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Hangouts Chat

By lifecell

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Hangouts Chat App

Hangouts Chat App

Hangouts Chat


Hangouts Chat is an intelligent and secure communications tool, built for teams. From direct messages to team chat rooms, Hangouts Chat provides an integrated platform that makes team communication easy and efficient. Current version is for G Suite customers only.

• Group messaging that allows G Suite content sharing (Docs, Sheets, Slides), without having to worry about granting permissions.
• Google search functionality, with options to filter for conversations and content that you’ve shared.
• Integration with G Suite & third-party tools will be available. Hangouts Meet Bot reviews everyone’s calendars and schedules meetings at times that work for everyone.
• Ready for Enterprise, with the full benefits of G Suite security and access controls including Data Loss Prevention, Compliance, Admin Settings, Vault Retention, Holds, Search & Export.

Download Hangouts Chat App:-

Download Hangouts Chat App ( 38 MB )

User Reviews

App User
Great simple way to stay productive

Dj Freesy
Best one by google

Eryu Xia
I work on this app so I have to give 5 star 🙂

Scott Boger
As an fyi; must have a gsuite account to use this app. Although you can download the app now, Google is rolling out access over a week. So if you can’t log in today, try again tomorrow, etc. Also, make sure it’s enabled in your admin console.

Mihran Papazian
Google, do yourself a favor, from users’ loged in account on play authorize to download or not the app, like you do when you identify devices well guess what you can tell user BEFORE it downloads the app thats his account isnt compatible with this app, thatll save the dummy reviews. Love you.

App User
This for businesses only and it works beautifully.

dathatreya gorlakunta
Very Good app for business people

Omar Madrid
La aplicación que faltaba en Google. Mucho mejor que slack o hipchat!!!

Henrik Wiingaard-Madsen
This app works better for our team than any other comparable app that we tried so far..and we tried a lot. The group conversation feature is great and very useful for a lot of things, like for our team discussing or focusing on a specific file or a topic in a “room”. The search function is also really good. All in all it’s a very well designed system and also a joy to use.

App User
Try and make a new device of this apps, cause this old version cause many problems which is not good, some the hangout won’t go keeping to say no connection to server

Christine Cole
I like it text my friend it’s fun thank you

App User
I like it and i hoping to find a good friend

Daud Mabena
Unable to rename chat groups, I hope you are working for it. Instead of having chat group members names listed it would be better to have nice short name like “My Sale Department” etc.

Victor Terrell

App User
Better, faster, prettier than Classic Hangouts. Works beautifully with my team.

Zachari Saltmer
Love it currently the team and I all have seperate rooms for different departments and a group chat for everyone. Would love more integrations though.

App User
I talk to my husband on hang out and have piece of mind cause he’s in Portugal and I worry about him

Jane Robbins
I love this app I can go on here and chat with friends secretly and I also found my true love on her to he followed me from. Instagram

Join How2Life
I love the bots you can add to it. It makes the chat experience amazing. Thanks Google!

thaneesh shanand
Seems like a Slack competitor with bot integrations. Looking forward for more

Yogie Adrisatria
Please enable it to run on KitKat. Some of our employees are still using it.

Kalin Chupp
Needs a lot more features, but for what it is, it works reliably for the company I work for and is free, to boot.

Paul Barnes
Love the flowers Are they for someone special hope so

Zlati Pehlivanov
Works fine for a chat app. I don’t expect much from a mobile version. I receive notification in browser and mobile but not desktop. It finaly has edit and delete message unlike hangouts. It has google apps integration and even bots, unlike hangouts. It supports multiple conversation in one chat room. To make a video call you must use google meet. The only limitation in comparison of Hangouts is that we cannot include people outside of the organization and we need to communicate somehow with those. Better desktop app than the hangouts one. You can’t switch accounts cause your accounts needs to be business ones. Using in our company with 400+ people from around 2 weeks.

Corey Vidal
Doesn’t work properly on phones with the new taller 18:9 screen ratios like my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Please fix for 5 stars.

Martin Stepanek
Using this Android app on my Chromebook and for the most part it works well. Those will negative reviews should really take the time to review what this app is for, its not a replacement for Hangouts. Its for G Suite Collaboration. The only issue I’m having right now; if a team member links a pdf file I can’t open it. Docs, slides etc no issue, but nothing happens when clicking on pdf files, I have to use the web version of chats for that. Additionally, the android app needs the Google Drive / Upload button like the web version so you can post properly, not just link.

Nate Welch
Works ok, still needs features and improvements. When sharing to app, no option for “New DM”. Have had trouble sharing files in general to the app. Get no connection when I have a connection and other apps are working. Overall, I like the direction they are going. Just needs to more development power behind it.

Toba Obaniyi
Looks OK so far. Will be great if it has the following – Ability to add and assign tasks (this can be synched with Google Keep) – Ability to quote a previous response in a reply – Ability to snooze a notification from a particular chat, allowing you to return to the message – The UI needs a bit of a refresh. What happened to showing a small thumbnail of the avatar of the people on the app instead of just listing their names, as exists in the classic Hangouts app?

Ivan Bešlić
Funny, but our company can’t switch from slack while you don’t implement like button. It’s very important and simple feature

Mark van der Werff
Look like it could be useful but only allows messaging in my g suite domain. Trying to collab with outside users is a no go. I guess ill stick with hipchat for now

App User
Its very meh right now. The UI is disgusting, all white, really? You can’t share documents via the app like you can on the desktop app. Change a couple things and it maybe it could complete with slack.

Stuart Hunt
It appears that there are currently no push notifications and alerts for the Android app. Makes for a worthless platform since instant messaging is the whole point.

Leandro Heck
Cool, better than slack but… Don’t have an app for LINUX and Windows app, does not show notifications. Please, fix these IMPORTANT issues.

Liron Lev
This app lacks a lot features already exists in the competitors, some of them are quite basic (such as an emojis selection). The conversation idea is nice and does do some order. Compared to slack, slack is much more mature and have more features.

Alex Bass
I primarily use this for passive notifications for my business with the integration with Asana. I don’t really see how this could replace Slack, but works well enough for my use-case. What is unacceptable though is that there is no “jump to most recent message” in a group. You have to keep scrolling down. When you have hundreds of messages, it takes you minutes of scrolling. Come on, this is basic chat functionality.

UnderGodd TheHighest
This is a poor attempt to release without properly closing hangouts, allo, meet, messages. No reason to change with them still around. Missing hella settings and functions on mobile. It’s just partially baked while the mold is still on the old food

Dan Cumings
Can’t use app to chat outside of organization. You can’t pin conversation or information to a channel /group. Desktop notifications could use some improvements. People seem to not realize that someone is chatting them.

Philip Richardson
I really need a Chrome extension instead of a Mac app (I don’t know why Google would not have a Chrome extension for their own tool…). Frankly, I would rather use the online access instead of this Mac app, but I need the notifications.

Dennis Gesker
Better than Hangouts BUT it doesn’t handle multiple accounts in the same fashion as Gmail. Having to logout and login to use a second account is clunky. But, a good app.

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