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HTC Video Chat Enhance

By HTC Corporation


App Category:- Communication

HTC Video Chat Enhance

HTC Video Chat Enhance

HTC Video Chat Enhance

HTC Video Chat Enhance add Face Tracking and Screen Share to your commonly used video chat apps. Video Chat Controls currently works with Hangouts, Line, ooVoo, Skype, Tango and WeChat..

– Face Tracking makes sure your face always stays in the frame during video calls, even if you move around.

– Screen Share lets you show something on your screen to friends, family or coworkers during a video call.

– Drawing lets you annotate the screens you share during video calls. Use it to mark the important parts of what you’re sharing or underline facts and figures in a document that you’re discussing.

Download HTC Video Chat Enhance App Apk:-

Download Virgin HTC Video Chat Enhance App Apk ( 2 MB )

User Reviews

Jeb Eldridge

Fation Tërnova
Nice job Like the setting, it’s not really an app. It does what it says, people get confused trying to install it as an app, but it is preloaded as a system setting by default.

Peakna Peak
สิ่งที่เรียกว่านวตกรรม สุดยอดความคิดกับ htc สร้างมาเพื่อใช้งานได้ดีมาก ของดีสร้างมาไม่ต้องโหลดเพิ่มให้วุ่นวาย​ของไม่ดีก็ต้องไปหาโหลดกันเอง

Fai Dechavas
Awesome Love the face tracking& screen share option!

John Raplee Jr
Thanks HTC For updating APPS on the app store instead of us waiting for new firmware updates. I wish others would follow your leading and awesome example. HTC for life! I am hoping to join the elite community soon.

Aaron ball
One m8 video chat All good you need Skype or similar, did know how to make it work

ahmed faseeh
The best video chat tools. This app is one of the main reason to stay with HTC desire perfectly with hangout and Skype.screen sharing is the best option as well as turning on front flash light.hope other manufacturers will also make similar app for their smart phones

Mohammad Qawasmeh
Htc you are great Update htc apps through play store is great idea , love you htc , but please update the gallery app to be faster when opening thumbnails

Aziz Yusof
I Love HTC HTC is the best smartphone wonder..

Kashif Dar
Amaizing Experience Really love it, no need to adjust your self it’s taking care of it you just need to enjoy your video call Screen sharing is again awesome never did b4,

Dheia Al-Radhi
Thanks hTc 100% satisfied. You guys got this right.

Marlon M
It’s great Working excellent

App User
Great app It’s like an add on to google hangouts

Fasil ka65
Awesome Nice job and well dedication. Thank you HTC cooperation. Thanks HTC company.

Rahul Deo
Great way of updating new features! Good work!

Marius Danila
Super ideea Not using it yet…but i will soon:)

Saeed Sanjari
It is nice, good app and not get malfunctioning yet

Arian K.
Completely Satisfied HTC is great in updating its apps through google play.

Kashee Bangash
Wonderdul idea updating applications through google play instead of waiting for software update

Derek Straka
Updates thru Google play HTC has the right idea. Makes it easier to get updates before the new os comes out

Trijeshwar Debbarma
Good idea Love the way htc update its apps without having to wait for os update

Joshua Jackson
Works! Completely happy with the update & works great. Thanks HTC

Julio Rivera
Learn something new everyday Didn’t even know this was baked into the software

David Black-Disalvo
Surprised I was pleasantly surprised to see how functional this. For once, the extra HTC features aren’t all gimmicks. Please keep more apps/enhancements coming.

Ericko Tandayu
Amazing! Love the innovation! Great Job HTC!

Brian Melton
Awesome Now just get rid of the ultra pixel camera. Good job on the updates!

Bucky Bucky
Htc is awesome Htc is pretty incredible with all their camera enhancements, some are gimmicks but a lot are very useful.

avinash verma
This is great! The idea of updating System Apps through google play! Well done htc!

Anthony Dixon
Only smart people owns a HTC phone. Love htc!! Their slogan describes them perfectly too. “Quietly Brilliant” I tell my friends once you own a HTC you will never want to switch from it.

Shane Moore
HTC does it again!! Smartest phone company out there!

Geotaku Uchiha
Well “Google” Played HTC Good job on the app and on the quick update through Google Play. Thanks a bunch HTC devs.

Talal Ansardeen
ONE OF THE MUST HAVE APPS👍 Best of htc devolopers👍🌐

nathan bell
Great It’s great but I wish it worked on other phones like LG and Nexus or all phones for that matter. HTC makes great apps

Emanuel M
Great as always! HTC updates are reliable and fast! Without having to wait for carriers approval!

Patrick V
Fun and handy feature I especially like the screen share option!

Alan Spencer
H T C HTC very good app’s bought one x plus in 2011 just upgraded to HTC m8 best phones ever had

Colby Jackson
Great This is amazing work by HTC. As others are saying, good idea by pushing app updates through Google Play, take advantage of the tools given to you. This is why I have always loved them, and will be a fanboy till the end!

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