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Human Anatomy
by SusaSoftX

The Human Anatomy application is a SIMPLE educational quick reference app that contains the information of sixteen different biological systems.


Human Anatomy android app

Human Anatomy android app



List of Contents
1. Cardio Vascular System
2. Digestive system
3. Endocrine – Central Nervous
4. Endocrine – Reproductive
5. Endocrine – Alimentary
6. The Eye
7. Female Reproductive System
8. Lymphatic System
9. Male Reproductive System
10. Muscular System – Back
11. Muscular System – Front
12. Nervous System
13. Respiratory System
14. Skeletal System – Back
15. Skeletal System – Front
16. Urinary System

– Illustration of each biological system that can be zoomed using pinch touch.
– Description of each element represented in each biological system.
– Reference links to wiki for more thorough descriptions.

How To
– To view a specific biological system one has to select it from the main list. This will open a new view with an illustration of the biological system. The user can zoom the image to see details better by using the pinch zoom. To view more information about a topic, just click on the item. If the user wants a more detailed description there is a “More Information Wiki” button, which is available behind the menu button of the device.

Note: Ad supported application. For ad free version buy Human Anatomy Pro


Download Human Anatomy from Play Store :-

Download Human Anatomy From PlayStore


User Reviews :-

-I’ve had this app for around 3 years. Update this guys. You did a great job, like 3yrs ago… It’s practically the same. Low resolution image, the words are blurry, and some information is incomplete. :/

-Study Guide This app is a fairly good study guide for a senior high school Anatomy class. It is a little light for college level

-Definitely seems like a “throw it together and sell it” app. Just pictures. No 3-D diagrams. Not worth it.

-Thank you If it waant for these anatomy apps idk if I would’ve passed and I did! ! So tks for the 96 on the final

-Anatomy I’ve been trying for awhile to find an anatomy app that would fit and I have. All u do is tap on whatever you are looking for and it gives you an explanation of that body part. Very, very informative

-Very gooood Gys its goood please download and increase your knowledge about all human anatomy . its gooood

-Unesessary information that is not educational to medical researchers. Vulgar examples and inappropriate for professional use.

-Loved it This app has huge no. of system with deep and good explanation.

-Awesome With multiple specialty physician’s I am able to work with on identifying CPT choices when a doc explains to me a procedure they performed.

-Good for on the go without textbooks Purely just diagrams, I love to study them while on the bus or waiting in line or something. Very accurate. Very good.

-Good due to details.. But more images are required for more details..some important fields are missing..

-I love it Those who only like pics but not the words I want them to know education comes first not detail

-Help full a simple app not irrtating and time wasting like other apps.. I like this app..clear view its just a handbook of anatomy

-It is good for first years .Be ware you may not be knowing how it works especially those who seas images alone

-Good! Maybe you can add more effects and add the meaning or other terms for the parts of the body.

-It’s OK.. Not impressive u need to work on…..but Good effort!

-Every one should be willing to know about their own body and knowledge to be willing to learn Learning is fundamentily

-Very excellent app This is very excellent and resourceful App for every occasion.

-awesome app for medical students..makes anat much interesting.

-Brilliant for teaching children all about your body n how it works

-This app is actually very handy fr the medicos.

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