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Applets bring your favorite services together to create new experiences.  Over 600 apps work with IFTTT including Twitter, Telegram, Google Drive, Twitch, Weather Underground, Instagram, Gmail, and devices like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Nest, Philips Hue, and your Android.

Turn on Applets and:

• Control everything around you with your voice and Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
• Stay informed about what’s happening from publications like The New York Times and ProPublica
• Always stay prepared for the weather with custom daily forecast notifications
• Message roommates when you’re near the local grocery
• Get an alert as soon as there’s a new Craigslist listing that matches you search
• Stay safe with automated and intelligent home security alerts
• Streamline your social media
• Back up and share your Android photos automatically
• Back up important files, photos, and contacts to cloud-storage solutions, such as Dropbox or Google Drive
• Set your home thermostat to an optimal temperature when you arrive home
• Post all your Instagrams as Twitter photos or Pinterest pins
• Trigger events based on your current location 





There are thousands of use cases! New services are added every week. Some popular ones include:

Twitch, Telegram, Spotify, YouTube, Google Calendar, Tumblr, Medium, Pocket, Square, eBay, Giphy, Automatic, LIFX, Fitbit, Withings, littleBits, Google WiFi, Evernote, Reddit, Digg, Skype, Slack, LINE, MailChimp, Salesforce, Todoist, and hundreds more. 

Browse our curated collections to find Applets for:

• The home, office, and car
• Staying informed on news and politics
• Your Android devices
• Exploring outer space
• Improving how you use social media

Download IFTTT App :-


Download IFTTT App


User Reviews :-

robert karton
applications do not work properly. programs that until now worked correctly no longer. search among applications does not exist. if you want to look for a blessing to convince you, you have to look over everything. a waste of time.

Oakende Rex
Update: it doesn’t annoy me anymore because it has quit working altogether, their servers are down for months at a time then they come up for a few days and go back down for months. Constantly annoying notifications every 15 to 30 minutes saying I have entered an area and WiFi has been turned on. I’ve been stationary in that area for 6 hours. Looks like their GPS thingy needs some work. You’d figure that at this late stage in the smartphone evolutionary age, these people would have programmers that actually understand this stuff.

Paddy MacMahon
Hmmm. Was working fine, but doesn’t now seem to be always monitoring location. Several embarrassing episodes with my phone going off at work, as the applet to silence it hadn’t run.

I can’t get this app to turn my wifi back on when I’m in my home location. Would be good if you could report apples that don’t work through the app so you can fix any bugs. Love the idea of this app just needs a bit more reliability in the applets. I am using Google pixel 2 fyi

Don Heuvelman
On startup this app requires an account with email. Even if you only want to tey local Android device triggers. Okay so be it. Try to do ‘When connected to a bluetooth device enable wifi hotspot’. First I can’t find where to select WHICH bluetooth device to trigger on. Second I can’t find the ‘enable wifi hotspot’. This app is pushing ‘nice’ social applets which I don’t want. But basic triggers are a pain in the ass to set up. No sorry this isn’t working for me. Absolutely not intuitive.

Steve Hartley
So my phones on Vibrate and set to mute when charging but everytime I unplug it the volume is on full with no vibrate. No apparent way to re-enable to previous state. Unless I’m missing something.

Dennis Gunderson
I love this app you can do so many awesome things with it! I recommend it to everyone! Might take some users a little bit to figure it out but totally worth it.

Taylor Pettway
I’m a real estate agent in two states and IFTTT sure has made my work a little less tedius. I like that I can post a picture on Instagram and it posts to Twitter as a picture instead of a link. I like that I can track my hours spent at each office. I can’t wait for the Craigslist bugs to be fixed aso I can get daily emails with new private seller homes for my clients.

David Kinsella
App doesn’t work for any of the triggers outlined. Will keep reviewing but as of now it’s a total waste of time

Joe C.
I’d like to be able to get straight forward instructions on how to set up ingredients and applets. Everything available reads more like an advertisement than an instruction manual. Also would like to be able to see what the other user generated applets are actually doing, not just a general description.

Colleen Voisin
I love the idea of this app. However when a reminder comes up, it takes more than one click to acknowledge it. Also, the volume should only ever be increased to 40% which is most tolerable for an average room.

Leroy Padilla
Applets are slow. 1 example is ring to flash lights it happens 2 min after the ring was activated. Not good

Dave Lovely
Seems to have disabled widgets. At any rate, the app crashes when you try to add one to the home screen and the icon is just a grey square. I had a couple of these I used quite frequently so this is a bit annoying

Aaron McCoy
App needs to have a higher temp setting for ecobee and comed applets. 75 is not high enough for peak time and hourly pricing. Needs to be 80 degrees or it’s not worth it. I emailed over a year ago and they said they were going to change it but didn’t. Do what you say your going to do.

Philip Clancy
Gives me better call detail report on Ooma than even Ooma! Very nice interface, extremely fast response to Google Drive, there are many excellent uses for this app, explained and highlighted by indexed, easy-to-understand ‘flash cards.’

Bot Xerxies
Very helpful, I would normally go home and forget to turn on notifications after school and this app saved me!

Ritik Agrawal
I have created an applet to mute my phone when I enter some area. Unfortunately, it’s not working and m not sure what went wrong

Martin Gray
Took a while to get used to but….well it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Can’t live without it.

Daryl Bird
Doesn’t work on tp link kasa. Just tired of iftt and some things work most dont

Madsen Jeune
Does everything thing you tell it to do the first time. Works great, would recommend

Steve Maytum
Very slow to react. 40 sends after a trigger. Humm. If they don’t fix this then competitors will.

Kostas Kavourakis
Nice app in concept but location based services are just way too unreliable. Uninstalled.

Jack Harris
This app just short circuited a few apps that I was planning on writing…. It is very versatile.

Justin Iskander-Williams
The number of products that this application supports is outstanding. Keep it up! I do have two suggestions: 1.) Decrease the delay between triggers. 2.) Allow users to preselect their voice product e.g. Alexa or Google device… So that Alexa users don’t get Goole device “suggested for you.”

Eric Samples
I do not know what is going on. I have a brand new phone which is a ZTE Max XL I have tried to operate my Quick Remote any remote to control my DirecTV receiver and nothing is happening at all but when I push the button on the phone it will come on but trying to operate through my Google home is not coming on at all can it be fix. #not happy at all👎👎👎

App User
This is going to be a great system. Not there yet. I have problems with reliability. Apps do not run when the parameters are met even with the background option turned on. Further, the need to be able to make chain conditions became evident very quickly (if this & this but not this, then this or this). Can’t wait to see the growth!

Sandy Sou
What’s the use if it doesn’t run reliably? I have simple applets to mute my phone when connected to work Wi-Fi, etc. But I have noticed that it hardly runs when it’s supposed to! Tried checking, resetting, recreating the applets, but same story. It was the same on my old phone, a HTC 10, hasn’t improved on my S9. Will give it a few days more and uninstall.

Warren Bernard
This would be the most amazing app… if it worked properly. It really is a wonderful concept but very unreliable. Sometimes the applets work. But mostly they don’t. Tried numerous times to rectify but to no avail. May try it again in the future in the hopes that the bugs get sorted out.

Drew Cavazos
I had some tasks like turn off WiFi when I leave home and apps didn’t run as expected and were inconsistent. Not even the ones that were preprogrammed. Even when I hit the “check” button it still didn’t realize it should run the app. Great concept of they can get it to work properly.

Trent Cullum
Sorry guys, I wish I could rate higher. It’s just so unreliable. I have tried so many different applets and they just don’t work. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I’ve also tried multiple devices, I’ve tried switching applets off and on, as well as deleting them and remaking them – nothing seems to help and it’s so unreliable that it’s basically useless. I’ve had this app for over 2 years and wanted it to work so badly, but today I decided to delete the app. Such a shame.

Jack Frost
Messy app. Hard to see what you have enabled. Most of the applets I’ve tried don’t work. Mainly designed to support certain manufacturers, it seems

Andres Alpizar
Still doesn’t work in a consistent matter with my OnePlus 6. One day it will run the applets but then stops working altogether. I have the app removed from battery optimizations gave all permissions, and still nothing…

Stephen Rotherham
Good little app, would be better if you could add further conditions in to it. Such as “IF BLUETOOTH IS ON AND CONNECTED TO XXX DEVICE THEN DO THIS” – most of the applets I’ve used have messed up purely due to the variety of devices I connect my phone to. Being able to specify specific devices would be great

Shaun Pryszlak
I had heard a lot about this app and thought I would try it out. Within 5 minutes I could tell it to add things to my Tesco order by talking to my phone. Worth downloading just for that.

Ikon P
I find most important options like turning on/off WiFi don’t work for me. Apps ok but all it’s potiential has not been reached. I’ll keep it around for now but some options don’t work

Doms Molina
Please add more functionality like enabling 2 or more commands with a press of a button. Imagine pressing a button before sleeping and it will set an alarm 7 hours from now, silent phone turn of wifi it’s like IFT*

Jacob Starks
Beautifully made app! Super easy to use. Endless ideas and possibilities for automation and just general ways to make your life easier/better. It’s always the go-to app I recommend for starters for anyone being introduced to the world of automation!

App User
I dont know what to say. This is so genius, and so well executed, Im dumbfounded. If you arent playing with this already you are officially@dating yourself.

Bill Deeley
Might be OK if the applets actually worked. Out of three tried only one runs and I’m not convinced that is triggering at the right time.

Tom Bayley
I’ve tried to use this to turn WiFi on/off when leaving home and work to help save battery use. It doesn’t always trigger on the geofence to then go and control the WiFi. When you run the “check” of each applet it says it was checked but yet still won’t trigger to turn WiFi on or off accordingly. Trying to troubleshoot with IFTTT isn’t easy either.

John-Paul Harold
The idea is great, but it stands or falls based on the applets written, and sadly my experience was more miss than hit.

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