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Home Workout – No Equipment
by Leap Fitness Group


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Home Workouts provides daily workout routines for all your main muscle groups. In just a few minutes a day, you can build muscles and keep fitness at home without having to go to the gym. No equipment or coach needed, all exercises can be performed with just your body weight.

The app has workouts for your abs, chest, legs, arms and butt as well as full body workouts. All the workouts are designed by experts. None of them need equipment, so there’s no need to go to the gym. Even though it just takes a few minutes a day, it can effectively tone your muscles and help you get six pack abs at home.The warm-up and stretching routines are designed to make sure you exercise in a scientific way. With animations and video guidance for each exercise, you can make sure you use the right form during each exercise. Stick with our home workouts, and you will notice a change in your body in just a few short weeks.

*Warm-up and stretching routines
*Records training progress automatically
*The chart tracks your weight trends
*Customize your workout reminders
*Detailed video and animation guides
*Lose weight with a personal trainer
*Share with your friends on social media


Home Workout - No Equipment

Home Workout – No Equipment



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Download Home Workout – No Equipment App :-


Download Home Workout – No Equipment App


User Reviews :-


Many thanks to LFG for this great app. I had been looking for suitable without-equipment plans until I discovered this app. I do have a recommendation which would improve this app. According to me, a clear guide is needed to let everybody know how the should start, which day should be dedicated to which part (example: chest on day 1, legs on day 2…). This kind of guide is crucial for beginners. Making several plans for each group would be the best. That way, people won’t have to worry whether they are going the right way or not. I myself miss this feature. I didn’t get exactly which parts should I do on which day. I hope this will be considered by the creators. Thanks again.

steven cook
I love it. Even after weightlifting this brings a whole new meaning to the word sore. I started on advanced but ended up dropping down to intermediate after the first 3 minutes. Now it feels like something I could get thru. Back to the challenges they go thru diverse workouts with multiple different excercises for each muscle group along with a good amount of integrated stretching. Keep up the great work!

prem kumar gupta
People here complain too much. This is the best app for exercise without equipment. This is planned and get harder with number of days we do regularly . This has given difficult mode too for us,if so much concern anyone has, do the pro mode. This is a life changer if done regularly and surely the best fit free I have completed 1minth challenge.awesome feeling

App User
Ads can be removed, thats nice. I would like to create own exercise sets or at least be able to download some additional sets. Best would be to share sets with other users. But nevertheless – a really good workout app. 4×7 challenges getting really hard but possible at the end, that’s nice.

Joel M Saju
The app is good in itself…the excercises are good… however in the plans they put some impossible excercises… example…in the push ups day..they give about 6 pushups and all, which is ok for me… however in the same plan, they want us to do 14 hover push ups….i mean…i cant even do 14 pushups properly…then how do u expect me to do hovering too…fix it pls

Dr.Peeyush Caroli
It is a nice workout app for people of all abilities starting from beginners to advanced. I like the voice coach and the small tips it gives in between the exercises. The logs add to your follow up on your goal. Though it is connected to Google Fit, I don’t find it syncing the fitness time with it. Something their tech team should look at.

Enzo petelo
Really enjoyed it. Very easy to use and I feel a lot better and more fit already in one day. The only problem is that there are too many ads, and I don’t want to pay to not have any. But that’s the cost of having a great free fitness app.

Toni Peace
I love this app. Not to many ads, and if it does have ads you don’t have to watch it you can just exit out. The ads do not pop up during the workout so don’t worry. Also the amount of work for each section is highly effective. When I first started I kept having a hard time and struggling with the many push ups they throw at me. My arms were really sore that I could barely do the other sections the next day. Now I have been using this app for over a week and I’m use to the exercises and my arms do not hurt anymore because I do this twice daily. But if you think this is to easy then this app is not right for you. You might want to try a gym instead.

Rafiq The CrazZy Boy
Such A Truely Amazing App No Doubt About That, This Is Very Essential & 100% Works… But The Problem Is Ads… Please Take Some Steps To Remove Ads From This App … Lots of love & Respect To The App Developer…. From Bangladesh ♥

Edward Courtney
OMG this is the best workout app out there in my opinion, there’s not to many ads, the audio voice isn’t glitchy like other apps, there’s a wide variety of body wprkouts for every part of the body. And my first time using it was AMAZING!!!! I could workout at myown pace and add 20seconds of rest of it needed it on the intermediate level, which was aweaome… I 1000 percent recommend this app to Everyone!! 👏🏽🤗👌🏽

RadRhett 8
The app is really great, I am already feeling results with only 2 days of work, it makes workouts fun and competitive and makes you want to continue working out even harder than before. I love it

Awesome Dose
I have done 30 day challenge. Really . My chest is like never before. Really I have seen great results.but I don’t know wht to do after this challenge.. plzz add more after the end of 30 day challenge. To keep us doing workout

Adieb Affhan
Its what the name of the apps says.. A home workout apps that you can do anywhere and at anytime. But it would be so great if you guys could make an apps for meal plan! Its like everyone says . You are what you eat!

Chris van den Berg
I honestly love this app. I play a lot of sports and I’m still in school so I don’t get a lot of time to go to the gym, because of rugby practice and homework so this app is great for a quick workout at home.

Pierrot Jr Raymond
The app has various workout plans. No weights needed and if you stick to it you will see results. Plus is I can play my own music playlist in the background while working out.

Darie Nani
It’s a great app but I prefer their 30 day challenge mini apps. Just wish they would do one for chest too (currently only have abs and arms, for men). Still a great all in one app. Only take 10-15 min day and so reminds you. Keep track of progress etc

Sebastián Stevens
Very easy to use, it really makes you sweat and hurt! love that it has explanations AND videos. They’re very useful sometimes, at least for someone who is not used to the gym and the proper form of some exercises. Good job!

App User
July 11, 2018
This app is the most important app in my life I can’t take a break I had burned 4365in one month you should download the app because you will have a good health and body in one month

Sourabh Kulkarni
I downloaded this app trusting all the reviews by different users. And believe this app is worth using. I have started full body 7×4 challenge and it’s my 4th day. I am already sure that it will help build my strength and body shape in 28 days. That to WITHOUT USING EQUIPMENTS 😍😍😍

Tushar Majumdar
This is a great app for home workout especially if you don’t have access to gym. You will be in good shape with these workout for beginners , but after first few months you might have to shift to other workout plans to make more visible gains.

App User
This app hasn’t let me down in any way. It’s helped me get into healthy exercise habits, and I’ve never felt more motivated.

Butch Amos
It is perfect for someone like me to start working out again. Simple and to the point. My only thing is I wish there was a step between biginner and intermediate. That jump is pretty intense.

A Wightman
Love this program. I have seen results and I feel it pushes me. The 28 day programs are great and builds up your strength and endurance, although I wish you could restart it somehow without restarting all of your progress

Harold L
Love it! I’m starting to feel like a machine. Never expected that, I would start working out so hard (pause) Lol

App User
Awesome but i am like 14 and do these exercise but I often heard doing this effect our height so this is my growing age tell me will this effect my height should I do this or not please answer as fast as u can

App User
For full body at least in the 1st week there is more emphasis on chest and abs. And actually I would like to work 2 different muscle groups each day. Apart from that the application is great.

Rahul Mathew
I had been searching for alot of apps for doing exercise without equipment then i came to find this one.To be honest this app is the best that i hav used. following the routine given here in the app u can definitley make ur body stronger and harder.Dont hesitate to dowload and use it you will be pretty amazed with the results.This one is perfect for thr people who complains that they dont get time for doing workouts,download it and enjoy #keep loving your body

App User
Get swol from home, no equipment needed, but equipment can be used to add more challenge as you get more swol. Absolute 10/10!

App User
It is a very very very good workout app for making your body muscular fit and you will definitely get a dashing personality if you regularly practice their routines their all workouts i loved this app very much 😘😘😘

Benjamin Cloutier
Great workout app. I hate gyms and complex equipment, this app takes all that out and still gives you a great exercise plan.

Xuxan Xstha
Thanks to the creater of this helps a lot.Within few months I have created my abs,biceps,triceps and maintain my body..I request all for use this app for quick results..the exercise shown in the app is really fineable.. thanks a lot..

Devaansh Patel
The best app for home workouts ever! You don’t even need weights for MOST of the exercises. I highly recommend it to people who due to any reasons cannot go to the gym or use weights and stuff!

Awale mohamed muse
You guys are truly amazing. I hate going to the gym and now I have my own private gym right here in my room. Thanks alot.

App User
It has a very fabulous levelwise exercises and core workout toooo This app is amazing I can’t express my gratitude towards this app Thnx for this app

Soumya Mishra
It helped me gain six pack abs As you all know that everyone wants a perfect body so this app is best for Gain a spectacular body 😉😉💪💪👌👌👍👍

Ali Shan
A very good app for home exercise. Suggestion : if you add proper diet sheet in app to support exercise, it will be really appreciate.

Ernesto Abais
Help!!! What do I do after the 30 day Challenge? I usually just follow that because I don’t know what workout to do next

Thomas Bolde
I like this app. The workouts are great, and you choose if you want to pause the workouts. I also like how if you tap on the work out it shows what you will be doing.

Svetozar Volkov
Отличное приложение для домашних тренировок. Есть программы для всех частей тела трёх уровней – начальный, средний и продвинутый. Можно ставить цели, напоминания и синхронизировать с Google fit. К каждому упражнению прилагается ссылка на YouTube, где оно выполняется профессионалами, так что вы точно будете как правильно выполнять упражнения.

App User
Good way to stay in shape no matter how strong you are. If you do it right, you’ll definitely be sastified.

App User
This is the best workout app what I have seen. I Really enjoyed it. Very easy to use. Finally my is ratting 5/5

Daniel Freire
Excelente app para ejercitarse en casa. Las indicaciones son claras y las rutinas son ajustables. Espero conseguir las metas propuestas

Daniel Barlocker
I love how its has different stage workouts for easy progression. I also love that I can do all the exercises without equipment.

This app is brilliant i use it on night shift as I can’t leave the building works and absolute treat and sweat like crazy thank you mr/mrs developer much appreciated

Anugrah Bahtiar
I love this app. It helps me sweating everyday. I feel fit and get better shape day by day😁

Sahil Aneja
A great way to get ideas for how to structure your workouts. The app is easy to navigate. This app provides information simply and efficiently.

Jakub Grabski
great app, u can see results after one 7×4 😀

App User
I think that this has goting me more devoted than I ever have bin

Helps a lot and you can work on a specific part of your body to get stronger like your legs or work on your full body.Another great thing is you don’t need to give them your email or phone number to sign up for anything.

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