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Hermit • Lite Apps Browser
by Chimbori

App Category:- Productivity

Fast, tiny Web Apps with awesome Android integration

With Hermit, you can replace your large native apps with Web-based Lite Apps. Browse faster, save data, block ads, protect your privacy, browse in Night Mode, Reader View, and customize your Lite Apps with over 20 different settings for every Lite App! Hermit is under 3 MB, compared to 50MB+ for many popular social networking & news apps.

Hermit speeds up your browsing while also protecting your privacy.
No Ads. Not even in the Free Version.
Ad Blocker: Makes all web pages lean, tiny, and beautiful again.
Popup Blocker: Prevents unsafe and deceptive sites from opening new tabs or vibrating your phone.
JavaScript Blocker: makes most pages load faster.
Data Saver Mode: Speeds up browsing by reducing image size.


Hermit • Lite Apps Browser

Hermit • Lite Apps Browser


Privacy Focused: No ads, no behavior tracking, no personal information collected.
Phishing and Malware Protection: Hermit blocks any attempts to install native Android apps & integrates Google’s Malware Blocker.
Incognito Keyboard: Any site URLs you type will be marked private by your keyboard, and not used to personalize auto-completion.

Night Mode: View any web site in Night Mode with a dark background and light text.
Reader View: Focus on the article.
Estimated Reading Time: See how long an article will take to read, and jump to Reader View.
Multi Window: Use two Lite Apps at once on Android Nougat and above.
Direct Share: Share text & links from any Android app to Hermit Lite Apps.
Orientation: Choose whether you want a Lite App to always open Vertical or Horizontal.
Text Size: Increase/decrease text size to improve legibility.
Double Back: Ever got stuck because the back button takes you to the same page? Try Hermit’s Double Back feature!

Tab Reuse: Hermit doesn’t open new tabs if your Lite App is already open, just like native apps.
Atom/RSS Feed Notifications: Get immediately notified when a web site publishes new content.
Web Monitors: Feeds not supported? Hermit can monitor any specific part of any web page and notify you when it changes.

No other browser lets you customize as many settings as Hermit, and they’re saved individually for each Lite App.
Custom Icons: Pick any icon for your Lite Apps, or create a custom monogram!
Color Picker: Create your own theme.
Text Size: Change and save settings individually for each site.
Desktop Mode: Load desktop sites instead of mobile sites.
Frameless Mode & Full Screen Mode: You’ll have to try these out for yourself!

Premium: Unlimited Lite Apps & other Advanced Features
Free Forever: Limited to 3 Lite Apps

We respect your privacy, so we don’t collect any personal information or sell your data. You are our only source of support for many more years of innovative feature-packed updates. Thank you!

Download Hermit • Lite Apps Browser App :-


Download Hermit • Lite Apps Browser App


User Reviews :-

Jordan Glass
Edit, review was a first reaction to the update. Like the new design, the better free tier makes sense to get more users, and the early access program means it’s more financially stable for the developer. — initial review — Pay £5 for premium & the dev moves the main premium feature into the free tier and now charges a subscription for beta access

Jonathan Treasure
Absolutely awesome app. Exactly what I was looking for, and wonderfully customisable. I do have some questions though, is it possible to set a page to always open in reader mode? Note to the developer: sorry it took me so long to amend my review, my phone was bricked.

Marcus Richardson
Good app & great support. Haven’t noticed the scrolling/refresh issue in a while. One minor complaint… When following links (ie. From Facebook), I have to hit the back button twice, in order to return to Facebook. Keep up the great work.

Ira Sanchez
Easily my favorite app. I use it all the time, especially when a web app I like isn’t available for Android. That said, it’s really frustrating that not all launchers allow you to add shortcuts and icons to the screen. It can make it a little difficult to find a combination of tools that works for you.

simon walker
Update, May 2018. So tried and tried and tried again but for some reason it is just too much of a battery and memory user. Not sure why but have to uninstall . Concept is very good but just didn’t work for me.

App User
A superb app and fantastic support! Hermit is a useful alternative to downloading multiple apps you may rarely use, or if you’re concerned about those apps being spyware. If you’re a student, they offer the premium version to you for free — just contact them through their website.

Ntsako Radebe
Awesomeness, some of the apps I have are unstable. These stabilizes them all, it’s efficient and data-friendly 😁😁 love it

Vikram Ramanujam
Just what was missing in my life. I needed something for stackedit, codesandbox… All well optimized webapps that were dying to be on the home screen.

App User
I’ve been scouring the internet for a lite version of Instagram for awhile now and finding this app made my day. It’s also given me a reason to disable my Facebook lite app which unfortunately has a number of app ads. Thank you so much Hermit!

Stuart Davies
Doesn’t work with Nova Launcher and blames a Shortcut API bug in it. Help page states many other launchers it doesn’t work with. Yet it doesn’t work in Oreo (8.1.0) default Launcher3 either on my Nokia 8. Seems to me Hermit has the problem.

Charles Heckscher
This is really neat – I did not expect it to be so useful, but I’m finding all kinds of ways to simplify and organize my life by creating tailored apps.

Dawo Sida
one issue is that it doesnt save your passwords or keep ur password after u log in to a website plz fix it

Lan Tian
Great app as replacement of large apps full of junk. Although I hope to have a “remove certain element” feature to remove the “install our app” notifications.

Evangelia K
I’m going to delete it!I thought this was free version and if you wanted the extras to buy it. Now i can’t open some sites with the free version because it asking me to go premium!

Ala Hadji
love using light weight web pages instead of downloading apps. edit: cool thanks for the response. updated to latest. a very small note.. when you are in the Google play store through hermit, at the bottom, there is a button to open it in the actual play store app but it doesn’t work. not high priority but if you could get that to work at some point, it would be appreciated.

Jazzy Rae
Ever since the latest update, I have annoying ads everywhere as well as pop up ads even though I paid for the premium and have the ads “blocked” in settings. Please fix or I will just uninstall and recommend people save their $5.

Adam Taylor
Works well, I purchased the upgrade. For anybody thinking of buying, you may need to take the following steps to have the phone recognise the upgrade. 1) close hermit, any lite apps and Google play store. 2) go to settings, apps and notifications, app info, Google play store, storage, 3) hit clear data This will reinitialise the play store and allow hermit app to see that you have purchased. (It’s a pretty common error on the Google side – NO DATA IS LOST) SUGGESTIONS FOR FUTURE: Please allow for multiple cookies IN app, and duplicates of sites. I.e. one of instance of YouTube, with one log in. Another instance with another login. Otherwise very good. Cheers.

Franz Ferdinand
Great app! I appreciate Chimbori for helping me out when I was stuck on disabling reading mode. This app is top notch. I would call it similar to when Mozilla had Prism or Peppermint Os and their SSB Client called Ice. So far so good. Keep up the good work.

Quentin Wallace
Great app, very useful for low spec phone. One annoyance I have is the reader button that hovers over the bottom of the screen. How do you turn this off?

Simon Partridge
Brilliant thanks. [Update] Be great if you could disable the Reader pop up, annoys me a bit on certain sites where I would never need a reader option. [Update] – thanks for the pointer – not sure how I missed that reader setting! Cheers

App User
Slight learning curve, but once you’re familiar with the tools, it works really well. Must wipe cache occasionally to free up storage. Better than data hog apps that have humongous data storage that can’t be managed and constantly run in background!

Sunny Chung
False advertising on official website claiming “Hermit keeps cookies separate.” That’s incorrect and Hermit shares cookies between its lite apps. My Google lite app can totally access my Facebook lite app credentials via shared cookies. It only separates cookies from your other web browsers, which is pointless as I can install multiple browsers for that purpose without Hermit.

Doug Holmes
I paid for the upgrade from within the app, and it didn’t work. So I get pointed at the upgrade app and asked to pay for it again. Not good enough.

Ed Logan
It’s Great. I have been using Hermit for awhile. Excellent customer service and feedback. I still say the new logo needs tweaking. The tan color doesn’t catch the eye. The colors in the old logo did. *Update: Just received an immediate response from developer. That deserves a fifth star. Thanks! *Update: Keeps asking me to rate it on play store even though I already have. Still 5 stars…

Zarif Mahmud
Add an option to open a new tab without closing the existing one.. I will rate 5 stars! Except that, I am fully satisfied with the app, innovative & nice one, thanks! 😀

Liam Bulkley
Let’s you appify sites, create notifications when certain conditions are met, but has limitations regarding notifications that become increasingly agitating as you watch more sites.

Glory M
I cant load pics on social media and freezes. Paid the advanced features.

This app is ok. I bought it preemptively and I kind of regret it. You can even check your msgs on instagram. The messenger facebook app is extremely slow to load

Joshua Koh
Nifty little app that allows customised “apps” of various sites. Being able to set full screen, text size & night mode for all apps make Hermit far superior to the official apps found on playstore.

Rebecca Smith
Thank you hermit for allowing me to use to the apps that I need without using all my memory

Andres Sawa Sawa
Bye bye YouTube, bye bye Aliexpress, bye bye Google maps. Free up space, beautify navigation (frameless, full screen). Bookmarks made into apps. This app is simply wonderful. You can customize many many many aspects. Really fast loading.

I need to refresh everytime I recieve a new message on facebook. Please solve this problem.

App User
Great app, full version worth the price. My only wish is that it had cookie isolation so I can use 2 Facebook lite apps simultaneously.

James Townsend
I love this app! I use it everyday! Thanks for all the great work you do! And thanks for making the paid version available to students for free. Means a lot to me!

John Bower
A must have for a number of reasons, it makes using certain apps obsolete (here’s looking at you Facebook). No more spying on my phone please. Lots of features for a web wrapper too that make the experience a joy to use. 2 thumbs up this is a great app.

erica joi
It’s been almost two years since my last review, & I’m still blown away with how impressive & essential Hermit has continued to be. I don’t think I’ve ever updated it just for bug fixes; there’s always some awesome new feature listed in the change log (related: Hermit has NEVER ONCE crashed on my phones). Main reason I’m updating my review today, though: I am LOVING the new icon so so much! The colors! The return to the hermit crab! 😻👏🤓

Vishnu Narayanan
A well designed application. This makes most dedicated applications redundant, especially if you configure the notifications properly. One feature I’d like to request is the capacity to open the downloaded email attachments in Hermit itself – Gmail attachments I download from Hermit are opened in chrome. Keep up the good work!

Abhijeet Deb
Unfortunately, I had to take a star away from my previous rating as SwiftKey regularly crashes while using Facebook. It doesn’t crash in any other app. Please fix and I’ll update my rating. Thanks. EDIT: I didn’t report the issue to SwiftKey yet as the only app where it crashes is Hermit. Hence, I took the first step to report the issue to you guys!

Victor Lee
Very useful app indeed! I do keep coming back and trying to use it however there are 3 things which annoy me. 1) icon in the Android task switcher does not consistently show my custom icon, and shows the Hermit icon instead 2) sometimes failed to load my app after coming back (e.g. over night to the next morning) 3) sometimes can’t scroll down for a few seconds in frameless view.

Good app, only downside is that sometimes when you change apps and come back to it later, instead of showing the place you were, it reloads, losing the last page seen.

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