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IKEA Store

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The IKEA Store app is here to make shopping in store smooth and simple. From planning your visit to finding and remembering everything when you get there, this is the perfect shopping companion.

Browse and search the IKEA range, then add products to a shopping list. Already made a shopping list on the IKEA website? Simply log in to access it in the app*.

Find the nearest IKEA store based on your location and check opening hours and driving directions. See if products are in stock at your selected store so you can plan the best time to shop.


IKEA Store

IKEA Store


See where products on your shopping list are located in store and get helpful hints so you don’t forget anything. Scan barcodes, QR-codes and article numbers to get product information and add products to your list. Then swipe right on product to mark it as collected and left to remove it from the list.

There’s always something going on at your local IKEA store. The app keeps you up to date with events, offers and new products. Sign up or log in to your IKEA FAMILY account so you can keep a digital IKEA FAMILY card to hand and make great savings.

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* Currently the app will only synchronise with the most recently saved shopping list on the website.
Some features may not be available in all countries and all IKEA stores.
Your use of this app is governed by the Application License Agreement.

Download IKEA Store App :-


Download IKEA Store App


User Reviews :-

Taisha Nieves
This app would be really great and helpful if it actually let me sign in to my account. I can’t see my shopping lists or organize favorites. What’s the point of the app if I can’t necessarily do anything productive. There are countless reviews asking to fix the issue, it’s about time.

Dave Anderson
Absolutely the worst store app I’ve ever used. Multiple circular login/verification loops, reroutes to the web, crashes, generally bad looking and not easy to use. A three year old with a snap circuit toy kit could make a better app.

Mary Lem
Excellent for making my Ikea shopping list – much better than making a list via the website. In store navigation is a nice bonus. The only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars was that the stock quantities shown in the app did not always match in-store commuter and actual inventory (suggestion: computer inventory numbers should be pushed to the app more frequently). Highly recommended!

Neil McAslan
Poly written for new Ikea Family users. Ikea sign up for a new Ikea family at the store do not register and then install you Store app. I’m passed backwards and around between the web site and app to request a temp password, create a temp password and then change the password. OMG and then when finished I can’t shop like I can on the mobile website. What a waste of time.

Fiona Hollin
So upset this app now won’t let me log in, when I first downloaded it 4months ago it was fine, now when I use it, Icannot log in to the app. I am constantly told the app cannot synchronize my account and I had to be logged out. This is a great app when it works, but I can’t see my member rewards or my shopping list now, so this is utterly pointless. When I find something I like I have to write it down and then go looking on my desktop, rather than add it to the list I have on my account. Please IKEA fix this!

Becca Agnew
App was working fine for a long time and now suddenly I can’t access my account. I keep getting logged out, as soon as I’ve logged in, and cannot work with the shopping list I have on my account. Very inconvenient. Very displeased.

Tim Macdonald
Ok-ish app but not great. Image resolutions that I saw were very very low, making reviewing furniture detail in the app a poor experience. Expected more from IKEA considering the scale and $$$ of their operations

Destroyer Yo
It has good pros and bad cons.. it’s good cause it tells you locations of items and has a barcode scanner, cons are the scanner is kinda lame, and I have a Galaxy s9+, also the way the app categorizes things is the worst. You search shelf’s and it gives you 30 different options for dinner plates.

Steven Apel
This App is a total POS!!! Has to be one of the worst developed Apps I have ever seen! Takes several hours to get logged in and then if you’re able to and you ever hit the back button, doesn’t take you to the last screen; takes you all the way out to the first screen. Not worth downloading; better just to go to the website (but it really isn’t much better). This App needs to be trashed and totally recreated, along with their website!!!

David Shelton
Hilarious store search. I live in Shropshire and it claims my nearest store is Exeter! There are at least 9 closer stores and changing this was not as easy as it should be. Hope the rest of the app is not this silly

Michele Roscelli
Worst app I’ve seen in a while Store selection via location at start was completely wrong , bug in the map visual (Exeter at 0 lat 0 long in middle of the sea). Login fails with a message “we cannot synchronize your account, we are logging you out.”

Olav Birkeland
Æ, Ø and Å does not display correctly some places in the app. Most noticably is in the shopping list if you’ve added products from category “Kjøkkenutstyr og dekketøy”.

Justine Hidson
Used to be great when I used to use it, now it won’t log in. Tried a few weeks ago but no luck so uninstalled. Now downloaded again and still logs me out instantly. What’s going on IKEA??? Your website is also not working either!

Sarah Green
IKEA what have you done? I used to like this app (although having to log in every 30 mins is a pain) but now I can’t login at all. Please fix it!!!

App User
Iove Ikea but man their app and website is terrible. It crashes all the time, overall not a pleasant experience on the app. Pretty big let down.

App User
As others have said, login doesn’t work. So app is mostly useless. You can save your Ikea Family card to it by typing it in manually. You can also locate stores. But that’s about it. IKEA should put it back in the box and return it to the IKEA development team but that’s probably a problem ??. Maybe the instructions were hard to read pictographs.

Kathleen Kelly
Been trying to reset my password for months and always get an error message, so can’t even use the app anymore.

Kishore Penumuru
it’s the worst customer service I have ever had in my life. Not sure where I should start. I requested for a home delivery on 3rd Aug. I get a call on 2nd Aug confirming the delivery. However on 3rd Aug, I get an email stating that my delivery had missed because of me not available. I never got a call from anyone. Not even a voicemail. I don’t understand why they have to reconfirm on that day when they already did the previous day. I read in the email that I have to contact the customer care immediately. So I called in and the customer care agent now said that i cannot reschedule it until after 48 hours. So, CC agent reschedules it to Monday and told me that I will get a confirmation email. I never get one. So I call back again next day. Now they say that my order is cancelled and returned back to the store. The CC did try to call me on Monday and left a voicemail asking me to call a certain number with an extension. I tried literally 100 times on the extension and no response. I call the general administration service number but the agent although very polite tried to direct me to various other divisions failing every time.Worst customer service!!

Joris Goetze
Couldn’t login using the same username and password that work on the Ikea website.

Just not user friendly. Also won’t let me sign in. Won’t let me reset pw. Lost interest. Every time I start using this and or stuff in it always reverted back to opening page instead of letting you continue from where you were. Not a user friendly app. I just wind up going local to Home Goods.

Julianna Hurt
I cannot login it says I do not exist after just making my account. The app crashes before I can get to products or search. Useless!

Missuss Waggsnapps
Haven’t been able to log in for ages, would really benefit from a redesign, my ideal would be the ability to view past purchases.

Meg boo
Would love if you included family member deals on the app. Instead I have to log on to the website to see them. No point in having the app then. Also the cute little badges earned are fun to look at on the website and clearly missing altogether on the app.

App User
If you can’t login, its useless. Poor app, poor business.

Coco Laur
I live in Slough and your closest store is in Exeter? When I click choose another one, apparently I am not even in the UK! And nowhere for me to enter my actual post code! How stupid is this app! Goodbye Ikea! Shame, I have a whole flat to furnish… you lost a customer due to a stupid app…..

Janet Whyte
Worst app EVER!! Please sort it out i cannot in any way shape or from log in..very unsatisfactory ??????

Weerapon Nitigultanont
If this app integrates the Ikea store membership and can use member barcode direct from this app I will give 5 stars.

Aaron Meyer
I can’t login to my account on the app even though I am able to login on the website

Akmal Abu Hassan
better ikea make this app has access for ikea family card that make easier to check point balanced and voucher…

App User
Vvvvvvvvvv BAAD bcoz the app was not useful Not supporting to users of ikea

Nikita Kabra
I can’t believe such a big company have such a poor and worst app ever. It doesn’t let you login and keep saying you need to update your password..the same password I used on their website it works! When I was trying to forgot password and update it, they don’t let you do that by showing this stupid message that something went wrong. So there’s no way I can access my account in which I added lots of things in my shopping list. Same with their customer service. I have bought around $3k from them in the store and the day my order arrived (which was after 8 days since when I initially placed an order, which was okay as I had also requested for an assembly) two Items (very important one i.e. my couch and my mattress) were missing and one of them was broken/damaged. (wardrobe) The only way out was to contact customer care, and it took 4 hours to contact them. Literally!!! Believe me. I was kept on HOLD on the phone line straight for 2 hours!!!! Trust me! Finally when I talked to them they said it will take next one week if I put that complain online or you can go to the store and talk to them and they MIGHT resolve it within 72 hours. So this is it. I’ll go to the store now. Maybe because they know they don’t need anyone anymore! They already have such a strong customers network. But then, they are the same kind of people who wonders HOW IS AMAZON BECOMING SO HUGE!!!!

Matt Bodenstab
Can’t log in with same info provided to the website.

Laurie Brown
I just registered for this app and it wouldn`t do anything. It would not do a search. I don`t get it!!??

Lowatt Pi
A single search will crash the app

Justin Lee
The new version removed the support for China mainland? So IKEA you want me to select a random country and clear my shopping cart?

C D’Arcy
The furniture listings aren’t accurate to the current collection available online or in-store. Finding products is almost impossible unless you know the exact name which doesn’t let you simply search for things you might want.

Lawrence Chong
App is surprisingly good. Ikea is usually infamously backward in their e commerce space and terrible inventory management. But this app tries to gives us as much information as possible to plan our purchase around ikea’s stock level as opposed to Ikea getting their supply chain and store integrations sorted out.

Tracy Hartnell
The app used to work well. I wish you could order delivery on it and just buy stuff though It’s been crashed this whole week though. Very frustrating. ..

Hard to find things your looking for!. App dose not always work. You can not get everything delivers to your house and it’s hard to get there when you live 2 hours away! Open more stores!

Glenn Burns
Difficult to use. Can’t login. Waiting for email sent for password creation never came so I can’t use app.

Tetiana Iurchenko
Quite OK app, but some functionality is missing: search by product id does not work, not possible too see opening hours for favorite warehouse(user should be able to find week schedule), app should contain info about Ikea bus schedule (from/to).

Denver Root
IKEA has several regular stores (aka they are huge) in Israel, and yet sitting here in Jerusalem trying to open the app, Israel is completely missing from their list of countries; there is no way to pick the store closest to me in my country, no matter what languages I speak. ?????

Jackelyn Pacheco
why cant i shop here anymore? it gives me the option to buy online then tajes me to the website where I cant get passed the checkout!

Johann Taljaard
Cannot log in for the last month. How long does it take to sort out login issues? How long is a piece of string?

Anja Büchi
Can’t even open the app. Keeps crashing. Why even have an app if you can’t even use it?

Stian Bollmann
Refuses to let me log in. Even updated the password, and tried several times with the correct email and password. Nope, just keeps refusing.

App User
??????, ??????? ??????? ?????? ? ???? ??? ?????? ????? ??????. Subpar app from a big company that could have done much better.

Gleb Samsonenko
Works awful, lists are not loading (official site works the same way though)

Brittany D H Adams
It keeps crashing and losing my shopping list and will not let me log in

App User
Just can’t log in, says we cannot synchronize with your account… Not a great experience…

Justyn Lim
The barcode scanner fails to function properly.It can rarely focus on the item even though my camera’s auto focus is perfectly fine

Elton Levi
Keeps crashing. Thinks closest store is 400 miles away. Disappointing. Just because we beat them at football they’ve decided to punish us

J.K. Howell
Website is well built and maintained. App is unusable. Literally stuck in login loop.

Abby Gruber
Stuck in a login loop forever with several failed attempts to reset a “temporary” password…

Sherlyn Talactac Harrison
The app and the family card while can be joined are two separate sign ups. Thought it would have been more intuitive if having signed up for a family card automatically becomes the store app login.

Nandesh Nair
The filter and sort button could have individual icons instead of a menu. The price filter should have a text input option.

Michelle Raimato
Have been trying to reset my password and I keep getting a message that it can’t be reset at this time.

Abdul Haqim
The worse ever app !! Idiots developer

Nathan Spencer
Can’t log in. Says I have a temporary password, redirects me to request a new one, then says my email can’t be found.

Mike Hislop
Refused to accept my (correct) username /password combination.

Colleen Ryan
Can’t log in. Won’t rest password because wrong email then when trying to create an account says email is already in use.

App User
I have to drive a good distance to get to one so I don’t go very often. I made up a shopping list for next time I drive out and the app dumped my list before I could utilize it. So that part is useless.

Ali Haider
This app is so weird. I sign in and create a list of products I need and few days later the list is gone or I am signed out. I have to remember my password all the time. Crazy!

Joe Vegas
Might be a halfway decent app if user could make purchases onboard as opposed to an external browser. Additionally, the app hadn’t seem to remember my Ikea Family membership number; I find myself constantly having to type it in.

Brian Wengel
I have an IKEA FAMILY card right here, but was not able to registry on this app…. really bad implemented. Come on IKEA, make it easy!!!!

Suvi Maria
I love the app otherwise, but i just wish i could change the language! Since the language comes automatically by your location, but the problem fro me is that I don’t understand so well the language in the country im living in, so the optional english in the app would be great!

Kai Loki
I’ve changed my password multiple times and still cannot login. Would love to explore the app but cannot get past the login. Please fix. Using Galaxy Note 8.

Sergey Vaidie
Developers should do something with interface’s language. It changes language to the local as soon you have chosen another country.

Svenja Weise
Last update ruined it. Doesn’t show all available products, just a random selection. Filter doesn’t work anymore. Former good app, now useless!

App User
useless app! unable to sign in . expected more from a brand this big.

Malhi Mohamed
Low quality, Cannot reset the password. The app doesn’t respond an hanging. I am using Samsung galaxy 8

harald sæther
Used to work but not anymore. Only function I use is to store Ikea family card. Can’t login anymore.

Jon S
It’s not really an app if it uses the browser for everything.

Whig Zhou
Cannot login for weeks.

App User
Doesn’t support English in the Netherlands

Hayli Young
This app is amazing and helpful. And I would give it 5 stars but I can’t see any of the products. I can search them and everything and I cab even click on them but there aren’t any pictures to correlate with what I’d be buying.

Melissa Meier
I can’t log into the app so I don’t really the the point of it. I’ve tried logging it multiple times but I get a pop saying my password is temporary and to replace it and when I try it tells so something went wrong and to try again. This has been happening every time I try to log in for multiple days now

linda othman
I hate that it freezes my account and needing me to contact the customer service despite I have clicked the forgot password and entered the new one. Still, it freezes my account

Joe Kelly
Love IKEA but the last 2 updates keep crashing it! Doesn’t even open ?????? running Android 8.1 Pixel 2 XL

Mr Lawson
Does not allow you to sign in. You can enter your pass word, but not your email. So obviously you can’t sign in. The email section does not activate when pressed so can’t type a thing.

Seyifunmi Adesina
This used to work perfectly but now I can’t even see the image of what I’m buying.

Felix Purnomo
Please provide detail information on where to pickup markethall product picking location as shown in self serve picking location

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