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Hurry Clean – Junk Cleaner & Super Speed Booster
by clean.boost.vpn

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Trusted by millions of users, Hurry Clean, a professional and free cleaner & booster for your android phone. It helps deal with all kinds of junk files in your phone and boost your phone faster than ever.

When we are using our phone, the following situations afflict us:
🔥Phone always overheats and badly needs cooling down.
🚀Phone often prompting “shortage of RAM” warning.
👑Full of phone caches and junk files but nowhere to clean.

Now you don’t need to worry anymore! With Hurry Clean all these upsets will disappear.
Let’s see how Hurry Clean rapidly improves your device performance:

🌟Junk Files Cleaner:
Too many junk files and caches take up your phone space? Can’t tell the difference between Ad junk, ache junk and residual junk when you try to clean your phone? Now all your worries can be solved with only one tap on Hurry Clean.

Hurry Clean can clean useless files that take up your phone memory and storage space. It can also clean residual cache system files left by uninstalled Apps and rapidly clean all sorts of junks in one-tap.

📱Super Phone Speed Booster:
Apps always start without your permission? Stubborn apps can’t be stopped even if you do so? Hurry Clean is a powerful and ultrafast phone booster. It can rapidly free up phone RAM and clean up unnecessary background tasks, offering more memory storage for your phone, keeping your phone as fast as a brand new one.

❄CPU Cooler :
✔Tip.1: Why does phone overheat?
– Continuously running highly system requirement Apps (Games, Videos).
– Frequently checking and connecting (Location, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi).
All these actions won’t let your phone cool down.


Hurry Clean – Junk Cleaner & Super Speed Booster



✔Tip.2: Why is cooler important?

Overheating does irreversible damage to the battery and CPU of your phone:
– Battery lifespan shortened.
– Slower Phone process and easy to crash.
– Security issues.
So keep away from overheating and make your phone cool down is particularly important!

Here comes our ❄Hurry Clean❄, a super CPU Cooler for your beloved phone. Hurry Clean can analyse the CPU usage of your phone intelligently and stop overheating Apps to lower CPU temperature immediately, managing and disabling CPU-intensive apps, cool down the android phone in time. All these features above will keep your Android phone clean and fast, safe and healthy.  Hurry up and Clean now!

Download Hurry Clean – Junk Cleaner & Super Speed Booster App :-


Download Hurry Clean – Junk Cleaner & Super Speed Booster App


User Reviews :-

Pranam Pandey
It is a not useful app because it is not present in menu and when I opened it it closed automatically. Useless app😤😤😬😬

Atharva Lokhande
Too many ad pop up disturb me while I was working

App user

App user
How to use this app I don’t know

Yunos Ali
Notification disturb my concenteration

Vishnukant Bagre
Best app for checking speed cooling android phone and boosting junk.

App user
I am Niranjan bast app state odisha

App user
Tq MY dear

App user
All is well to your service

Balogun Shuaibu
I will comment after a week

App user
अच्छी जानकारी हुई आपके द्वारा।

App user
Surch me Google _____—- Saifi clinic (Dr. Nizamuddin Saifi)

Dr Gagan Bihari Panigrahi
Not effective as claimed

Radhakanta Bisoi
Take responsiblity for betterservice.

Amit Chaurasia
notification disturb

App user
Chal hut pagal

This phone is well equipped with the necessary systems to maintain.

App user
Keep it up

App user
I like it

Rosnie Hussein

App user

Gautam Nath
Wow good apps thank you

App user
5stars for the application

Hardas Ahir
Bed app

Zanidin Cyborg
Need to improve

rainbow Barbie
I think its the baddest app when ever I am playing a game it pops up suddenly all my scores will be gone I really hate this app so much a big trouble in my tab 🔪 it can’t be uninstalled 😵😭

Daksha Dodia
Please don’t install this app as it’ll hang up your phone and adds will pop up every now and then

App user
Jst waste of time and data don’t install this app its gets automatically close and then it’s not even showing in the installed apps

Rittwish Mishra
Share too many notifications, force to run the app whenever you opens the phone, forget the important work, firstly run this app and clean the junk…Waste too.much time..

App user
Very bad please don’t install this app its very baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

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