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How to Draw Manga
by Upp

Learn how to draw Manga with some of the finest YouTube tutorial videos categorized to topics.  Including Figures, body parts, poses and backgrounds drawing tutorials. Love Manga? Want to create your own Comic? This app is for you! Also included some Spanish tutorials. Add your favorite tutorials into your Star tab.
New tutorials every few weeks!  So grab your pencil and start drawing.


How to Draw Manga android app

How to Draw Manga android app

DISCLAIMER: None of the content in this app was created or modified by us. We are curator providing direct access to content publicly available on YouTube. The content of this app is powered by YouTube. We are no responsible for any copyright issues as the app gives access to YouTube videos as is. We did not upload any of the videos to YouTube.


Download How to Draw Manga App :- 

Download How to Draw Manga App ( 25.4 MB )


User Reviews :-


-I think this app is amazing and saves time from browsing on YouTube! AND FOR THOSE HATERS THERE IS A DISCLAIMER, MAYBE IF YOU READ INFO ABOUT THIS APP YOU WOULD ACTUALLY SEE IT!!!😤

-You guys should do a disclaimer before you get more haters. But I like the quick access to the videos.😊

-It very unique and it has different drawings to practice, and it can get updated with new videos after a while. But, all in all I love this app thank you.😎

-This is the best tutorial app i would say. Thankyou for this app. I started drawing anime characters. I finished three of the anime characters he explained in his video. Check them out in my instagram @_people_call_me_innocent_

-I don’t really care that it is from u tube I like how there’s a specific of narrated and look at vids and i do like it cause at least its not really a scam that u have to buy when u get into it at least now u now it’s from u tube and if u want delete it and save a link of manga or anime videos 😅

-Although this app basically “steals” footage from YouTube, it actually reorganize them, making starters more easily to find what we want. So, simply, I go subscribe the YouTube but still using this app.

-I really love this app then other app.Plz download it in your mobile.because we can darw every thing we want.

-Its awesome my only problem is off the WiFi but its cool 😎. You must download it. 💕💕

-It features so many stuff, and it’s so helpful. I hope more updates are sure to come

-It teaches me things that at sort of completed for me

-I love it i prefer you download it and now im a real pro at manga!

-This game is so good i love to draw by the way and this app help me to draw more beautiful and i like to learn how to draw manga this app is for me andall of you

-Love the narration and the videos are very discriptive. His drawings are very good and has improved my drawing. Has all the videos I need.

-It’s really awesome it teach me how to draw manga I was not great at all but know draw my own manga because of this app

-I like this app but i recommend add video ” how to paint anime with faber castle

-My name is Webide Sami and it was performed in draw

-This app is really helpful helping me learn alot about how to draw!

-Even if it is stolen from a YouTube it helped me so much to get better in drawing

-I love it,it shows videos and teach you haw to draw them. I just love it

-Great app would definitely recommend its got a lot of add bit great app

-Mark Crilley does the videos, I love Mark Crilley.. He is a really good artist

-Very good app. Although I prefer a slideshow, videos are OK. Otherwise, great app.


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