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Google VR Services

By Google LLC

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Google VR Services

Google VR Services

Google VR Services


Google VR Services provides virtual reality functionality for Daydream and Cardboard apps. This includes functions such as displaying notifications while in VR, pairing Daydream-ready headsets and controllers with your Daydream-ready phone, and entering and exiting VR apps.

Daydream apps will not work if you uninstall Google VR Services.

By using this app you agree to be bound by our Google Terms of Service (Google ToS, and Google’s general Privacy Policy
( This app is a Service as defined in the Google ToS and the terms regarding software in our Services apply to your use of this app.

Download Google VR Services:-

Download Google VR Services App ( 8 MB )

User Reviews:-

Raymond Hitchens

Great experience so far. Seems most of the haters simply don’t know what it does.

Bjorn Slot

People complaining about a few megabytes. Its kind of childish. I for one am enjoying Daydream. Hope Daydream Euphrates update is released soon

ramesh reddy

VR is nice service

smit bidve

World in my hand

Surender Dhiman

Google VR Out of this world experience…..oh boy a new chapter….More More More…..

Eric Ward

I think?? I think I’ll like it. I don’t have the ain’t got s*@it to do today device yet but ITONLY TAKES UP 2.92 MB of space!! QUIT GRIPPING!

Fatih Balsoy

This app doesn’t run in the background at all, neither does it affect battery performance.

App User

Greater than regular video watching

Matt Eldridge

Works perfect with my pixel and daydream. Just struggling to cast to Chromecast

Shane Piskur

Works great! VR looks amazing even on a 1080p display pixel!

Ken Anderson

Excellent Works great with Pixel on T-mobile.

Jacob Brown

People having update issues Use the built in support like I did. Basically go turn off automatic time and then manually set date, time and timezone to the correct one. Then turn back on automatic time and timezone. Updated immediately


People need to get over updating a app that is only a few MB it is a services app which is used by some apps for vr purposes.

michael german

Not used yet The new flagship is the moto z, and just cuz something isn’t compatible at this instant doesn’t mean they arnt going to be down the road, don’t be a give me it now person and just be patient

Upen Dutta

nice app

Nicholas Jozaites

Chill out Everyone take a chill pill. Look at the tiny size. It’s settings options.

App User

Next generation mobile 📱 Virtual Reality!

Joseph Freer

Great start, needs more content though

Aiwin Paul

After installing this app I got daydream for free. Thank you google. Best app ever 😀

Christopher Matulewski-Phipps

Sweet Just need a daydream headset now. Also for people that don’t want this on their phone you can uninstall it.

Michael G

Works great, looks great, runs amazingly well in a 400$ Axon 7 Sometimes crashes when using headphones for any Daydream app

Ahmed Maqayo

It’s a great app

App User

Amazing, this helped my experience with VR so much!

Seth Peters

Works great. Shouldn’t have a low review from anybody. It’s just people who are annoyed at having to download it.

Abizar Taha

A Love-Hate Relationship I love the fact that Android gets native VR but hate the fact that I can’t use it cause Nexus 5

Trenton Gold

Didn’t think I’d care about VR. However, after using the Daydream headset I love it.

Dylan Long

For everyone complaining about not being able to open this app, just stop you have no idea what this is. Think of Google VR Services as a driver of sorts for your device so it can utilize virtual reality. And no, just by installing this app you won’t magically have VR, you need a headset and an appropriate phone. But if you do have a Daydream or Cardboard headset then you will need this app for VR apps to work. This app is not malware, bloatware, or any other type of unnecessary software. It, as it says in the description, “provides functionality for Daydream and Cardboard apps”. Just like a computer driver, opening it will do nothing, that’s why there is no “Open” button. Your phone is what utilizes this service, not you directly. I hope this helps anyone confused by this app, I felt the need to write this because of the incredibly high amount of 1 star ratings. For what it’s worth Google VR Services works well for what it’s meant to do, which is good because you have no other options.

Jonathan King

This isn’t spam. Daydream and VR services are interested into the system. This isn’t spam, this is a change to the normal VR services.

Scott Fechtel

I think this is a great app for any one who has the right assets to run this driver (suitable phone, a VR headset, etc.). There are a lot of negative ratings for this app but don’t let them deter you if your looking for a good VR driver. Most of the negative reviews don’t do it justice because they aren’t criticizing how well the app accomplishes the service it aims to provide. They mostly are giving it bad ratings just because they don’t like VR and don’t care for it. I think there complaints are being wasted here and aren’t really suitable for what is being asked for here either.

Graham Smart

Wow. Just wow. You need this app in your life!

Nathan B

Well Apparently people can’t read. This VR services update is for cardboard and daydream headsets. Any phone can work with a cheap cardboard headset and no they’re not only available in the US. Stop whining because you didn’t take three seconds to read about the update.

Jonathan H

Great app! Use it daily, up there with the cure for cancer.

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