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Graffiti Street Art Design
by Danrundroid

This application gives you inspiration with the galleries of amazing graffiti art design ideas. You can get a hundred ideas of graffiti wall art from this application.Graffiti maker has grown from an underground street art to a legitimate art form in some places. The style is decidedly urban and edgy, and the artwork is seen by more people in a day than most museum pieces see in a year. If you’re interested in learning how to draw graffiti, here’s a legal way to learn how to do it.


Graffiti Street Art Design android app

Graffiti Street Art Design android app


What is Street Art?
Art publicized, illegally or legally, in the streets such as graffiti, stencils, wheat pasting, stickers, rollers, video projection, street installations, screen printing, yarn bombing, sculptures, and lock-ones and so on.
Street art brings forward a different perspective on our society. While destruction may appear to be the only effects of this so called “art”, many street art artists hold a different agenda.

Today I will be displaying just a few of the many talented street art artists which will force you to question your belief on graffiti and what it stands for. As you will be able to tell, not all street art is the same. Every artist I have chosen is known for breaking through your traditional form of street art, graffiti tagging.

What are Street Art or Graffiti Murals? They are large paintings, or graphics, painted directly on a wall. The term street art and graffiti pertains to a specific underground subculture where little-to-no rules exist and a strong passion for urban art.By being able to colorfully paint the streets, one can create a more beautiful city. The color helps influence our emotions on a day to day basis.

Although there are many methods on painting a mural, below is the general form on how to paint a street art mural. Most important, the artist must be able to pay close attention to detail in; ratio sizing, preparation, proper equipment, time scheduling, and painting. By taking the time to properly focus on these steps, the chances on creating a beautiful mural are much higher. Install and enjoy!!!!



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Loved it It’s amazing I love street art


-Street art Art is my passion loved it


-It’s just a few images I don’t need an application for images that I can just Google.


-It’d so cool I’m also good at it


-Nice Love this app


-My son loves it…


-It cool i mean i like it


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