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Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence

By Grammarly, Inc.


App Category:- Productivity

The Grammarly Keyboard helps you write mistake-free and with ease in any app you use on your mobile device. It provides hundreds of checks and features, along with seamless integration. Whether you’re sending an urgent email, important LinkedIn message, or essential Facebook post, you can write from your phone with confidence.

Grammarly Keyboard App

Grammarly Keyboard App


Mistake-Free Writing
– Sophisticated grammar checker
– Contextual spelling checker
– Advanced punctuation correction
– Vocabulary enhancements

Works Everywhere
– Keyboard integrates smoothly with all apps
– Easy to set up

Improve Your Skills
– See short, clear explanations for every correction
– Helps you understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future

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User Reviews:-

Keith Gibson
I want to give his app five stars, however, I’ve noticed several key flaws that really need to be addressed. First and foremost is in correction. While the app will detect and notify you of an issue, I’ve noticed in large bodies of text (I write novels and often use my phone in both MS office and WPS office on a Galaxy S8 as well as a Pixi Tablet) that when you tap one of the green correction bubbles it does not correct the actual target word but inserts it in the body of the text randomly, sometimes into another existing word. This then requires you to go back and correct the correction. Some added features would be helpful as well, a swipe function and predictive text could be helpful also.

Annemarie Humenuk
I have wanted a reliable spell checker since I first got my tablet. I don’t like autocorrect by pressing space bar because it often autocorrects incorrectly. This app is very easy to use and will be even better once I learn how to add punctuation like ‘ without needing to go to punctuation keyboard. The grammar tool likely works well too but I haven’t needed it yet.

Anders Harrison
Initially, I missed being able to swipe to type. But I was making so many mistakes before that I realise it was a false time saver. I really like the spell and usage check within the Grammarly keyboard. Keyboard checking can occasionally be slow and it’s not as in depth and the (fantastic) desktop application. Overall I’m very pleased with this keyboard and id suggest anyone new give it a few days to make a decision, as my initial reaction was wrong.

The app is okay, but it doesn’t respond correctly. When I correctly write a sentence, it says I have incorrect spelling but if I change the word or phrase it makes the sentence sound incorrect. Or if I have the correct word it will say its incorrect spelling. Finally, when I do miss a word or misspell it changes the last word at the end of the sentence. Please fix this issues.

Good for spelling mistakes, but I miss the ‘word option ‘ bar I had previously. The biggest problem is that your texts and emails etc, are not protected. The app has the rights to read what may be considered private information, say, credit card details for example. Seriously considering going back to my old keyboard. If my information was protected I would have given it a higher rating by far. The concept behind the app itself, however, is brilliant.

Anthony C
Well, the free one will have to do. The pricing for the premium version is just too expensive for everyday typing. Which would be more geared for bloggers, teachers, students… That need their grammar to be spot on. Lacks predictive text, and similar features.

Dylan Burrows
SERIOUS SECURITY ISSUES!? The problem I see is that the grammarly keyboard collects your information and it is not secure. So if you enter your passwords for your bank .. type in your cc info they have it all. The concept looks good but I need to know my data is safe. Will go with not using the keyboard though I really wish it was age to use.

Jane Jackson
The corrections are not usually the word I’m looking for and they take a few seconds to appear so I feel like I’m waiting for a while. Additionally, the layout of the emojis is huge and scrolls sideways instead of up and down which is not comfortable. Swiftkey keyboard is still superior.

By far the best BEST keyboard I have ever used for Android, and I’ve been through so many. Gboard, Swype, those ugly third party “fancy” ones on this play store. Gods those were so horrible. This though, this is great.

Well, some people think it’s pretty useless, they should check their spelling or grammar. It’s been helpibg me to write stories easily ever since i downloaded this app! This app will continue to do their best until the end. I hope some people change their mind about how bad grammarly is.

syaza asnawie
Bagus untuk sesiapa yang nak improving english. Satu app yg bagus untuk phone. Senang digunakan dan boleh set ikut yg kita mahukan. Tapi agak slow bila menaip dan auto correct nya agak menganggu kalau kita guna perkataan not in english. Anyway, goof job

Team Aguilar
Horrible app. The suggestion is horrible for slightly missing spelled words. I have to lookup for proper spelling of certain words. And worst of all is the keyboard it sucks.!!

Elaine Tan
Collecting the things you typed including password and cc details. Why is Grammerly collecting such details ? I am sure Grammerly is a good app and would love to use it. But the terms and conditions is stopping me to use it.

Andrew Vailcross
Damn it, just f**king fix it, will you? After almost half a year it still simply doesn’t work in 70% of cases. Havent’t you developers try to use it yourself?

Kyle Langlois
I’ve used the app’s premium since its conception. I missed a payment and they wont honour the same plan and is trying to force the new rate on me. Terrible appreciation of customers who had faith in the app from day 1.

I love the PC version, it’s been super helpful for me. BUT, I think this app is pretty much useless. It only pickes up spelling and punctuation mistakes. Very rarely corrects grammar mistakes. Again, the PC version is awesome, but this app… I rather save the space for something else.

Some improvements required. Swipe keyword would be something to consider. Grammarly overall still needs improvement. I type “This is bot a thing” and it didn’t capture bot as bot doesn’t make any sense here.

Psyche *SWSCA*
I purposely typed sentences with incorrect grammar, but it didn’t correct them at all! It just said “keep up the good work” smh

Calvin Brown
This is a good keyboard but it is slow because there are no predictions in this keyboard. I would like to give u 5 stars if u can add some predictions to this board. I love swiftkey

ayush kanathe
Detect grammatical errors sharply. Response time is not great, and it does not suggest the words quickly. Sometimes it loses data connection during the use of the keyboard.

Kripa Chawla
This is a great keyboard replacement. I loved it. It helps me every now and then. Whether it be a chat or important emails, letters etc. I think everybody should use this app. People out there, do give it a try. It is amazing.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Stephanie Rasmussen
I have dyslexia so I rely heavily on grammar and spell checker. This program is on my phone and laptop has been a life send. Top marks

Corrie UK
Worked for a bit but then just decided to give up trying, words that were clearly wrong it didn’t autocorrect, also noticed it does remember commonly used words like email addresses which is quite annoying…..will be deleting.

jodie s
I can’t tell you much because it won’t send the password reset. I’ve requested it 10 times. Nothing in my inbox and nothing in my junk folder. I’m done trying!

Guy Yellow
I wish that this app was just a keyboard extension. The grammar checking functionality is decent, but as a keyboard, it’s just bland. It lacks in features such as swipe typing, appearance customization, and even haptic feedback; I’ll be sticking with the default Gboard, which has far more features.

Google keyboard actually works better than this and that’s pretty bad … Unless I’m just supposed to use this app for a little bit like you do with Google for it to get down my writing because I suck at spelling awesome at reading but I cannot spell the words that I just read . so I thought this would help with writing I guess it’s not for people like me.. and going through the review comments one brings up a very good point about security because this app I don’t know if this app is trustworthy with any kind of password that links you to your bank account or personal financial institutions so caution I don’t use my phone for that and i only used this app for a minute.. because it keeps everything you right and sees everything and knows where those words were used

Papa Ji
Useless app. I typed both the sentences- 1) when did I say I don’t trust you. 2) when did I said I don’t trust you. This useless app says both sentences are correct. Uninstalling now.

I played around with this keyboard to see if it actually works. It’s very hit or miss. It often doesn’t pick up on contextual errors, or tries to offer incorrect suggestions. I don’t like that it can store credit card and other personal info. I miss predictive text, and the ability to search emojis like in Gboard. I switched back to my Gboard, but kept this installed for when I’m typing while sleepy, distracted, etc. At least a couple of times a day when I’m typing, Grammarly automatically takes over Gboard and I have to switch it back. Super annoying and buggy! The funniest part about this keyboard is all of the people giving it 5 stars with spelling and grammar errors in their reviews. I think that speaks for itself! Deleting it for now. Maybe I’ll come back if some improvements and features are added.

Paul Kounine
If a keyboard app ever required a swipe function, it’s this one. You offer the best grammar correction around, but the mobile experience is bogged down by lack of quick one-handed input.

Aaron YT
I hate typing with the default keyboard. Grammarly makes me enjoy writing again!

Jenea Wilson
Amazing Transformation when It came to getting my message across more effective than ever before So happy I foubd this!!

I installed this program on all my devices. I found when I make the simplest mistake it catches it. I recommend you give it a try! And you are sure to love it as much as I do.

It is not grammar checking. It’s alphabet checking. Useless and Uninstalled since all keyboards have this option.

Luke Wagner
If this keyboard recieves some sort of swipe typing function, it will get 5 stars and I’ll use in for all things.

Farhad Sadighi
Collection of personal data ” including password and credit card number” that’s not necessary and shouldn’t be collected.

If you want to boost your confidence, then download this is app. You can never come across an app which provides you value for money like Grammarly. I love it.

Leticia Vasquez
I love this app, but It doesn’t correct all the time. I always have to go back and recheck what I wrote to see if it makes sense.

Silver –
This app helps me soooooo much with my stories I write. It alarms you whenever you make a mistake, it’s so helpful!

It would be nice if they showed where the error was, so you wouldn’t have to go search for it

Joseph Curry
This app misses a lot if misspellings it should pick up.It pucks up and corrects some errors, but not consistently.

I think this is a good app to have it has helped me a lot since I started using it on my phone and it has also contributed positively to my self-confidence -confidence

Shehiryar Yaseen
Good application I love it It helps us to make our grammar mistakes correct but it sometimes ignores the words that thing must be improved to help the ppl using Grammarly

Nedal Jabbar
This app is great it really works on the train going to work and coming home I’m actually typing and I’m actually working and I find myself really focused and confident with this app and it keep surprising me which I like it’s really cool

Nur Habib
Currently my favorite keyboard. And it doesn’t even autocorrect.😁

Gary Giberson
The grammar checking is wonderful. The keyboard is decent. I just wish it had Swype feature. I hope it is in the developer’s pipeline.

It’s awesome and helps by making writing easy and perfect

Shadow Strike Cosplay
The computer version is amazing But please fix the issue where the app is making the sentences sound incorrect. ^^

Lourdes Santana
It’s good but doesn’t let you cancel the account. Smh

LA Cook
When I first installed this it was Awesome.But,with every update is gets worse.It crashes in the middle of typing constantly.Fix it.I am uninstalling now.

Absolutely wonderful app! Extremely helpful and conveniently simple! Even now this review was spellchecked with the keyboard! Keep up the great work!

H Hodgson
I think that this app is actually the greatest app in the world because of it helps me spell things correctly without me having to change a thing. Thanks!

Emery Weir
I think(because I have dysgraphia) the spelling suggestions could be better but it’s not always you have someone trying to spell maintenance like matenence

Samantha May
It’s a good app, but every time I use quotation marks it always says that I used a period in the middle of a sentence. They should change that.

It is awesome it doesn’t make me look stupid any more😂😂

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