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HTC Sense Input-ZH

By HTC Corporation

App Category :- Tools

HTC Sense Input-ZH app

HTC Sense Input-ZH app

To ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefit with HTC Sense Input in the language they want, our phones come pre-loaded several languages. If the one you want isn’t there, simply download the HTC Sense Input Language Pack where another languages are available.

Download HTC Sense Input-ZH App:-

Download HTC Sense Input ZH App ( 15.3 MB )

User Reviews:-

Caspar Helmer
Bloatware or genuine improvement Love the arrow keys to navigate through text easier. Updates v9.7… why would I need this update I don’t have a HKCS 2008 nor ZH whatever that is. On HTC One [m7] Android 5.0.2, Smart Launcher 3.24.11F(beta)

Scott Kegg
HTC IS AWESOME! I bought the HTC One M7 the day it came out and later bought the HTC One M8. And throughout the time I’ve owned each, I’ve never been so impressed with the quality of a phone nor the way in which a company takes such good care of their custos, with all the current software updates and such. Keep up the good work!

Rick Buisson
Just bought HTC ONE M8 The keyboard is way to small, also to use the voice setting,why do we have to go into the setting each time to use it. Why can’t you just have a button for voice input. We can all see the microphone on your keyboard but it doesn’t work. Why?Y’all still have a lot of work to do. Also it doesn’t give a space after a period is placed.or a capital letter. Come on HTC FIX THIS PROBLEM ASAP

Jackie Bohn
HTCM8 I will not be buying another HTC phone ever again , when I want to change my keyboard I would like the option, it’s far to small and also you have altered my email headings and text headers. Very angry want it back NOW. ,otherwise will change phones

krista souther
Terrible. After the May 2015 update. I’m (was) A huge fan of the HTC phones. Until the May “upgrade” more like down graded. Lost the ability to have a keyboard in email totally. in text half the time. Could only type ONE word at a time IN email before having to change keyboards. I had up to 20 keyboards at one time. HTC sense keyboard disappeared. Got a new replacement phone and after two days keyboard acting up again. It’s definitely the updates. Soooo DISAPPOINTED!

Lisa Godbold
HTC DESIRE PHONE I agree with a lot of people on why in the hell do I need 30-40 freaking Languages. It takes up way too much space. I don’t want to speak all these foreign languages, or type them, it is taking up precious memories! Fix it please ! if someone wants a different language! let them downloaded it. Oh WAIT YOU ALREADY DID THAT FOR US.Thank you

Robert Charlton
Please stop the insanity! Please let us delete this from our phones. I have no use for it. I also have no use for a
great number of things I’m forced to have on my phone now. I have an 8.0 GB phone. These forced apps take up over 6.0 GB of it. I understand there are things the phone needs in order to run, but these apps are not one of them. I don’t want to have to jail break my cell. Someone please pass this message along to who ever makes these decisions.

Jim Roar
Not a good experience as a first-time user I can’t use the word prediction in english. Since everytime i turn that on, the eng typing will be automatically disabled on the chinese keyboard. It is very annoying to restore the orginial interface. Everyone said the sense kwyboard was the best. What’s the problem?

Charles walker
Apps There are a lot of applications that are at no use to me at all and believe that they should not be required or need to be installed in order for the phone to work. These nonsense applications take up most of my space on my phone and unable me to install applications that are needed to conduct my day to day business on my phone. Please express this concern to all the powers that be to change these terms.

Mike T.
Not Trustworthy HTC killed a perfectly good Sense TV app with no explanation. Do not trust HTC with anything. I have an HTC One M8 but my next phone will be a Samsung. HTC is dead to me. Steer clear of HTC products. R.I.P. HTC. I leave a one star rating and it keeps getting deleted. Is HTC so concerned with negative feedback that it has to delete it daily? If it spent more time keeping customers satisfied they wouldn’t be leaving negative feedback in the first place.

Aidan Simpson
Overall good, one problem Keyboard is good and easy to use overall. My one problem with it is that every so often, I’m guessing after it updates, all the words I have “saved” to my dictionary are deleted. Annoying when you start calling your friend Marty instead of Matty in texts, annoying when you have abbreviations saved and local accents saved also. Would really appreciate a fix.

Kane Wendlandt
Repeating this review for all HTC apps. RIP HTC. The one HTC app that was actually improving is now gone. I stopped updating all other HTC apps a long time ago because every update was worse than the one before with ONE exception the, Sense Tv app. You ruined gallery, camera, lock screen, service packs, etc, the one that was improving now doesn’t exist. All you had going for you, being different, is now gone, you will soon follow. Becoming another Google or Samsung when there isn’t room for it will be your end. RIP HTC.

Risheeraj Jain
Please solve I am using HTC ONE M8…. This is a an awesome keyboard just the prob is with auto correct. Add a option where the keyboard will show the suggestion but will not auto correct it. Please bring this a small change but makes a big difference because of this i am using a 3rd party keyboard (Android L)

Pramod Kumar Garg
Frustrating keyboard.. I want my keyboard to provide suggestions, but there should be an option to disable auto droid phones when they can always swipe whatever they want to write. Swiping is so much faster and more efficient than tapping on the keys!

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