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HTC Sense Companion

By HTC Corporation

App Category:- Productivity

HTC Sense Companion


HTC Sense Companion is a personal companion that’s always learning from you, and the things you do every day. It’s made to evolve and get to know you better over time so it can give you better and more relevant suggestions and information.

*HTC Sense Companion retrieves information from third party websites and databases, HTC is not responsible for the accuracy of such third party content.

HTC Sense Companion is developed by HTC Corporation. HTC has been developing mobile software since the first Android phones, with a focus on delivering the best user experience for customers.

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User Reviews

Brilliant idea from HTC, while most manufactures are running with voice assistance, this AI has a lot of potential.

Vini DelNegro
Love how this literally learns from my day-to-day activities. Without me telling it anything it knows that I walk/bus/trax to work and tells me how the weather will be before I leave and if I need to bundle up or dress for the heat. I was considering getting a Fitbit to see how far I walk everyday and this, after owning it for a week, started, on it’s own, to tell me how far I’ve walked each day and compares my current week to lasts. It knows when I go to lunch and makes recommendations based on where I am an what places I frequent. It started giving me sports updates as well, but I hate sports and now I no longer hear about them at all after just telling it one time not to. I really, really LOVE this assistant/companion. Keep on upgrading this extremely awesome and useful tool!!!

Srea Mengkuch
I never think I’m in love with HTC ultra is best phone

Bryan Li
The interface is great. Still trying to figure out its complete functionality.

santana luis
Great job HTC , how y’all never stop improving urs software. Love it.

Hesham Elashhab
Simple and straight forward

Simeon de Nijs
Lovely, finally machine learning goes towards the consumers. Lovely and cannot wait for way more companion featured!👍

Pretty painless, and it’s nice when it pops up to ask about something that could make your life easier… It just doesn’t do this often enough

Thomas Dack
Love the idea maybe you could expand the step tracker functionality so you can see real time data

Mirzet Horozovic
Nice fresh and new

george marrero
Love that it works in the background

Peter Burman
No problems with it. Like it. Good phone.

wang timothy

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