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iMobile by ICICI Bank
by ICICI Bank Ltd.

App Category:- Finance

iMobile is ICICI Bank’s official mobile banking application.

iMobile, the most comprehensive and secure Mobile Banking application, getting payments done through Unified Payment Interface (UPI), offers over 170 banking services on your mobile.

The features of the new iMobile are:

Pay and collect money from anyone instantly using Unified Payment Interface (UPI) View and transact from all your accounts including Loans, PPF, iWish, Insurance, Cards and Deposits Check your bank balance, view & email detailed statement and view passbook on your mobile Transfer funds to an account or to contact no or email id Send cash through ICICI Bank’s Cardless Cash facility Transact superfast using Favourite feature. By tagging a transaction as favorite, you can quickly access and complete your transactions like mobile recharge or fund transfer Connect directly to ICICI Bank Phone Banking Officer from your mobile phone application Track your deliverables Open FD – Open FDs, RDs or iWish deposits Get personalized offers on your mobile  Access and manage Life Insurance policies Service At Your Convenience: Avail banking services from the comfort of your home. You can locate an ATM, stop or check status of your cheque, order a cheque book, track your service requests and more.


iMobile by ICICI Bank

iMobile by ICICI Bank


Now you can also view the following details on your Smart watch by using iWear – ICICI Bank’s Android Wear Banking application:
• Information about your Bank and Credit Card accounts
• Balance details and last 3 transactions

iWear is a companion app that works only when user has downloaded Android Wear to their mobile devices.
iWear offers banking and informational services to make a simplified banking experience as never before.

Download iMobile by ICICI Bank App :-


Download iMobile by ICICI Bank App


User Reviews :-


App user
Updating to 5 stars as the updated app has lots of new features and is stable. **** This is a great app for basic stuff like checking your balances across different accounts and relationships with the bank. I would however not be very confident carrying out transactions since the app hangs sometimes. If that issues is resolved, this definitely deserves to be a 5 star rating.

App user
Guys be aware of imobile app.. while doing ur transaction, some poop-up coming for some f**ng Home content insurance. If u r not careful, it’s in auto selection mode, and 375 rupees they will deduct for an insurance which u may not aware. While doing a transaction u hv to concentrate o. Your transaction not this poop up for home content insurance.

utkarsh bisht
Recent update is now havung issues with my samsung galaxy s7 edge again. The app stops responding in between and renders offers slowly. For example if I click on credit card number, suddenly the ad renders and it redirects me to different page. Its not the problem of internet as other apps and internet in general works absolutely fine. Kindly look into this issue.

Vikrant Makwana
1. Fund Transfer : click it and nothing shows up. 2. Go to your account page and then click fund Transfer, progress spinner just keeps on rotating forever. 3. Open FD: after filling the form, pre-confirmation shows empty form and from here nothing happens. 4. Support/Help: Email button is disabled.

rupini raghu
It was so easy for me to make any transactions before. It was It has become so slow that even with a 4g compatibility it takes ages to load. I have trying to transfer and it just keeps loading. At the end it says they were unable to transact. I have tried to transfer funds 20 times now

Titus Thomas
The app is excellent to manage your bank account. However after the last 2 updates, I am experiencing problems with the login esp. the fingerprint login. When the app loads, the busy indicator keeps running and I am unable to use the app. After some time,it asks me to use the pin, and even this fails for the first few times before I am able to successfully login. Team, pls look into this issue. Otherwise, this app is excellent..

App user
The app is really fluent, loads quickly and has an overall good user experience. I have a little concern though, after logging in it doesn’t ask for PINs or passwords before payment, I believe asking for password just before a payment is more secure.

Suresh Ponnusamy
Fingerprint authentication suddenly stopped working and the app unreliable. Tried multiple times to enable/ disable fingerprint authentication, but it doesn’t work. Also the app throws lots of errors while performing transactions resulting in a bad user experience.

Keval Parekh
I wish I could give 0 stars as rating. I am an NRI customer from Europe and I can’t even use this app. The activation of this app does not function for Android. They’ve told me that they’re working on it but after three update since April 2018 it still doesn’t work! I am regretting opening an account with ICICI.

Sneha Venkatesh
This app is not even 5% as good as their website. Most of the options ex. Bill pay, Offers and some more just keep loading for ages. In the end the only way to log out is to end the running of the app. Pathetic! Need to add more options in bill pay. But this app has progressed well from what it was in the beginning. Keep improving!

Chumber Infotech
New update not good at all. Before it have to put customer id whenever login to app but now only option for puting password to login app. I’m not feel secure with entering only password. Must enable entering customer id option whenever want to login to the app. Thank you.

Harshesh Patadia
I haven’t any debit card, and i don’t want it. boz i do my most of transaction using UPI(thanks to that i had generated upi before cancelling my debit card). now what, it would be great if you add functionality to use app without debit card. (how?, you might have more ideas.)

Nikhil Shankar
This is by far the worst app ive ever used. Irritated by the login screen loading message that stays there indefinitely, the customer care is all the more poor. All they tell you is your balance and that too an automated system. If you cant create a proper app and a proper customer care why the hell have you created a bank and wasting peoples time and energy.

Prabhat Pandey
Stop giving personal loan mesggages on each login.This is really annoying. Whenever I login there is some add or message and it redirects to some website.Stop doing that ask for user permission to show adds or allow them to disable it. You are a bank not a marketing agent.

Amaan Merchant
I was one of the early adopters of this app when they launched and I was thrilled to see banking going digital and more efficient. A long way from there and the imobile app has not upgraded much. The app is quite slow, lags and a lot of errors. The idea and model is good, just need to be taken seriously by the team.

Jay Maradiya
Redmi 4 me install nahi ho rahi he aapki app… Iske liye mobile badal na padega…. Third class service he .. Abhi bhi work nahi kar rahi app… Error is this service not available plz call custmor care

Sachin Shintre
Awesome app. Very user friendly. This was my previous rating. Now, I am irritated as – Since last few weeks on opening the app it shown an irritating marketing message. Useless tactics to get users click my mistake and then bombard them with marketing calls. Please stop it asap.

Yogesh Tokas
This is such a pathetic and awful app by ICICI. I knew this before and I was obliged to open an account with ICICI. This is definitely not my first choice. It is not working at all, Everytime I try to verify my account it says problem connecting to our system. It sucks.

Digambar Kanse
From last few months I am facing issue with fund transfer tab. When I click on fund transfer tab, it’s start showing loading symbol and nothing happens. Pathetic app. Earlier it was working fine. Team i-mobile please do something on this issue. it’s so frustrating that in urgency if you can’t transfer money from app then what’s the use of this app???? I want solution for above mentioned problem.:(

Balla Ramadevi
Today, I upgraded this app on recommendation. After that when I tried to make an IMPS transfer in my Android phone the “From A/C ” dropdowm wasn’t working. Also when I save a transaction I don’t find it in my favorites. Please resolve asap, otherwise I will not be able to use the app..

Raghuvir Singh Sohal
Good app with lots of features of online portal, provides mobility to bank customers. However since last 2 Updates in end June 18, app has slowed down so much it becoming unusable. Basic login, transfer to your own account, fund transfer is taking ages to complete.

Sai Phani
Torture.. im clicking the personal loan ad by mistake and your customer care people are calling 30 times a day and torturing me.. u r forcefully making us click the ads.. plz stop torturing people

Kalyan Seela
Finger print is not working g and app crashes quite often. After struggling for 15 mins it opens and then you can’t perform any operation. Earlier it was good I am facing this issue from 1 month.

chithu michael
The worst banking app ever. Cannot transfer money even within the country . Slow in loading. The only use is to check balance. International bank ICICI not even having a good app, which even the local bank is having. Shame on you ICICI

Daksha Bhat
App used 10% of my battery in a day though it was never launched. There are occasional error messages, “iMobile had stopped” even thought it had not been launched. Mail to the developer email listed on play store bounced. This needs to be better.

Anshul Rai
iMobile was amazing until the recent update. Now the finger print login never works. Takes ages to load. Hangs frequently and crashes now and then. Everything that could go wrong went wrong.

भास्कर पवार
No option in the this is app to allocate funds for demat, MF, Currency, etc, you have not yet developed this app for allocating funds as you promised. A location of fund not able to done on this apps please develope this software in this aspect.I quote this remarks 9 months back no one taking cognisions yet all are sleeping well. NO AVAILABLE BALANCE SHOWN IN THIS APP

Preity soni
Worst app ever. Has an issue with logging in. Cant make any online transactions as it shows an error message. And i see so many complaints but i don’t think they care. Really fed up with your services. If only i could give ratings in negative.

Hemanth kumar D
No other bank can beat online services from iccici. But it is asking to activate the mobile.whenever I update app. This is causing to spend SMS charge everytime I update app.

Vikas Sharma
Why the hell it goes back to main menu from FD details page?… It should come to FD list.. you have to navigate again and again to your FD list after viewing one FD. Check SBI app.. that’s is better for this feature.

Nithin Bhat
Worst app of all the other Bank apps I use. Suffering a lot. Doesn’t ask for Finger print verification on 4G.. always loading loading loading on screen just to move back or forward in the app. I use HDFC, SBI, Citi, Kotak & Indusind other than ICICI and this one by rating is at -10 (minus) SBI followed by HDFC & Kotak by rating are far better apps than IMOBILE any day. I am frustrated by this app so much so that am even moving my Salary Account to HDFC from this month.

Ramesh Jayam
Amazing app, very friendly and easy to use. However I see one drawback. After logout, if try to switch between the screen, the last screen visit is still visible. However, when you select the app it goes back to login screen. Hopefully this minor glimpse can be rectified.

Bijay Das
Asking to activate and verify app with a sms triggered intermittently. I have a dual SIM phone and phone registered with bank is not default sim. I have not faced same issues with other banking apps. It is annoying.

1)i am unable to open upi or funds transfer… if i give contact us it automatically gets logged out… fix this asap i facing it for past 1 week… transactions cant be done in this app 2)The loan calculator is having a sliding scale to specify value ,which is very difficult. Please make a text input too.

Rohan Sawant
The app is awesome.. I have used on my all phones… But I don’t know why I am not able to login by using 4 digit pin from my new phone Lenovo K8 Note,🙄

A S Gowri Sankar
1. Please filter out holidays and other days when you don’t transact. Not a good idea to let the user find that out after they have entered the ATM grid numbers. 2. Whenever we enter PIN or ATM grid numbers, don’t take the focus out of the keyboard automatically. Layout change is annoying and could result in touch errors by the user.

Piyush Kumar
The worst app for banking I have seen till now. I strongly recommend please don’t open your a/c in this bank so many additional charges is there about which the bank people won’t tell you.

Amit kumar
I have booked a rail ticket through imobile. But i am unable to cancel that ticket. I am unable to proceed cancellation after i click on cancel ticket. This app does not allow me to proceed to cancel my ticket. Imobile must be prompt while providing cancellation facility’s as timely cancellation is very important. Please help immediately

Gaurav Bhattacharjee
When trying to activate the app after entering pin of your choice, the app gives unable to process error. What’s the point of creating such an app.

Imran Ansari
This is the worst banking app i have ever used. As NRI customer after the first step of entering user id i get otp by email but app doesn’t move to step 2 where i have to enter otp. Worst app really. Tried more than 10 times 😡

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