huma rukhsar
Seriously, I am heartly thankful to this app that it has given a wonderful opportunity to those people who has no experience in work out and specially helpful in that condition when you can’t go out for any exercise.. it is the biggest option to change life and stay fit… God bless you guys keep it up…

eleanore lea
I have been using this app only for a few days now. What i love abt the app is the workout is easy but helpful and makes u sweat a lot. The only thing i dont like is that it doesn’t help track progress of how much weight i have loss. I choose this app for weight loss so i think its good if the app have this feature. Overall,I’m looking forward to finishing my plan

Farah Diyana
I don’t really like workout videos cos literally it is so hard to do, but this app is amazing. The workouts are great for beginners and I am able to complete my daily workouts and there’s also a planner that keeps ttack of what workouts to do, which is surprising. So i feel really accomplished after finishing a workout. It’s great!

Caroline Sommer
Great App! I’m quite lazy but you guys made me actually work out! I have only one question, how can I link my step counter app with Keep? Or is it included in your app?

App User
I usually do not review apps, but oh boy, Keep sure is the greatest workout app I’ve ever used. No disruptive ads, no premium plans, great workouts and functionalities and a sublime and simple UI. Thanks Keep team, you guys rock!

Bipulreddy D
It’s a better to know how a person have donated. The badges was inappropriate as the person should take rest in a particular given week as per work out program, then how come people can go for 30 days continuously.

App User
I am install now this app looking for reviews i think it’s very usefull to me because i have no time for my gym practice.. i think i much better at home manage my own gym and fitness. Thank you

App User
If possible add an alarm feature to remind the daily dose of workout. There is a glitch when syncing contacts. The app stops working.

fritzy x
How is this app free ???? I think it’s the best fit ess coach app out there that’s free right now, I won’t even be surprised if it’s even better than Fitbit coach. Would there be any future features like connecting fitness trackers in the future ?

Ujjwal Jain
Nyc one for beginners and people with no experience … Showing great results … 👍 It would have been a little better if they start giving diet plans along with the training programs….

Rohit Chauhan
This is best fitness app I have ever seen. Now I am using this app last four days and it’s so good to use this app no ads only exercise. And one suggestion for Keep App is to include the diet plan for daily workout.

Nancy Srivastava
It’s been more than a week that I’m using this app n unbelievably I lost 1kg in jz a week..I follow my plan honestly and even do some extra exercise out of the plan n guess I hv my results infront of me..loved it and have recommended my several frnz too..grt app for body fitness

Syafiq Yaacob
Love this app! Simple and easy to use at home workout app with trophies and challenges to motivate into working out. I would give it a 5 stars if you could customize the order of the exercise, have more exercise variations and a simple nutrition meal plan alongside. Beside those, this app is just brilliant!

aravind p
Small suggestion….U only giving rest day but it is not counting on current streak….I am upset with when I m attempting to reach 100 days streak….otherwise remove the rest day..

App User
It’s a great app for those with busy schedule. The app works on all your body parts along with sepearte workout for individual part. The HIIT might tire you but will onky be able to shred extra cellulite. It’s fun working out with this app.

This app gives me a motivation to work out daily. The workout time is less but very effective. So I’m able to follow the plan they prescribe without default. They also gave prompt response to my query.

evelyn lim yee san
It’s good. Free of ads and it contains some musics. So you will not feel stress or bored during the exercise

Nafisa Tabassum
Beautiful app. Just wish the quote would change, and also that we had low impact options since some people may have excess weight or injuries.

Paw Obe
It’s amazing how this apps doesn’t force you to subscribe with a very expensive amount, nor using ads every few seconds. The only support is by donation. And the amount is just right for me! Definitely supporting this apps!

App User
I just love this app 😘😘but it would have been Little better if they start giving diet plans along with the training program.😊

Denish Sharma
The workout library do not load properly and some sections in settings are not loading. Need little improvement. Although it’s good app

Uddipta Das
It really a good app for home workout. Actually we know every workout but we didn’t know what is the sequel of it. Which is beautiful done by this app. Thanks to whole team.

Anudeep R
I like the schedule. I was lazy to work out daily. Keep (app) Keeps me encouraging daily to go for the work out. Thank you

kingsman !
Hi! Can you guys add some way to challenge your friends? Some option which will allow me and my friends to do daily workouts by challenging each other.I guess this will be a great way so that we both can keep I’m track and workout everyday. So my suggestion is: Add an option like ‘Friends Corner’ ,where I would be allowed to challenge my friend through some sort of invite and then track his daily workout plans and he can check mine too.please add this sort of option😊.

James Alexander
I loved it and yes I want to be fit and continue with it.. Only one feature I need , if there would be a world fitness group in this app, where u could see each other’s progress and rank your self. It would really bring a huge motivation for me and for everyone. It’s very awesome app

Srinivas Aryan
One of the best fitness app i hav gone through. Can guide both beginners and advanced in proper way with the help of videos and also during workout u will be assisted with a voice which helps u.

Oscar Obians
Best workout app I’ve found. Routines are just right with the right level of challenges. I’m sticking with this one.

App User
At first I was skeptical of this app,but it turned out to be wonderful.You don’t have to get a premium subscription to get the all the workouts,and there are no ads whatsoever and this app is just absolutely amazing.

Deepak Shiwani
This app accepts every detail about the individual and then provides a suitable workout plan for them. I personally found it appropriate for me as it saved me from spending a huge amount of money which we all spend on personal trainer.

Divyesh Zala
It is one of the best fitness app I have seen but the only thing is if they can add feature where jogging and running can be tracked it will be great and no other fitness app will be required

There’s problem in logging, why my account is not creating, I’m also trying to login with facebook but still its not working.

Wow aap it is for the body and fitness lovers. Show us very effective exercises to build up body without going to gym. Really very interesting app. Just try this if you want to make yourself fit n fine

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