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Hideman VPN
by Hideman Ltd


App Category :- Tools

ATTENTION: remove and install Hideman again if you have any connection issues

Easy solution for privacy and protection via VPN. Connect in one click with Hideman widget. Pay from anywhere with in-app SMS billing.

With our client you can:

Hide your IP. Nobody will know where are you from. Encrypt internet data. Protect your Internet data with strong 256-bit encryption. Use any site you needed without any limitations. Remove banners and tracking systems.

Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN


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Download Hideman VPN App (9.6 MB)


User Reviews :-


Spocksgirl Vulcan
UPDATE AS OF 4/20: The customer service has been very good, with prompt responses to assist me in resolving this problem. Upgraded review to 4 stars. Will see what happens as the month progresses. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Well, I have not been able to ‘connect’ for 2 days. Inside, outside…nothing. I signed up for 1 month to try it. Won’t sign up for another if this keeps up.

App User
This app doesn’t give clear instructions on “how to” get to, and/or do what was previously said. I’ve never seen those features just talked of in these previous questions. Please inform me of how to use them and find all the features. Thanks.

Noah K
This app has really gone downhill. It used to work. Now it hangs on “Assigning IP address” while your time ticks down. Useless pos

Sam Russo
This is a very good app. It is very easy to use. I don’t like that it asks for permissions to look at my contacts or manage phone calls. That defeats part of the purpose of privacy otherwise I highly recommend it.

david lacey
Yes it’s not cheap..but you get what you pay for…it’s been stable, reliable and it’s worked everywhere…England, France, Slovakia….but most of all it’s been supported and any issues I have had have been dealt with promptly and with satisfactory results this is my fourth year using this and it works on iPad and my android tablet as well as every phone I have had. Easy to use and has secured my privacy everywhere.

App User
Don’t you hate it when an app works flawlessly on a crappy 2011 phone and not in a 2017 device. Wasted half an hour just trying to connect to a server.

D Welsh
Gone from being great to unreliable and full of adds playing at full blast. Constantly tells me it has no internet connection and disconnects too often!

Oceanauk Uk
Have connection issues sometimes and frustratingly Australia is not on the list… Other countries seem to work fine…. Lots of ads… Has gone downhill…

rafal antoniak
I have a samsung tablet 10 inch GT-P5113 and android 4.1.1. Hideman vpn can not assign ip addresses from polish server for some unknown to me reason. Could you guys fix this. Couple months ago I had this version of hideman and no problem at that time. On my iphone 4s everything works fine.

Mathew McKay
I’ve used this app for years but now it has so many ads its conflicting with the app it keeps shutting down during downloads not what I need from a vpn please fix or il just pay for another

Olivér Falvai
I was looking for a free VPN to use when I’m occasionally connected to an unsecured wifi. All other apps are free only for a trial period, but this weekly quota is perfect for me. The app works very well, I can even select a few countries as a free user.

Abhi kalangutkar
Fake app does not hide ip address but given lots of junk ads which slows down your mobile.

King ARkaMAni
Waiting for server reply for ever , it’s the first time i use it and it sucks straight away, not working at all ,i’m deleting it directly after this comment.

salvatore d’angelo
Excellent app, great support. Within days they delivered a new location in Italy when I had experienced some issues with existing ones. Thanks.

Mike Hatch
Uses up time when not connected to any vpn and appears to use time unless the app is force stopped.

Idrees Akram
One Word “OutclassS” as far now for calling on whatsapp otherwise will come later on for further feed back 🙂

Alion Nurka
It changes the ip when u ask google but your location is still the same i wouldnt reccomand it

Classy Ema
I am wondering if I use this, will the PC users see my IP as the one I selected?

Helped me when my original ip address wouldn’t download a game and works rather well

Mukhtar Otarbayev
After purchase the app was blocked and i haven’t launched. It looks like cheating.

Ila Radadiya
I used to took monthly subscription. Its keep loading form last 1 week..even i reinstalled numbers of tine as well.. kindly looks into it..

ritesh jivrajani
fake application it connects successfully to other vpn but only change the ip address. like i want to connect to canada vpn but it connevts me to delhi only.

Hiikariee o v o
So i paid for 1 month subs but it still ask for a purchase… I even log out and in BUT it still asking for a purchase like-@$_294)!)??? Tq bruh? Ill refund back

CharithJ Hewavitharana
Really good and great app so many times help me Hideman awesome useful app thank you HIDEMAN

nima kahrizi
Free locations dicrease every day! Netherlanda Ukraine Loxemburg Lithuania Panama Poland Turkey deleted than free list!!just 4 locations free now!!

Ben Gough
faulse advertisement photos show America as highlighted. and 7 hours free. didn’t say I’d have to pay for America straight away.

France Pastor
cant connect to other ip it just keeps on connecting , saying “assigning ip adress” been wairing for an hour and nothing happens.

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