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Instant – Quantified Self, Track Digital Wellbeing
by Emberify – Instant

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Instant is an automatic time tracker for the time you spend on your phone & apps usage, fitness, places, sleep and travel time. Dashboard for your life with actionable insights on your tracked data. You can interact with your Insights, Instant Coach & get weekly reports to understand your data. Also, with Goals to help you improve your productivity and have a healthier life! Keep track of all your screen time addiction for Digital Wellbeing, moves & places throughout the day. Instant lets you track & analyze your activities on a dashboard!
Award Winning App Grand Prize Winner of Google Fit Developer Challenge! All of Instant’s data is private & remains only on your phone. Top rated Quantified Self app with automatic time tracking!


Instant - Quantified Self, Track Digital Wellbeing

Instant – Quantified Self, Track Digital Wellbeing


Key features of Instant
1. Automatically track your phone usage time (screen time) & how many times its unlocked
2. Track your app usage
3. Integrated with Google Fit, Fitbit & S Health to track your fitness and travel time
4. Create geofences to track time spent in places like home and work
5. Set goals for steps, sleep & set limits for phone usage time
6. Widget for quick tracking
7. Android Wear supported
8. Track your sleep automatically
9. Unplug and spend quality time with your family

As seen on TechCrunch, The New York Times, Gizmodo, Android Central, Times of India, Android Authority, Phone Arena and Huffington Post. #1 on Product Hunt & Featured on Google Play. Instant works seamlessly in the background tracking how much time you spend on your phone screen & apps everyday, how much you walk, how much you travel, how long you sleep & how many times you unlocked your phone. Additionally reminders can be set according to your daily limit. It is a great way to stop your phone addiction.
Instant is the World’s leading Quantified Self & Lifelogging app.


Download Instant – Quantified Self, Track Digital Wellbeing App :-


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User Reviews :-


caue rego
works as expected (sleep tracking not so well, the rest is fine). still trying to figure out if it’s useful, but at least it’s interesting. 🙂

Duncan Murray
got it working after making sure app wasnt disabled when not in use but sleep log still doesnt work. emailed support but got no response. Nice idea though.

Massimiliano Montelatici
I am rather disappointed. The only working feature is the app usage. But I’m not interested in such thing. Uninstalled.

Naveen Manjhi
4 stars because this has in-app purchases for some features. I know its a business thing at last. But i can say app makers can provide us the same features for free by diaplaying ads in the app. That’d still be cool right?

Aaron Peck
Great app. It provides some great insight into how much you’re using your phone. One issue though, when wanting to not automatically track location, unchecking that box isn’t being saved. Every time I check back the box is checked again. I’m not seeing a “save” button so I assume that it’s supposed to save changes automatically. Until that’s resolved, 3 stars is the best I can recommend.

nice idea but it’s really limited in the ways you can browse the tracked data. the information is all their but you can not make use of it in any functional way. there are preconfigured summaries but absolutely no options to customize. if it were possible to set filters to manage what days is stored or even viewed then it would be much more useful. as it is, not useful if you want deeper insight then what is provided in the summaries.

Dhananjay Pandit
Uses a lot of battery and processor power on my phone. Doesn’t track sleep as well as it used to!

enzil Sequeira
Great App…Pro version is affordable considering the App’s features. Has all the tracking features I was looking for.. Please keep updating

Shahed Kojak
First of all I have the pro version and I decided to depend on it for a university project.. unfortunately many things put me down .. I really don’t know where to begin .. one thing that I noticed that most of us will not notice is that the data itself that it tracks is not accurate .. since I had to be detailed I was tracking the time I spent on each app and I realized that it was much less than what I expected.. but couldn’t tell for sure ..until I came across Skype where it said that I spent 5 mins on one day .. I went back to Skype and checked the duration of my call on that day .. and it was much of a differnce.. that is only one issue .. but really an important one cause all the others such as graphs and how easy it is to access data is not really important if the data itself is not right!!!!

Josue Roberto
It’s awesome to get to know the data this generates. I’d put it to better use, like say… Being able to ask the coach to notify me when I get to 30 min of use of Instagram so I’m reminded to stop using it longer than that

prafful lele
If the USP of the app itself requires upgrading then there is no option but to look for alternative apps which help mobile apps useage tracking!

Chris Gardner
1Good concept but isn’t worth a damn unless you have the pro version! Severely limited on the free version. 5 days and it only tracked 1and said I slept 2.3 hours. It’s got a ways to go..

Robert Marshall
High potential, but hard to get a look at underlying data and info. On the weekly stats for places, it says “Add places to view weekly stats” but I have work and home set up in my places. It provides the data when you click on individual days, but won’t provide the summary for the week. There are similar other short comings in a promising app.

Roberto Nieto
Great app, great support. Still some points to improve, like places and very few options in free version, but everything else great. Lets you export your data 👍

Antonio Burse
Interesting way to know what and how much time I’m spending with my phone. Like it going to see if it can stand the PaPa test

Charles Doole
Interesting stats. On the free version I get notifications about yesterday’s stats, yet when clicked on it takes me to today, and there’s no obvious way to get to yesterday’s stats. Maybe it’s available in the paid version?

Shanice W.
So far so good, time will tell.

Martin Stanz
Everything works fine for me and I like all the infos. But my problem is that the sleep tracker is kind of not working. I’m sure I sleep aroung 5 hours but the tracker says 3 hours or sometimes less…

Angela Morgan
I absolutely love these kind of apps. Anything to assist with self examination and goal setting to obtain a more productive healthier lifestyle is great!

wasim haider
Love it coz ppl are are now days too much addicted to They will understand life style.must have app in phone now days

Landon Circo
Lots of cool statistics. Worked better than I expected

madhu sudhan
It was really an amazing app to track the usage of your smartphone.It also tracks your sleep.Really found it useful.

Rico Wang
Scary and crazy yet informative… This could be the future of mass surveillance. Hope you guys don’t work and will never work with the NSA.

Sudhir Rao
Good application but despite my paying for upgrade it did not do so. Be careful while paying for upgrade

Thomas Hawkins
Simple way to keep tabs on your phone usage and everything that you do…

Cheri Halila
Been with this app almost from the beginning and it’s come a long way. Still waiting for s health integration to work but I’ll be patient.

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