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Indeed Job Search
by Indeed Jobs

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Find jobs using Indeed, the most comprehensive search engine for jobs.
In a single search, Indeed offers free access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards.  From search to apply, Indeed’s Job Search app helps you through the entire process of finding a new job.

World’s #1 Job Search site*
– Join over 200 million job seekers each month who use Indeed
– Find jobs in over 60 countries and 28 languages
– Search the Indeed database of over 16 million jobs

– Simple, fast-loading job search
– Find openings in cities near you using your device’s GPS
– View new jobs added since your last search and be the first to apply
– Search by job title, company and location to find your dream job
– Find full-time, part-time, contract, freelance and internship jobs

– Use your Indeed Resume to easily apply to select jobs
– Create, upload or import a resume, joining Indeed’s network of over 70 million resumes
– Personalize a message for each job before applying
– Don’t want to apply just yet? Send a reminder to apply later


Indeed Job Search

Indeed Job Search


– Save or email your favorite jobs
– Create a free Indeed account
– Follow favorite companies to get the latest jobs and news
– Have the newest jobs delivered to your inbox
– See which jobs you’ve visited, saved, and applied to

– Preview page displays full description of job posting
– See how companies rate, as evaluated by employees
– Read reviews of companies posted by over 12 million employees
– See photos of what it’s like to work at companies before you apply
– Review your own employer

Download Indeed Job Search App :-


Download Indeed Job Search App


User Reviews :-

Dana Shroy
I’ve been using indeed for the past few years and I’ve never had a problem. I always normally get a job interview and normally hired right on the spot. It is also very useful when you don’t have a resume on your phone they pretty much make one for you. All you have to do is just plug in your info and they give you great recommendations. Thank you indeed for all you’ve done! Honestly I don’t know what I’d do without your job search engine.

I really enjoy indeed just using it on the computer, so when I saw the app that I was able to use it on my phone on the go it made everything so much easier for me. The jobs I can apply with my resume I do and if I want to spend more time on the one that I can’t just hit submit I send myself a reminder to apply when I get to my desk top. Its fast convient. They really are on top of things. Also They are not pushy like other job search sites.THANKS INDEED!!!

Ashley Martinez
This is a great career/job hunting app. There are many businesses who post their listings on the site. It’s well known and highly user friendly. Also the businesses who put their ads up are aware and usually stay in touch/great response times on most. There is a way to report if you think someone is working up scamming as well.

Victor Alvarado
I mean 3 Stars seems fair, the website works well and everything. Figured I just get the app, but when I click on a Job Posting ,from a search , it doesn’t show me anything, just a page that shows “Based on Your Recent Search” y’all seen that page. But, hopefully the app gets a touch up. I’ll definitely check back sometime. If I don’t find a good job yet..

Dylan Cepolski
Wonderful job finding app, always worked great. Recently it does not seem to upload and refresh itself properly. I have sent out several emails now and can only see the last one I have sent. Not the best for actually communicating with employers, but great for initial connection and finding jobs in the first place.

App User
I have an android phone and this app does not allow me to attach files e.g. CVs. The option to choose where I would like to select a CV from simply does not appear. As both a candidate and as an employer whose jobs are displayed on your site this is extremely disappointing. We have raised this months ago with several different people at Indeed and no action has been taken to date. Happy to share more details if you want to get in touch Indeed.

Gord Zaretzki
A great way to apply for jobs online. However you need to Ensure that when someone is writing a cover letter you don’t cause the person to LOSE that cover letter that they spent a great deal of Precious time and energy composing when you navigate one away from the page they were composing their letter! This has happened a few times now and you have likely caused me to lose job opportunities as I’ve spent my time window of opportunity!

Rob Price
A search with the same criteria on the website yields different results. So by using the app, you are missing opportunities. The app constantly spams toronto postings at the top of the search results even though it’s not within the search area I had selected. It would save employers and candidates both a lot of time if employers were obligated to provide a salary range.

Sam Kitch
I like it. I like the CV layout and how you can adapt it and change it whenever you want. The job searching is little random though bc you put in a specific place or town and still comes up with other jobs in different areas which is just no good. This makes finding the specific job you want harder.

Kristopher Kloc
It could use some MAJOR upgrades. It’s relatively a good app. You can apply for jobs listed on the app and it helps you build a good resume. Honestly though, it’s way behind the technology that’s available for apps. The job filter is a far cry from what it could be. The filter alone needs a LOT of work. I don’t like writing long reviews. So I’m not going to get into what else should be improved. Their development team should be bright enough to understand the needs of its users. If they aren’t then they need to use their own app to find someone who is…. Or they can give me a call.

Mary Grace Miller
Alot of employers in my area use this. It’s easy and quick. Found lots of good jobs here. I just wish you could apply to them all with your indeed resume instead of having to still fill out applications and online applications with the employer separately. It’s time consuming when applying for jobs. Great app.

Aric Horiachka
This app doesn’t allow you to use your own format of resume. That’s why it only gets 2 stars. You have to manually enter your work history and education and training. I do like the fact I can search through hundreds of jobs but what’s the point if companies can’t read through my own personalized resume. **New**, this app doesn’t sync across devices. I have the same profile name on my tablet but still have to enter my resume information.

Jay Lastname
be careful. I submitted my resume to a few jobs .Then the next day I was getting spam texts and robocalls. They need to check these jobs on the app and make sure they are real and not another scammer selling your information like phone number and address and email which is on your resume.The spoofed calls and texts dont stop it’s been weeks.

I only use indeed. Although I would love for them to fix some simple problems. I would like to download bmy resume from the app. Two I can’t not log in to the browser version of indeed. This only started after I logged into the app. With the fact that I cannot find their website or app support. I cannot get this problem fixed. I will update once I locate tech support for indeed.

Colin Ladewig
So extremely SLOW when filling out applications through the app. I get far into one and suddenly it starts taking literally, and I’m not exaggerating, 10 minutes for the app to write what I wrote. It’s so slow it can’t keep up.

Derek Amos
Lot of jobs…lack of options. There is no way to sort jobs from most recently posted to longest running . Most jobs stay on there for months without being deleted. There will be a perfect job at the top of the “NEW” list..only to find out it has been on there for “30+ days”. Alot of the posts are repeated several times over 3 pages. Good source of info…just no options to make job search easier.

Mr.Varun Katoch
It is a froad app nothing else… don’t waste your time n money through this app. this app only guide us to consultancies and their only ask for money no job is offered after then so please i insist don’t use this app don’t even install this…

drexel moss
So i did get one interview with this app, but its not only slow and poorly optimized but it crashes, when i also went for references it took me back to the home page. As a honest app i hope it does better in the future. Right now, im just severly frustrated with it

Kary Davis
Office closed down unexpectantly and I suddenly found myself unemployed. This app has made a difficult time for me less stressful. While I do get the occasional odd job posting, most of them have been within my wheelhouse. I love how I am notified of opportunities and can apply immediately from my phone!! I actually applied for two jobs while grocery shopping.

Alex Walker
The best app ever l love the interface I deleted Monster for this hated that whole card thing. So don’t ever change indeed team the list style is easier to navigate. I also would like thank indeed team because of them and this fantastic app I got a new job in just days while the my current employer is eliminating my position I’ve had for 18yrs.

Brittani Ellis
I have been using indeed for as long as it’s been available. I enjoyed the ability to sort the jobs by “apply on mobile”. I can no longer do that. I also enjoyed being able to apply to a position without having to verify I was a human. This app used to be designed to make the already difficult journey of finding a job, easier. But it’s actually causing more frustration than anything. Please Help!

App User
I like the app help in search of a job but you should be able to pause the application you’re in for a minute or two if you need to open another app in your phone to get information you need & be able to resume where you were. Makes you start all over! Stupid

Heather Fitzwater
This app would be awesome if it wasnt so glitchy. Everytime I apply for anything the app suddenly shuts down I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and no change. Kinda annoying when the whole point is to be able to apply for jobs and you cant

Madeline Noble
It wont allow me to even finish an application without the whole app shutting down. It will let me add references but I try to add work experience it closes the application again.

Victoria Cherry
The best job app hands down! User friendly. You can even apply to jobs using one button, no more hours long applications! I’ve gotten several jobs over the years, I don’t know what I would do without Indeed!

Michael Minor
Indeed’s imprecise keyword searching provides a lot of similar sounding but unrelated job types. Office administrator and network administrator are very different, as are x-ray technician and auto glass technician.

Brett Grumm
I sunited for hundreds of jobs and no one has called me. This app will not sign in so I have to use browser to apply but no luck.. So I am uninstalling this app.. Not happy at all…

Stephen Geever
GREAT APP. resume uploader big help. Jobs everywhere in my area I can’t find anywhere else then here on Indeed baby. Heck yea. Makes job hunting a lot more exciting than frightening. Thanks ppl for the help.

Jonathan Eames
This app is trash. It will not save application information during the application process causing you to go back to the beginning of the application process and starting everything anew. Do not apply to jobs from this app.

App User
Still censoring unfavourable reviews indeed? You were caught out for this a year ago. Whats changed? The censorship got worse. Such a shame it used to be good…

Nichole Washburn
I think it is a good interface, easy to understand and change your goals as you are looking for a new job. I notice new things every day as well as some repeats that seem a little inconsistent but it’s so much better than Craigslist these days !

Martin Foster
Not user friendly at all. App nor website when visiting on mobile browser, does not give option to view “Desktop mode” as most websites do. Filtering your job search on mobile web and App are very limited. Just allow users to view dektop mode or at least give more filtering options so users aren’t forever to scroll through thousands of useless postings

Awesome way to get your resume out there, easy to use, and keeps track of all applications and personal chat from the business’. The only thing I would want to change is being able to see if you have to apply on the companies website before clicking on the add. A lot of them are entry level jobs and takes 30mins to fill out on the companies website which I could do without the app.

Frazer Holland
Some good jobs available, but this app doesn’t understand location. I type the city I want to search, but all surrounding cities are included, which are way too far. 80% of jobs shown are miles away. Useless!!

vichon simpson
Indeed needs to put pay or salary in the searches. The job locations differ from where the actual jobs located. I wish it could auto fill out applications but some jobs send you to another site. These jobs should sync to indeed instead of indeed working to fit them. I like that indeed have a quick reply wit the resume. I like that the app has a easy to use search. But there are problems with these jobs not being honest with starting pay just to get skilled workers to apply.

lps cookie bomb
I am so thankful for Indeed its so conveinient to just press apply to apply for jobs. Before indeed i would give up during long applications

Crystal Franco
This app doesn’t let you apply on the indeed app. It closes down the minute I start putting my information in and keeps saying network errors. Might as well just go to the website for the job you’re applying for.

Victoria Selem
I love using indeed, however I’d like to see a particular place searched have just the jobs in that area not have jobs from all over the place in it, that’s a major downfall. I’m almost ready to throw in using this app as I can’t find jobs in my location of search requirement. Its just too much to have to go through hours of looking at other places.

mark lopez
I wish there was a job board where you weren’t spammed with third person parties calling and sending you emails. Also, 5 or 6 email a day from you sucks! Its about supposed available jobs in my area. Didnt know my area included different states…. great way to get your information though.

Battlefield 420
So many good jobs for a highschool student like me. But everytime I try to add my cv into the app it completly muddles it up and makes my cv look completly unprofessional

Walter Patterson
A lot of employers have not even looked at my resume. I have however received calls etc. Just not sure why companies do not even open my resume. I do however suggest you to use the application due to the success and easeness of the app.

Pramod Akulu
Not good search. There are no proper filters to search for the right job. I did not like it. If u want to search in different countries then u have change the home country first. Not very easy to use.

Stephanie Ohlson
App forces close when applying to jobs. This needs to be tended to ASAP otherwise the app is useless. I have sent in numerous reports and no improvement, it needs another update to fix this bug.

Michaela Renee Rossi Brown
Despite negativity from someone I know about this way of applying for jobs, its worked for me. Because I’ve gotten more call backs for interviews than with any other way for applying for work! Thank you for your help! Great app!

Brad W
Every time it says new jobs for the city I am in, the results are for cities way the hell in the opposite direction! I originally gave this thing 3 stars and after today when I have 31 new results for my city search and they are all in distant cities, I’m docking it down to 2. Not impressed. Why does it give me jobs that aren’t even in the specified city

John M
I have used many job search apps and this one is by far the best. It’s simple, easy to navigate, provides endless job ads of so many categories, search filters, very good location accuracy. I love being able to easily change my profile and that it shows up as a resume. I enjoy the fact that you can save job ads and archive others you’ve applied for or are thinking of, etc. You can easily adjust what emails and alerts to opt in/out of. Only thing I wish to improve is to have more jobs able to apply from your phone or more compatible with the app to apply with as some jobs require the browser to upload your resume and to complete questionnaires and such. I believe that most of the negative reviews come from users who only tried this app and not others to compare it with. Yes, the accuracy of the search filters is a bit low and buggy(some don’t work at all), but it is way better than other crappy job search apps like Monster and Zip Recruiter.

Sophie Mercer
Will I do find it easy to search for jobs on indeed and do use it everyday, one thing that bugs me is when you filter to exact location it still brings surrounding areas up that are around 25 miles away. To me exact location is exact.

App User
Lots and lots of opportunity for work. Can’t believe the work force is so unwilling these days. Thinking they been a feeding from the free government feed trauff for too long that the will to work is “just to hard”. Really….well I ain’t got my hand stuck out, I’ma go get mine.. #gogetter

Trash, you sell out completely. I search jobs in my area…you give me jobs in another state. You don’t let me block or delete repetitive listings and you clearly don’t research the jobs at all. There is a temp agency that is lying about being a temp agency offering jobs as if they are the employer when they are not. Bit you guys don’t even let me delete them. So they fill up my listings and i can’t find a REAL job. Im stuck in a job where i have to count hours bc i get stolen from. Thanks for nothing indeed.

Andrew Wallpe
For the amount of job applications I have put in I would of expected more. 3 phone calls out of I would guess 2000 resume submissions over the years…. Useless… Absolutely useless

w ogidep
The main problem with indeed is the fact that the emails sent with resumes get sent to a dedicated email that employees rarely check. I proved this today because I called a job to see if they were still hiring. Mostly because I rarely get emails back from employers. And they were excited to hear from me. I asked if they got my resume and they said no. I wonder why.

App User
This app is great besides the fact that you build your resume just to have every employer ask for your work history again. even though it’s on your resume they want you to re-type all of your work history for each and every job in order to apply. Very inconvenient. Fix this and this app earns 5 stars

Sheena Vincent
LOVE IT!! I get at LEAST 3 call backs a DAY if I fill out apps for a measly half hour. Just upload a resume and you’re golden!! Seriously the BEST job app 😁😁

Robin Shultz
I use this app almost daily. I think it is very helpful that the app keeps track of my job search for me. At the end of the week I can see all the jobs I have applied to and follow up on them.

Sami Card
The idea is perfect. However, the app itself completely sucks. I’ve downloaded it on a few different devices to make sure it wasn’t just me. Every minute or so the app closes itself out forcing you to constantly redo the work you just did. No thanks.

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