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Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro

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Hide Photos, Videos, Apps, Messages, Calls in your phone. COMPLETELY FREE and UNLIMITED

Hide photos & videos from your photo gallery and access them easily using a secret PIN code. Now you can easily share your phone without worrying about privacy.

— About the app –

The app is cleverly disguised as “Audio Manager” in the App Drawer.
Disguises itself as an Audio Manager app which can be used to turn the volumes up and down. but if you Long press on the Audio Manager title the actual Hide It Pro app will launch, which is basically your SECRET VAULT of hidden photos, videos, messages, apps etc.
You can Hide photos, videos, or any other files in your Private Vault


Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro

Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro



1.) App disguised behind a fully functional Audio Manager (Other disguises like Calculator etc. are available)
2.) Categorize media into hidden folders of your choice
3.) Free Cloud backup of your files
4.) App Disappears from recent apps list, can’t be tracked
5.) Gallery with integrated Slideshow and sharing to WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook etc.
6.) Integrated Video player with support for VLC player, MPlayerX etc.
7.) Multiple lock screen options – Pin, Password, Pattern
8.) Fingerprint unlock
9.) Escape pin/password for times when you get caught
10.) Built in encryption tool to secure your most important files
11.) Other Features like Secret Chatting, Private Messaging / Calls, Private Browsing, Locking Apps.
12.) Hide app icon from the app drawer of phone

There are a lot more features like custom slideshows, batch delete, share, unhide, move data between albums, sort files and folders to your liking etc. Please email us you have any issues, If the app doesn’t install properly do a reinstall, that would solve 99% the problems

Download Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro App :-


Download Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro App (7.7 MB)


User Reviews :-

Roger Blakley
I wrote this a few days ago and haven’t gotten a response yet. A hideit app that won’t hideit it is worthless. Is anyone else having issues? It was working fine but now I cant share to the app. The first time this happened I reinstalled and it started working again. This time it won’t give me any share options when I select share. So now it’s no good. Sad because it was so good before.

A Google user
Notes dont work, sms dont work, lost all my notes terrible, lost all my numbers in messaging, I can never replace them, since updates all lost, Hate this app now, Im using oppo f1s damn. No stars now, They now need to see all your data pictures anything else. I will uninstall now.

A Google user
Their are few tips to use this app 1- if you unhide your pictures then read carefully the details where pictures are going after unhide they give us details before unhide. 2- if you uninstall this app before unhide your pictures then surely your pictures or video willl be lost because they protect your pictures and videos as much as they can so before uninstall make sure you unhide your all data from this app 3-those who face share problem they need to unhide their pictures or videos first then they can share their pictures and videos easily Might be this is helpful for you guys because I use this app more than one year and my first preference is always this app when I want to hide something in my phone this is good app as compared to other app Thank you

Serge Pleven
Used to work, now it doesn’t. Just hidden 5 pics twice, they are still in the gallery. That’s risky business

pratiik verma
A great app for hiding you personal stuff. But idk what happened my phone got updated and all the pictures videos notes vanished i need them back, They are not in es explorer too.

Tracey Reno
Good app but I’m tired of chasing around plug ins. Could you at least make them open in playstore instead of browser? Ridiculous.

Ruba Aslam
My all pictures lost i don’t know what happened but when i checked it my all picturs not available

A Google user
I really impressed ths app..I like so much ..just do it download then u ll be use this app

A Google user
Great app to hide your secrates. Only thing I want to know how to hide an app in this. please help me in this. Thanks

rajesh savariraj
My personal photos deleted or missed automatically.. I don’t know how to recover my pic pls don’t install this app

sidhant choudhary
I hided my few pictures through this app n when I tired to see those pictures again they were all gone , lost all my data.please dont download this

samrat mukherjee
I hv losted lots of my pictures..which i have kept it for back up..very bad app

I lost my photos with our a prior information and with out my permission. It’s very ridiculous. How I recover that’s photos

Jagwinder Singh
I hv lost some of data during format my mob. Can i get back all data ?

krishna pandey
I lost my data plz help…this app is worst app i lost my data ..i jst update yesterday and tdy i m nt getting my data

Denise Ford
I love this app included with the hidden icon,no recognizable icons that people can be aware of. Very easy to setup and everything is safe.

Rishad RD
This is a good app I ever found bcs my important files were removed from my phone through restoration.but I got the files backup through cloud backup in this app. Thanks for giving an option for backup

Rajesh Raj
My all photos and videos 3 time delete and missing automatically i don’t no how to recover all videos and photos….very very very worst app plzz do not install tha app…

Robert Richards
Use to work fine, but now when I choose to play a video clip it defaults to VLC Media player!!! FFS someone get a grip and get it sorted.

shivam gupta
Please give us backup settings . When phone’s data is remove then we miss all personal data.

bala krishnan
I lost my data when the phone was factory reset .. I need my data .. can someone assist me how to get them back ??

Md. Sohanur Rahman
This app is good for app locker etc. But app hider needs to root access, this should be changed…….

Thomas Lee Rodger
Need to be able to switch pictures from folder to folder need to be able to switch pictures from folder to folder

Perrin Cordani
Recently the cloud backup feature has stopped working. Creating a backup crashes the app, and restore or viewing results in infinite load times

Michael DeVries
Was is a 5 star app until it updated and won’t let my video’s play anymore

Brad Sersion
App works great, most efficient of all the top hiding apps. However! When i go to filter the ratings it doesn’t give me the option on here to start with the lowest rated to see why others are rating it poorly. Not sure if that is how all ratings on Google play work or if that is specific to this app. Either way i would like to know why others would have given it one star because this app fully serves its objective and then some IMO.

Infernal Bliss
Gave it 5 stars prior, but forced to give it 3 now as it regularly deletes everything without any reason or notification of any sort. at first i thought it was a mistake but now i know it is a regular thing, maybe its due to updating app or something i’m not sure but it certainly makes it useless unless you regularly back everything up. The hiding technology however is flawless. If only this regular clearing thing is solved it would be the best free hiding app on play store

Ajmal Patel
My previous review was very good. However, I recently lost my phone so I had emailed hideitpro team expecting a reply to get the pics on my new phone. It has been more then 8 days since I have sent an e-mail and there is no reply as of it. I have contacted them twice…

Simon Eagleton
Have used this app for years and it’s been great up til about 4 months ago. Now every time the phone updates I lose all my stuff in the app, and have to restart. I use the find lost files feature but there gone and have to restart all over again.

shaik obaid
I actually want to give 5 star but i forgot my password, when i want to recover my password its shows the recovery link is sent to your email but i didn’t get the recovery link till now…. I m having more than200 photos in audio manager i want to get that back… So if u help mw with that ill give 5 star otherwise ill delete this app.. Actually i loved this app before but i m confused now… So please help me i don’t want to loose my photos its very important to me

Micah Bordeaux
Was great, until I re-download it and it also installed 3 other apps and games… Don’t risk it, there are other apps just as good as this. If you do decide to get it, make sure you check your apps to see what came along with it.

Angie Butterfield
I have always loved this app. Please update few things on it. If the phone gets robbed or lost then all pics do go no doubt but if there was a way to get it back whatever I had on this app it would be great.

Nakisha Seebaran
The app worked well for like 1 year then i lost an entire folder of important pictures and there no way to recover them! I am most upset! Hope i can get some assistance with this issue plz.

James Ruggiero
Had app since S4. Along the way, one update lost EVERYTHING I had saved. Gone. Still the same SD card, but can’t find any “lost files” anymore – that feature actually used to work. Useless.

Aditya J
All my data got deleted after I uninstalled the app. Is there any way to recover it? I had not saved anything on the cloud because I never thought this would delete anything. But it did!

Usman Malik
This application is facing a Major Problem. In Samsung s7 edge there in Main folder of “My Files * it shows all the videos if you use “Get More Space” option. Please do something for this. In this situation it is a useless app.

faaiz taimuri
Doesn’t work properly I hide my some pics n when i reopen it nothing is inside all my personal data has been gone…. The worst app i have ever seen. My all personal things got deleted don’t know how. If there will be numbers to give to this app i would give it minus😬😬😬😬😬

Benjamin Hart
This is one of the first apps I ever found (I actually stumbled onto it) & 8ve loved it.. I’ve introduced it to all my friends that might be interested & they love it as well.. Hands down one of the best vaults.. Even if someone should pull your SD card & view it they can’t find the media.. Absolutely love it.. The “App Lock” add-on is pure genius for those that wish to lock things without appearing to have locked the apps.. Pure genius.. Worth 5 stars..

shreyash kulat
Worst app i hv ever seen… it automatically deletes my fotos frm its album within 25 days.. n its not fr the 1st time, it has happened many times wid me.. hiding your fotos goes worthless…do note this problem…

A Google user
I have stored more than 300 personal pics now situation is that I am neither able to unhide nor open those pics. I have already sent a mail informing the problem however there is no response from the developer. Please help me to solve the issue. These are my memories

Ketan Nayak
I have stored more than 3000 personal pics now situation is that I am neither able to unhide nor open those pics. I have already sent a mail informing the problem however there is no response from the developer. Please help me to solve the issue. These are my memories

A Google user
I have mistakenly deleted all my files in the file manager, and all my photos in the vault have got deleted. I I did not back up too, I just now backed up. I need to get my old photos, how can I get it?

Abhay Doddmani
Plz plz plz dont download this app its a useless app. I loss all my photos videos music witch i kept in this hiding, app so if u has it plz delete it now ,its bad app k.

Saransh Kar
I love this app. I’ve been using it from so long. But now it has some many bugs. I tried hiding some videos, they still showed up in the gallery while they still are in the hidden folder as the app shows. Also while trying to unhide my videos, one of the video got deleted somehow. I hope you’ll fix this soon. I’ll change my review and ratings after this happens. Thanks 🙂

A Google user
This app is ridiculous. My all photos vanished on its own. Same happened with my sister months ago. What’s the use of hiding when it can’t be there and gets deleted on its own? Whoever the creator of app is please tell me a way of restoring my pics back.

ÀñôñY MöúS
Seriously i just lost the collection of my fav. Pics n vids… m really angry with this app right now… Tell me how do i get them back… Do i even get them or not… Will i b able to see them…. If there is any way tell me

Travis Mark
Lost all my pictures and video. No email response. The app simply cleared all my files. The fact that there seems to be no one willing to email me back to help me is infuriating.

Sasa Zdravkovic
Update. It’s been more than a month and developer has not replied to help me!!! Unable to install Messaging App in order to hide SMS which is what I need it for. Emailed developer 3 times in the last week but didn’t receive a response. I even paid not to have ads. Samsung s7 edge, OS 7.

cheri Lanzisera
I really like the concept, it just keeps saving more and more duplicates to the cloud. It says I have 690 pics, and I think I should have around 250, and on my Tablet I can only view 120. I’m so confused. Cheri L

Linux 2K
[For non root users] Its a great app!! I loved it because of how it hides photos and videos, But If your a rooted user, Its more better because it hides apps too! I loved the App, thank you developers 😊

Rehan Ansari
I have lost all my important data that i hide from gallery to this cheap app.., and its lost or deleted automatically in this app. I hate this app and can’t trust 4 hide and save important data. Soooo Worst app., Dont download this app. Worst app.

Gani Shetty
wanted to give zero star..but there is no option. i have stored over 1000 photos here. for the first one month it was good, one day i opened to see some photos and get shock treatment as all my photos got deleted… its request to each and everyone dat down install this software..instead report this…..

Dave Rittner
It works well for the hiding option, but not so much for actual volume control. I don’t know why it keeps changing my settings on its own. I’m sick of it turning up the alarm volume by itself in the middle of the night, then blasting me awake in the morning! Uninstalling!

Aaron P
Great, easy to use app that does exactly what it says. The fact that it is free makes it a must have app if you have files, pictures etc. that you dont want to show up on your device for everyone to see.

BabKrish Sam
Nice app. Veey useful app for everyone. Safety in all categories is a good one. Need one thing, i am using finger print for open app, but its working after hold top header only. If we using finger print, that holding is not necessary. Try to concern that. Thank you.

harshit rathore
All hide images has been deleted automatically….. This is the worst app. Please don’t download it and use it. If you download this app and use this app then you will lost ur memories which you are hide in this app. So please don’t download this app.

Sayali Bodas
Nice app…makes me satisfied…😊….guys…people who have lost there data n photos…remember if u have change Ur password….it creates an another ac…so…type Ur old password and Ur photos will come back…. Yes I had d same problem..that I had lost my photos…but put Ur old passwords ..then it will work

Amber Mitcham
I had so many beautiful pictures stored in this app, and one day they all disappeared. I am very upset about this, they were amazing photos. DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR PHOTOS DELETED! I emailed with no response. If you cherish your photos, especially the ones you wanting to hide, don’t use this app.

volvo pls nerf
best f@&# app for hiding out there. it doesnt just ad a .nomedia file into a foler with everything. it goes the extra mile on protection on every front. been using it for many years and i mean it when i say its the best out there

Satyajay Baria
It is so stupid, the video that I downloaded is showing up in my gallery but when I try to hide it on the app, it’s just Not There! Big Fixed, My Foot!

bilal ahmad
all the important documents, pics etc got deleted in this app so dont store anything in this app i dont know that the app developer has put such for himself to crack our privacy or he sells the important material we have. i request the app developer plz tell us how to recover my important documents.

queen Boss
Great app I just wish when I change my phone everything would transfer. I just lost all the stuff in the app. I’m so upset. also I’ve been texting the team for help and still have gotten no response back… someone Heeeeelllllpppp meeeee pleeeeaase

Shelby Goff

A Google user
Cheat with us. There are not cloud backup. They cheat with us. I have take cloud backup and after watch in google drive. There are nothing in the drive. So don’t download this app make us cheat

Neha Lunkar
If this app is free and unlimited, then y m i not able to take any backup. Lost many photos after restore coz of backup space. It’s showing your backup storage is full. Get unlimited space by PAYING RS.500

A Google user
Worst app I had lost all my data and pics in 1months, app must have warn before, that to set of backup otherwise all user will loss their data. Then they definitely hate it

Andy L
Since updates, the app keeps on asking me to select a video player everytime I watch a video. It doesn’t do that outside the app! Please fix it! Or else I’ll let everyone know where videos are hidden! I did email you a few times regarding to this problem but I have not any response! Is this app dead??????????? Hello!!!!!!!

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