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HQ Trivia
by Intermedia Labs

HQ is the live trivia game show with cash prizes. Every day at 9pm EST. Weekdays at 3pm EST.


HQ Trivia android app

HQ Trivia android app


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Download HQ Trivia App ( 14 MB)


User Reviews :-


It is a huge fraud. More than half winners are their own users. This make the winning amount divided into very low amount. And then they have to give actually very low amount to the real winners. They show more than 200 winners when prize is 2500 dollars.. but the actual real user profiles are maybe 50 to 100. But due to 250 winners according to them.. they divide the amount and then the real winning amount is left to just 10 to 12 dollars. And due to the fake winners which are their own automated profiles. They actually have to pay just few hundred dollars from the prize amount. It is a big scam and like a Ponzi scheme.


-How about spreading the cash out over the last 6 questions so you can spread joy to more people rather than just rewarding the 1%. This game reminds me of society in general. Very few people get everything(the 1% who have 99% of the World’s money)… everyone else gets very little. Shouldn’t we be giving 1000 people $5 instead of giving one person $5,000? Not very nice not to share. That is why I choose Cash Show over HQ every time I have too.


-Why is a chat room necessary? This is where all the lag comes from. The first time I played I answered question one wrong because the screen lagged as I was clicking. The most recent time the host was talking about the previous question while I was answering the next question… Not only that but, he wasn’t talking it was like a scratched CD I got 10 milliseconds of sound and a 3 millisecond pause…. As it tried to catch up. I’m on Google fiber internet… One other person was watching Netflix, but I know my wifi can handle way more than that at a time. And I’m on a galaxy S8… I have a really hard time believing that my equipment is


-Crashes constantly. Kicks you out before game starts or in the middle of a game.


-It’s fun for the first two weeks. Then the talk show personality starts to get annoying with the same lines and it just gets repetitive. And not to mention the game starts to really lag when they get over 600k players (take in mind it seems they always wait for the game to start until they get 1 million players). Again fun at first but it soon looses it’s shine not long after. This is an app to come and go. Cool thing is it’s free and it’s trivia questions that are really hard and random. Good luck!


-HQ is a nice trivia game but very tough to make it to winning circle.

-Great and addicting fun. You might not win at first but once you do it’s so satisfying, making you want to come back for more. My only gripe is the lives as you have very little, but if you do want a guaranteed one use my code: Michlale


-The game used to be fun and challenging. But now that I’ve been streamed into the European game rather than the American game I hardly know any answers. We may write the Queen’s English in Canada, but we usually have no idea what is common culture in the UK. We watch American programming. Switch us Canucks back. SITUATION FIXED.


-Game has lag time bad. Tonight I couldn’t see the question until after the answer was read, eliminating me. I have a great phone, Samsung s7, problem is on their end… too much traffic for their servers I believe. Need ways to get more lives too. I referred someone but never got a life. System should be smooth as silk when there are over a million players.


-Connection is unstable (it gets all messed up if my WiFi connection changes). The chat is inane and should be capable of being disabled, I don’t need to know which players’ birthdays are today. The game itself is kinda fun, but these other issues are a little distracting.


-I’ve been playing since the beginning of February, but have yet to win. It’s beginning to lose its appeal, but when I always try to play when it’s on. I have recently lost a life though, for some reason, although I have not asked to use a life, which is annoying. This is another thing that detracts me from using this app


-When you get the chance to play, it’s ok. I’ve tried giving people my code to get extra lives, that doesn’t work. The game freezes or has extreme lag. If they fix it, I’ll give higher ratings.


-Totally tired of Scott and the relentless comedy and way too much chatter. They need sound effects for when the questions are coming and need to produce this thing much more quickly for each game. There are too many players and too many obscure questions. I’m very good at trivia but this is basically a crapshoot every time.


-Great trivia game. I do wish there was an easier way to get an extra life. Also wish the app kept track of how many questions I have answered correctly versus wrong. Enjoyable game either way. Just wish I could finally win!


-Fun game! Don’t expect I’ll ever win, but I enjoy it nonetheless. My only issue is that it’s very USA focused, and about every day I get knocked out on a question about US college mascots.


-I’m loving this game. I haven’t won anything yet, but I still have fun trying and enjoy watching other people win. I would like the opportunity to use my extra life rather than have it taken automatically though. Feel free to use my referral code TabbieK when you sign up to get your extra life.


-This app is awesome! still convinced winning is rigged somehow but damn is it fun. Everyone complaining about lag but that has only happened to me once….I just wish the free life worked for me.


-Great game, it’s gotten a lot better. It doesn’t freeze up as often, but the picture is still awful. It’s extremely blurry. It works but it looks like trash.


-App is fun and everyone likes money but as the number of players increase, the graphics issues also increases. It gets pixelly the sound cracks and the screen breaks up.


-Pretty fun. Real cash so not really sure of everything app is looking at on my phone. How do you make money to give away?


-Cool trivia game show concept. Hopefully they find permanent funding. Wish the app tracked how many questions you answer correctly and average them out for those of us not lucky enough to win some moolah.


-Watched 20000 people win less than 20 ¢ each lmaoooo. And now I have like no motivation to play this game at all. Ggwp


-Referral code:Gudako. Cool that you can win actual money and it will come almost immideately. Haven’t won anything yet though.

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