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HTC Account—Services Sign-in

By HTC Corporation

App Category:- Tools

HTC Account—Services Sign-in

HTC Account—Services Sign-in

HTC Account—Services Sign-in


With HTC Account, sign in to multiple HTC services in one place on your phone. Use services such as Themes, Vive and Community without repeatedly typing your credentials.

Download HTC Account—Services Sign-in:-

Download HTC Account—Services Sign-in App ( 7 MB )


User Reviews:-

francis stanio

It’s a good idea to have it

Jaya Raj

Very nice. Faster than before

Edward Bates

I love HTC

Snehashis Biswas

The Htc is the topest Very nice

Buldozer Bulduzer

Very good

Brett Ulrich

Love Upgrade 3 versions of Android since getting this phone. This is a g great business strategy HTC and you are better at this then LG or Samsung. Keep it up.

Monica Martinez

Not the usual but simple to follow.

Susie Powell

HTC one m8 Absolutely love this phone very tough, durable I have had it for two years still perfect. Will not trade it for nothing.

Ivonne García O.

Great products I still having the M7 and quality of the phone is excellent

Thomas J. Rousey sr

Good for for all One of the most important thing to remember about it a good tool.

Imran Mirza

GOOD Software is warking


I love HTC, but what does this app even do?

Javier Alvarez

Very good app

my H.

❤❤❤❤❤❤🌹❤❤❤❤❤❤ 💥HTC is the best, I wouldn’t settle for anything else!!!💥

Emran Khonat

HTC M8 Fantastic value. Poor mans rich phone

big samo59

HTC Truly Gud Best of all fones..


HTC the best buy I have my number#1 Cellphone !


The Update Thank You for responding and fixing a issue I had regarding HTC Account Sign In. You guys fixed it within a day! I’m very satisfied and now can Continue enjoying, as well as customizing my phone to my liking.

Kishore Koli

VERY nice App’s for HTC USER’S Spacial design for HTC

App User

Sarah Ummel I have trouble remembering multiple password and user names this is perfect

Abd-El Rahman Wahdan

Thanks Thank you for fixing the update problem

Lion Roby

HTC is the best HTC sense is the best feature in any mobile phone out there, I just love everything about it, linking social media accounts to contacts, themes and many interesting features that no android phone has. THANK YOU HTC

Tammy Altizer Kimberlin

I bought my husband a. HTC desire over 4years ago he hasn’t had an trouble with it n said the only way he’d get a new phone is if that one just stopped working I also have the HTC ONE M 9 PLUS so far its been a good phone.. Ive had so many different phones over the years so far this is really a great phone my only problem us the message screen overlay keeps coming up n stops some of my apps

Alex G .

No problems. Htc is best so far. And iphone , better than samsung galaxys ill tell you that . No force closes. Or any restarts works perfect everyday. Had this phone for a while now .

Gie Ailes

Best phone ever, Once u go HTC, u never go back. Just got some problems with apps menu, it no longer arranges or hides apps. I think I’m going to get software rewritten. But in general, great smartphone, thanks HTC!

Peter Malloy

It works well with other apps

ataullah saleem

I recommend HTC is the best company

Filip Kocjan

Nice to see almost every app on store, only missing music player, hope it’s next

Amanda Ramos

HTC M8, Been with HTC for 3 years and I absolutely, Love it,

Numair Aidroos

Thanks HTC Good yo update this via the play store and not via the OTA

Paul Borg

Great HTC One m9 phone. Love my new m9 phone.thank you HTC.

Ivan Šarić

Since my htc hd2 didn’t need any other phone then htc

Deep Singh


Tom Daugherty

HTC True Love More people should get these phones by HTC they have excellent products and software.

App User

I recommend HTC services it’s awesome and reliable and can with stand a lot. I’ve dropped my HTC serial times and it hasn’t let me down. Good service..

Tracie Webb

Seems to work OK No problems so far.

shuyun chang

Smooth Good sound effect and smooth streaming

lisamarie Aardema Russo

O love love love my HTC phone it syncs with my HP so sweet it’s the best thing a writer scholar or a professional photographer or professional could ever get

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