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GPS Route Finder & Location Tracker Free
by Brilliant App Studios

Let’s navigate and track your favorite routes and locations to reach on time through this free location finder GPS app. Unlike so many other GPS apps available, but this navigation app works as a navigation map for users to reach public transport, hospitals, banks and airports on time.


GPS Route Finder & Location Tracker Free android app

GPS Route Finder & Location Tracker Free android app


-Save Your Favorite Locations and route, which you visited
-Search Nearby Places
-Share Locations to Your Friends & Family
-Also Find Friend’s Locations
-Lots of Locations and its Exact Navigation
-GPS Directions, Maps, and Correct Navigation

For real time GPS navigation, you can rely on this app like millions of other businesses have trusted. Avoid traffic blocks and catch a bus with updated ETAs. Now save more time through automatic rerouting to reach through different routes avoiding additional time delays.

-Search Nearby Places and Routes
-See Your Friend’s Location and Routes
-See Nearby Hospitals Locations
-See Where the Banks Are
-From Post Office to Universities, See All in One App

Find your current location and search addresses where you want to go. Explore the new way of traveling with correct internet navigation using GPS system. Get approximate time to reach at ATM machine, airport, hospital, pet shop, university or police station. Know all the address of your town and feel the personal GPS application owner.

-Track Locations through GPS Navigation
-Your Personal GPS Route Finder
-Get Travelling Help through Maps and Directions
-Get to Know the Driving Route First and Share your location with Friends
-Reach Your Destinations Fast and Quickly
-Ensure your GPS Direct is Right on your Phone
-Clear Maps for Better and Simple Understanding

Let’s, take advantage through GPS locator and earth positioning with a simple online navigation app which is totally free for all the users. Get all the city maps for better driving. Many apps also provide offline navigations as well but mostly work better when they are connected with internet GPS navigation system.

Features and Basic Structure of GPS Route Finder & Location Tracker FREE


1- My Location: User can find its current location on map.
2- Nearby Places: -Find Nearby Places and Their Routes, for example hospitals, schools, hotels etc.
3- Search Places: Search any place in search box.
4- Share My Location: User can share its position to another user via SMS.
5- Find Friend Location: Find friend after pasting SMS received by friend


1- Nearby Places Routes: Find nearby places location on map and it also display path to reach at that place
2- Search Places Routes: Find searched place location and path to reach there.
3- Friend Location Route: User can find friend location and route.
4- Track My Location: Track your own location and route you visited last time.


Download GPS Route Finder & Location Tracker Free App:- 

Download GPS Route Finder & Location Tracker Free App ( 3.3 MB)


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-GPS route finder and location tracker is best app for friends and travellers to find routes and navigation. Best gps route finder apps


-Perfect Routes and Navigation


-Great app in the world


-Brilliant App : GPS Route Finder and Location Tracker free


-Nearby places and GPS route finder with location tracking feature


-It was good


-This is best app

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