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Google Primer
by Google Learn Apps

Google Primer

Google Primer

Primer is an educational app that’s a fast, easy way to learn new business and marketing skills. We give you bite-sized lessons to do whenever you have 5 minutes free. Interactive tutorials help you learn new topics quickly, like business planning, content marketing, SEO, analytics, digital advertising, sales, branding, and more. And you can put your new knowledge to use right away with personalized, in-app next steps that are automatically saved for you.

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Download Google Primer App ( 18.2 MB )


User Reviews :

-Card based lesson on marketing and business, wide range of content for beginners who wants to study about these two subject but too lazy too start on the conventional way. 5 stars!!

-One of the best apps, has become my go to whenever I have free time.

-I like the way they motivates you to do what you want.

-This is the best for me

-I think it’s a good start for people that want to start their own business.

-so far is good, but i have idea for this apps. please input translate in every language to make this app so easly learn for everyone. sorry my english so bad. 😅

-One of the best app ever came across regarding business development…. I’m an entrepreneur and this app cleared some of my visions which I never had related to my product as well as the marketing sectors…. I’ll recommend everyone to at least try it!!!

-Its really helpful for those people who wanted to start something good product but they dont know what the circumstances has camed. Its technically teach them to upgrade yourself before you fully indulge mentally and physically in that.

-first thing im not understanding english so please add some indian languages like kanndada then only u guys reach to every one.

-I am in love with this app! Great Google! Keep up the good work.

-It teaches you how to use what they call Google AdSense and how to Market your business and your products and still come out successful you start as a startup and you think like a startup to grow like a star that you know the words don’t always think as hell that was that mean just don’t think too b…

-I am not from marketing, have to work hard to start as Newman. In marketing.

-I need something about sponsership how to easily get it to do an event or fest

-Is a best marketing app & osm learn

-It’s very good at learning level

-nice .. but is it support other languages ? hope it will translate to bahasa Indonesia

-The App is great, I learnt many things

-Good but if you add Tamil language so very helpful

-Most needed app for entrepreneurs… please try to Add more lessons regularly…

-Very useful and insightful, simple explanation and examples 😀

-Very useful app for startup and entrepreneurs

-Helpful in finding great deals

-This app is particularly valuable for offline users, it’s helping me up to tomorrow.

-Great app! This app is perfect for startups. I needed help with marketing and this app has given me the skills I need to succeed. This app is perfect for anyone that owns their own business.

-Free and useful, great design.

-Buen layout y muy fácil de usar, además, tiene clases interesantes y necesarias para la era moderna.

-This marketing education app is such a treat. The bite-sized lessons are quite succinct. Keep up the good work.

-Tell any one have completed the any lesson of this app.

-Everything is great at at this app ez to work with mini author people please try this one takes sincerely keith rost

-Thanks for this! Very useful content.

-Great app .i have been looking for such an informative app for long.Thank you it

-This is really one of the best apps for personal business development.

-Intuitive app. Amazing design… cool

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