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by Oasis Feng

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“Aggressive Doze” and “Doze on the Go” to maximize the battery saving on Android 6+, even without root! (details explained in settings)Never should your phone or tablet become slower and battery hungrier after lots of apps installed. With Greenify, your device can run almost as smoothly and lastingly as it did the first day you had it! Greenify help you identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation when you are not actively using them, to stop them from lagging your device or leeching the battery, in a unique way! They can do nothing without explicit launch by you or other apps, while still preserving full functionality when running in foreground. Greenify NEVER EVER collects your personal data despite the capability of accessibility service, it  just takes advantage of it to automate the hibernation procedure.





IMPORTANT: Greenifying an app implies that you are aware that all the background functionality (service, periodic task, event receiver, alarm, widget update, push message) of this app will become out of service during the hibernation except when you are using this app. 

NEVER greenify alarm clock apps, instant messaging apps unless you don’t rely on them. Please do verify the impact of greenified apps on which you heavily rely.

Note: Greenify does need background running services for auto-hibernation to work. It is designed and implemented in extremely lightweight and nearly zero CPU and battery consumption.

DEVICE ADMIN: This app uses administrator privilege to turn off the screen immediately after automated hibernation on non-root devices. This permission will be requested explicitly for your consent only if required.
DRAW OVER OTHER APP: To dim the screen during automatic hibernation when the screen is expected to be off.
DISABLE SCREEN LOCK & BIND ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE: For automatic hibernation to work on non-root devices.
GET ACCOUNTS & WRITE SYNC SETTINGS: Control the account sync of apps if its sync task is too frequent.

This app uses Accessibility services, to automate the hibernation procedure.

=== FAQ ===

* It seems that automatic hibernation is not working.
* Some of my greenified apps (e.g. Google Maps) seems not hibernating.
* I want to greenify system apps!
* De-greenified apps still got no push notification!


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User Reviews :-


Michael Basilio
This would’ve been great but why does my accessibility for Greenify auto start always turns off every now and then. It felt like auto hibernation is not working since then. Some apps are left on pe ding too. They are not hibernated once my screen turns off eventhough they’re on the listed apps. My device is Samsung J7 pro non root. I hope you can fix this. I’m using the donation package too.

DarkMind INC
Awesome app, bought the support package because of how awesome it is. Only issue: could you add “kill on sight” as a menu option? My damn battery drains too quick because of “waiting for hibernation”. Will update to 5stars when we get that option. (stock rom, Note 3, android 5, no xposed) 🙁

Amit Kumar
This app is just marvellous. If you want to increase your battery life, search no more. Some apps, like Evernote periodically wake up, though. But the widget hibernates all previously selected apps with just one tap. Also, I have issues with keeping notifications when the app is hibernated. One suggestion would be to implement a setting to wake up all or some hibernated apps at certain periods to enable synching. I use Tasker and the greenify plug–in to accomplish this. A built in option would be nice.

Ash Whole
Love it, my most used Android app. Task killers don’t stop the apps from starting, Greenify shuts them down and hibernates it (however certain apps will always start no matter what, such as Facebook.. in this case I recommend a package disabler and temporarily disable it). Message to the developer: can you make this app compatible with the Amazon Fire OS? I can’t access the permissions menu on Amazon’s OS…

doni sanjayaa.
dear admins, my greenify frequently asking for permission to works, and thats very annoying. can you give me some instructions to prevent this happen over and over again? my phone is vivo v5 with the latest system upgrade (i believe its android 6). any suggestion will much appreciated!

Dan Hammonds
I’m so impressed with this. After setting up a shortcut to close apps my battery barely goes down when idle! Does what it says. Wish there was a way to keep instagram closed but still a perfect 5 star app for me.

Mo Dee
Well I’ve had the paid app for a long time, but this last update had made my quick terminate notification almost non exist ant. I can open the app at almost anytime and there are apps that need hibernating. No notifications, nothing. (50%of the time at least) Ugh. Please fix, or what’s the point.

Stacey de Sorgo Albers
💜 “ignore background-free”, but hate the new notification setting. if you have 8 apps to hibernate, they must all now be done individually. this effectively obliterates any notification screen utility for me.

Daryl Pinksen
My LG G3 was persistently hot and the battery running down fast. Greenify made it easy to put apps to sleep that were staying awake in the background, even when closed. No more hot phone. Battery is lasting twice as long.

Austin Grace
Wow! This app isn’t like the other battery saver apps which are trash normally.. This one is simple, has no ads, and works better than anything else! My phone is back running like it did when I first got it.. All my apps were killing my phone but this app saved me from having to just delete apps that I use and want… Wish I could give it even more stars..

Kevin Page
The app doesn’t tell you how to use it manually and doesn’t provide enough information on how to use it in general. It doesn’t explain the differences between modes (default vs normal hibernation). I didn’t turn on automated because a warning stated it would have access to my text messages and credit card information. I fail to understand why this app would need access to this information simply to put other apps in hibernation.

Owen Knight
This app legitimately fixed my phone! Had it running in the background for 2 or 3 days and it was working its magic. Then I was using my phone the next day without it running in the background and my battery is just fine.

Nitin Pillai
Please update the app; it is incompatible with the latest Mi update. EDIT – The r3tarded shmucks at Mi have reset root access with the latest update and added more of their sh!tty adverts to their sh!tty apps. I recommend rooting again and think twice before you install the next Sh!tMi update.

App User
Holy geez this app is awesome! When new, my phone battery would be at 70% at the end of the day. 1 year on and the battery was flat come early arvo. I was sure it was a battery/charging problem and bought a replacement battery. Before I installed it, I thought Id give this app a go, and Im back to 50-70% at days end.

App User
It seems to ignore certain applications. I can not get Facebook to show up so I can hibernate it. If I could select all the apps I wanted to it would be a much higher rating. But why won’t Facebook come up? It’s the biggest battery drainer I have.

App User
I love this app. Very helpful in saving battery. However wasn’t able to use on Android P (beta) But now it’s available and ready to rock again !

anshul Jain
Not working on Redmi3s prime miui. Stucked at App details page when we hibernate. Not getting force stop..i was waiting for a year for a good update but i am disappointed.

Tasyo Bonifacio
A must for Android power users! Trust me when I rate something. This is probably the first app I bothered commenting with. 5 stars hands down.

Did not install it, android did. Your c**** android. Might switch to apple. Thanks again for no privacy. I request a apology from Android and Oasis feng

Rahul Kumar
Doesn’t work on my redmi note 4. Remains still after opening app info for the first app. Maybe a bug. Rectify it please. I do have a donation package, but still not working.

aaron alex
Very effective app for killing battery draining apps for continuously. I love it same as per purify apk but Greenify doesn’t need rooted phone to run.

Steve Lee
Very first app I ever paid for and worth every penny and then some. It has noticeably extended the battery life on my Galaxy S5.

Spank Rocket
Can’t wait to see what this app is all about. My Phone overheats alot if I turn my 4g and hot spot on.

Vaskar Rozario
Excellent app. But this app opens settings panel but most of the time not closes automatically in Android O. Developers should need to be think about this…

Does not work in mi note 5. After clicking on hibernate button it only shows the force stop page for a long time and does not go foreward to the next app to stop.Reinstalled several times. But issue not resolved.

Worst app ever. Instead of saving my battery life, it constantly eats up the battery. I’m also unable to uninstall the app as an error message keeps on show when trying to uncheck it out of the device administrator. Might have to complaint to Playstore.

Auto hibernation not working. Lots of features not working on non root devices. Adv intructions are very vague

Muhammad Ali Dildar
“Ignore background-free” needs to be selected for each app. Kindly add an option to check all applications to make make them “Ignore background-free” for hibernation.

boris milosevic
I love the app and use it constantly.But as of today,I can not kill apps manually,it forces me to activate automated hibernation and I REALLY DON’T LIKE WHAT THAT “FEATURE” CAN DO WITH MY PHONE!WHY do you give yourself right to collect everything I type and isight in my credit card number and my interaction with phone(I DID payed for the extras of this app but I didn’t signed for THAT)?If that is not fixed and you remove yourself from my keyboard and sniffing around my credit cards,I WILL decrease your stars count further…

App User
There is a need of setting which puts newly installed apps into hibernation list automatically. And there is a need to ignore background free for all apps.

Ajit Singh Sandhu
The auto hibernation does not work on my non rooted OnePlus 5 running oxygen 5.1.2 (oreo 8.1.0) which makes the app useless to me because there are 100s of apps on store which help you stop the running apps manually Everytime.

Harsh Bajpai
Greenify is the best ram cleaning app in googe play store and also hibernate background & foreground app and speed up android phones👍 👌 but this app slow down internet speed👎. Hibernation of app will decrease the power of app by this some app are not able to use internet properly ✋.

shawn tane
Not really helpful guide on using. Searched online (through all it’s versions) & think I got it working pretty nice along with xposed module & root. Still don’t understand how some things work but what I got works but I’m still gonna search deeper (New s7 unrooted review)I got forced doze and my 🔋 lasts all day with occasionally use and it ends day with more battery than any phone over ever had. I want to try the donation version but doesn’t do much without root?, but I want to greenify YouTube & gpm (system apps) cause they seem to not close on there own in an efficient way. Netflix is annoying so I’ve installed a real early version and it does seem to stop killing the battery, but all the latest versions just didn’t respect greenify or any of the stopping actions even force closing

mandeep kaur
I also purchased it but its not working in my redmi 3s miui 9 non rooted ,please fix this issue

Tan L H
Why remove the check boxes on notification? Now it is tedious to have to hibernate one app at a time. Please revert back to the check boxes

Chetan Agrawal
Why doesn’t the new update consolidate all the apps to be hibernated together…I have to click hibernate one by one for all of them

App User
can add saved instances? sometimes i want certain apps to be open, other times i want them to be closed. is possible?

Rain Man
Oftentimes, the sleep & hibernate widget does not work. Need to restart to get back to normal. Plz fix this. Thanks!

Prashanna Santha
In my device an error was shown, that is unfortunately music player was stopped. Please solve this issue.

Ar Ar Productions
I am thankful for the people who makes this application it really helps me alot .it keeps my phone as new as the first day I bought it . More Power!!😎🙌

👑🙏👑 NEED 🎲DEV🎲 ATTN:Sent an email and haven’t heard back.I need you to implement profiles (eg one profile to run automatically when the device is locked,and another one or two available for manual activation by shortcuts.Please.I will re-rate back to 5 stars when someone gets back to me. That said,this app is a must have and always one of the first I install on any device (even emulators). It has a unique way of force-closing apps that no other app provides.It is an awesome way to save battery by killing things when you turn off your screen.Saves ram by initiating manually (shortcuts,widgets,notification bar) and gives you a temp speed boost when most needed.Mix it with Macrodroid and you can schedule it to run as often as you need. NO ROOT NEEDED.Although it is faster and more efficient with root.Still awesome without tho. As ruler of the land of Androidia I hold on decree that all users,from the borders of Donut-Land (wasn’t that in Super Mario World?) to the beaches of Oreo Island,for all users, without discrimination, including the Googlites,Samsungians,Members of the Republic of HTC,and all other cultures across the spectrum shall,nay,MUST install this app or face the wrath of the Dark Lord of Battery Sapping.Do it now,or you will be sorry.The war has begun – capacity it falling,temperatures are rising,and charging is slowing.Fight,my minions,with the power of GREENIFY lest you be a fallen victim of the digital Apocalypse!(This is not a paid promotion,I am just bored).👑🙏👑

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