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Honor Store

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Honor Store App

Honor Store App

Honor Store


1. Honor Store is Honor’s official Android app to help you shop online.

You can search, browse and purchase almost all Honor products, including phones and accessories. You can purchase products with a registered HUAWEI ID, order delivery status can also be tracked. With this app, you will not miss out our
new products and our special discount offers.

2. You can set your country or region of residence(Home country) when using the APP.
Payment method and return& replace policy can vary when choosing different countries.

Download Honor Store App:-

Download Honor Store App ( 3 MB )


User Reviews:

Shantanu Dash
I had been hearing from last 4 months that our stock for Honor 8 flip cover of blue colour is out and soon it will be back in stock. And
finally they removed the complete colour choosing option. So now it’s only available in gold. Those who have purchased Honor 8 sapphire
blue will have to put this golden cover to make our phone look fancy. Very much disappointed with this store. Worst kind of sale by the
company. Hadn’t expected such kind of behaviour from such a renowned company.

Worst app and worst company. You can never buy anything from flash sale by using this app. I have bought honor play with cod option by
laptop and it has been three weeks and it has not been shipped yet. Launching great products at great price is one thing and fooling and
irritating them just the opposite for your business.

Mitesh Varma
Worst!! Worst!! Worst!! 2 times I’ve tried to buy honor mobiles from 1rs sale and at exact time i click on buy now button and on next page
it shows ” please hold your patience we are processing.” and after few minutes I’m back on previous page i. e. buy now page and then it
shows SOLD OUT. So what is happening??

App User
Worst service of Honor. Organised fake flash sale that no one could bought anything during flash sale. Fake fake fake fake. Don’t install
this app. If you done it is your huge mistake that never forgiven. Your data must be leaked. Your privacy is in danger. So alert before
downloading it.

Ninad Shaha
Was trying to buy Honor Play in flash sale. Was able to get through first step but on address page i had to select location. This field was
not selectable. It took me 5 mins to get the drop down , clicked randomly on screen one of click gave drop down option. Missed the sale.
Too pathetic.

App User
useless app. waste of data and time. and rupee 1 sale is just nothing but hoaks. such cheap method to get more click and user registration
on site. Honor Huawei you have no respect for yourselves and your customers and customers to be.

devesh dhamor
Worst experience ever. First of all if the app opens the browser page only then what is the point of it and secondly I’m unable to login
via the app which caused me to miss buying the honor play phone. And I don’t understand the point of selling limited numbers when the
demand is high. People are just gonna buy other phones then!

Biplab Bachhar
Just a junk. slow like hell. if i could i would give it a big 0 star. Very laggy and slow app😡😠.. takes 5-10mins to open, everytime. I am
wondering how this app get 3.7 star 🤔🤔

Gautam Arora
Its very annoying to login…. As i tried many times every time i checkout from cart it wants login… & After filling every thing &
security password of mail… It comes back out on check out with sign in… & When i click checkout it wants to sign in again…. Worst app
….. Can anyone help, i wanna buy honor view 10

Nitin Janjal
Worst aap. I purchasing honor play, but address not completely working. In Customer service no option to talk adviser. And in the cities my
city buldana not listed, buldana is district place

App User
I couldn’t buy anything from 1 rs sale.when i tried to buy It says that the product has been sold out, within seconds. And the app is not
so good looking because it is a browser based app, why did they want honor app if there is hi honor, both are same

Shashidhar M.S.
I am using Honor 9 lite. Every time I try to use any of their services which needs my phone number, the country selected is always China,
not India. Be it Honor club or any of their cloud services. Grow up.

Connie Lindsey
Tried to order the View10 & website kept saying system error. Please try again later. My pymt went thru fine on my end. Their end wouldn’t
let my pymt go thru. Wound up purchasing the phone on Amazon. Your loss Huawei. Also, had problems signing in. Can’t make a purchase with a
live customer service representative either.

App User
Its big cheating by huwai honor company. Even if u look at winners list this u can see scam. Repeated names and email id. When time starts
page will crash or it will say too much load, or white adding address it will not add address. Honor if cant afford sale than dont show
this kind of stupidity.

Suresh Purohit
Worst App.. the app keeps on asking login each and every minute.. very slow and un responsive app.. you cant buy or register for flash
sale.. worst app ever

App User
Worst app, worst store, worst honor. Rs. 1 sale is a way to make website more popular nobody is getting any order. I click on buy button in
0.1 second but it show submitting request and then push me back to buy button.4 times i did and then it show processing then after 40
seconds again pushed me back to home and this time “sold out” how sick are you guys making us fool. GIVE ME MY 1 RUPEE ORDER RIGHT NOW

Irfan Ali K
The flash sale never lets you to buy anything listed their but it indeed meant to waste our time… Such a cheap tactics to hit their
website , fraudsters

Yashwanth Reddy
Useless trying to buy honor play from the app. First of all it doesn’t look like app. Its more a kind of browsing in chrome. And the flash
sale sucks. Everything was set. Address was pre added. Everything looked fine until the last step. The pay option was not selectable. Try
no. Of time and then it goes to 1st step and says out of stock. It should have atleast passed some information about stock going out. No
information. No options to select. Your products are soo amazing and your application is equally terrible.

ramakoteswararao mande
worst app and worst company. please dont buy this mobile and please avoid this company in world i hate this company. because this company
cheates peoples flash sal. please brother and sisters avoid this company in india and world.

Shivansh Sharma
Worst app ever and the flash sale I clicked over 20 times and it displayed “too much participants try again” before getting out of stock
all fake and stupid web based app.

Ashrafur Choudhury
Worst app ever.. I want to buy honor play on its flash sale BT it didn’t opened nd shows that too much users plz try again.. And also I
have participated in spin and win competition of honor.. Whenever I spinned it, it shows that oops try again.. And also I m searching for a
earphone and charger on this app from last 2 years and it shows that out of stock.. So my question is that if u did not complete the needs
of ur customers thn why did u opened this app..

Nitesh kumar
I m using Honor 8 pro but I m unable to add address through my phone because sate list is not popped up in this phone. I used now Samsung
for this. Kindly rectify early.

Harry Anoubams
I have been trying to log in to my accnt several times several days but cant log in they block my accnt without any reason. I hate this
honor app and honor phones proudy company damn u honor. Doomed well soon.

Gaurav Gupta
Honor is trying to make fool of the app users. 1₹ Sale is a sham. The app itself is very inconvenient to explore. Bad experience !!

App User
The rs.1 sale is a fraud because I tried to buy the product as it said the sale will start at 3pm I signed at 2.45 to my account but it
said press the buy button at 3pm and when I tried it wasted my my time and suddenly it said sold out

Sonam Jaiswal
Worst app. It tells to login again and again and still the account doesn’t gets opened. I think you should first make the better experience
of app. Invest in the app first to save the Honor of Honor.

jaya kumar
Really, is this an app. All your phones have fingerprint sensor and you dont use that option for log in. I Keep getting login errors in my
honor view 10. Frustrated with the app. Serious security issues with the app

saicharan parkala
Worst service ever ……no genuine accessories available …..always out of stock…Customer service also very bad…dont buy this
mobile….software consumes high memory …..irritating software ,,.

Alwin Kumar
I think, the flash sale is fake, they fool the people. They didn’t announce the winners in his app, how people believe honor.

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