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Google Play Games
by Google LLC

Games get more fun with the Google Play Games app. Browse and compete with friends, track your achievements, and pick up where you left off, on any device. As you master more games, show off your skills in your gamer profile. Record your gameplay and share it to YouTube. Play the world, anywhere in the world, all from one place.

Google Play Games

Google Play Games

• Gamer profile: Create your custom Gamer ID, earn XP, and level up as you master games across Google Play.
• Achievements & leaderboards: Complete challenges, earn awards, and track them all right from the app. Then, see how you stack up against other players.
• New! Built-in Google games: Play PAC-MAN, Solitaire, and Cricket – even when offline.
• Gameplay recording*: Easily record and share your best gaming moments from your favorite mobile games.

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User Reviews:

-A pointless app. The only real good it does is save game progress across devices, which should have been done eons ago. The included games don’t work very well. I love that Pac-Man is there, but it doesn’t work a expectedon a touchscreen. Nice try. Solitaire is included here, but does not let you win games. So, kind of pointless there. Cricket maybe a great sport to play in real life, but not as a game presented here.

-My Clash Of Clan Account I have been connected to Foogle Play Games. A new Google Play Account can not be replaced by a new one. No matter how much you are connected to it. It is always red. The first Google Play Account Level 08 was. Once upon a time I had to recover it from Clash Of Clan Base. So if you go back, do not get me back. Please help. Help connect with the new Google Play account. Please Help Me Google … I can Belive It Your Perfect Google

-Guys! What have you done to this! I used to be able to make finished videos on YouTube with this! And now I can’t even finish a short video even though I have an hour left of recording time! This is gonna be bad for my YouTube channel and it’s your fault! Please fix this soon!

-Fix whatever issues folks are having, I haven’t dove into the new changes and I am not an expert on the prior version because i next to never open this app. But I like the new design so my ratings is for that and that only.

-The jarani move in the next few years ago and I have a if you could be used to work with a few minutes. Our client. I will not be able to get to the new year, and a bit of an issue

-Everything was going fine, but today i opened the gmail application than a notification appeared that “gmail won’t run unless you update google play services”. I tried many time to update google play services but it shows an error. I don’t know what to to., so please suggest me the right way to get rid of this situation. Waiting for your reply.

-I couldn’t sing in my clash Royale game. When I open clash Royale and try to sing in than its not go to sing in option and not open sign in. Please fix this…… fast…. it shows unknown issue of Google play services in my other device as well….

-Whoever says this is better than steam is a moron. Steam is designed for PC games this is designed for mobile and app based games. Steam supports mostly PC based games and yes has a mobile app. But even though you can download Google play on your PC and play games from it, it is not better than steam. I use both quite a bit and I would still take steam over Google play any day.

-Its not logging in keep saying ‘you need an active internet connection’ even though I’ve 4G network! Due to that now I can’t open my Clash of Clans account on which I spend more than 3 years! This is disgusting!

-After this new update I lost all of my recorded game such as in my talking Angela, Tom and hulk all of the recorded one are lost and it is difficult to use. Google plz give me back my recorded games data

-This app has made it so easy for me to save my game data and transfer over my game data for when I’m installing an app that I’ve played before with saved game progress. I had just gotten a new phone for Christmas because my other phone wouldn’t charge anymore and I had to download all the games on my old phone onto my new phone and I had saved game progress on all them, so when I installed all the apps I had all I had to do was just put in my google play account and password and all my saved game progress was now transfered to my new phone. The games that I had to install was:

-Cant sign in. I already have internet connection Edit(17/1/18)it is working now. Thanks google😊. The new ui looks great and is much better too. Launching a game from play games doesn’t feel tedious since the gui is bigger now.

-I like the redesign but it’s needs a lot of work! Whatever happened to adding friends? game invites through this service? And to see my xp bar of my level it’s all very badly presented. The new redesign seems really good because it’s simplistic but the overall loss in functionality seems not worth it. Add the needed features!

-I just want to know if there is a limit of gamer profiles we can use in one app. Because I have logged in a Gmail id but am unable to see it’s gamer profile in the app. Plzzzzzz help ASAP

-Well, I didn’t love it but didn’t hate it either. The only 2 things that I had a problem with how long it takes to load and it would always lose connection.

-I don’t like that i need to have this app on my phone to run games. It takes up space when I already have too little. I want to be able to install or uninstall whatever I want without having to be told I need this app to do so.

-I like the app just fine, but in all honesty, I actually happened to have liked it a whole lot more before the new update since it seems allot more limited now than the previous version, especially in terms of what I am able to view and whatnot.

-I can’t login to the game with Google account acutely I have 2 accounts but I try to login it’s automatically logged in 1 account but how do I log in another account the problem is when I use old version its ask me which account to login but now it’s automatically logged in. That’s my problem can you guys help me.

-Google Play Games The best by far game enhancing platform online that helps everyone both players and games communicate together forming a better gaming experience similar to that of Real Arcade during its glory days before Gamehouse games messed everything up!

-The old version is better than the previous version. I can’t see what games I played in this new version of Google play games. Please update soon and make it like the previous version. Please respond and reply….Waiting for reply or update…Thanking you Sandy

-After the update the app interface has been changed which is refreshing, but it is not showing any installed app. It is just showing blank screens everywhere. I am using the MiA1 on oreo.

-I could not find any search button to find game and find friends. I could not save my data of temple run on it. I have earned 97 achievement but it doesn’t count them. I hope you will resolve the problem.

-I really love the new design. Adding the built-in games was a good idea. Make the pacman game controls smoother and the cricket game less laggy (It lags a lot on my phone ‘-‘).

-To be honest after the new update I don’t like much… Or at least I like the old way more. So if you can bring the old version back I dislike the new one. Please;-;

-I can’t open ANYTHING Google related other than the Play Store and YouTube and games that use Play Games since I installed the new version. Something is very screwed up with this update. (Acer Iconia A3-A10)

-Will not work on LG K3 This app did not come pre-installed on my K3. At first I got the error “could not connect to Play Services” so I performed a factory data reset after exhausting all other options. Now, I can’t get the app to load past the splash screen. Everything’s been recently updated on my phone and I’ve tried reinstating the app a couple of times.

-New update sucks. Old one is better. They removed date of achievement in game achievement tab which is the biggest missing feather . In earlier version it was easy to identify which non installed game has achievement/leaderboard available.

-Great selection of games, however, I wish there was an option that would allow me to view the lowest ratings first. The current options for viewing reviews are highest, newest and most helpful but I really want to be able to see why people rated a game poorly. That’s all, thanks.

-Check out my youtube channel its called zicroz search it up and a video called toxic meme mix will come up. Click on that and click on my channel. If you like my videos, the please consider subscribing

-The game are very fun and exciting but, apps keeps shutting down. Mainly in live racing mode like csr2 .all live events has major connection issues.

-Submit review correct ads this link system information carrectin account A.D. including this linking connection ect myself phone Samsung Galaxy J2 mobile Under the including this link. Please submitted active ads this site in solution corrected. Support related support ads line view in review added.

-FINALLY they fixed the broken 1fps series of updates on the nexus 6p. The app is smooth again… Took them a few months… Nice new ui too

-Help plz.. I am not able to switch my clash of clans account after the update. It keeps on displaying no internet connection despite being connected to the internet. Please answer.

-It’s okay but I started to have issues with record button stuck on my screen. Unistalled but hoping the bug will be worked out, try again..I suppose.

-When I want to go on a game it says 1. Check Internet connection and make sure you have the latest Google play and it don’t say on here it needs a update

-Google’s math is wrong for my total exp. Also it’s harder to compare achievements with friends and there’s still no adds friend button. All up disappointed. A bad app got even worse

-Why does Google Play Games always stop running on my phone?? Whenever I play a game there must be a text said ‘Google Play Games has stopped’.Please fix it’s a bit annoying…..

-Update: The server connection is fixed for now from the last update. Hope you guys will continue monitoring the connection status and don’t let the same problem happen again

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