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Google Play Books
by Google LLC

Google Play Books is the one app that you need for enjoying audiobooks and ebooks purchased from Google Play.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books


Choose from millions of best selling ebooks, comics, textbooks and audiobooks. Download your book to read or listen to on the go. When you’ve finished, find your next favourite from recommendations personalised just for you. Buy audiobooks and ebooks as you go – with no subscription required.

* New! Audiobooks are now available on Google Play
* Buy one or many – no monthly subscription required
* Preview free samples of audiobooks before you buy
* Pick up where you left off on Android, iOS or on your web browser


Download Google Play Books app: 

Download Google Play Books App (13 MB)


User Reviews :

-Why am I not able to move app data to SD Card? When moving the app to external storage it moves only app & not the app data. Please consider providing the full fledged external storage support that can also move app data( downloaded books) to external storage along with the app itself. Also please provide much needed option for Tagging or Sorting the books as per genere/choice. This is one of the app that doesn’t qualifies the Google standards. Please make us amazed by fixing and improving the app as always. Till then 3 *

-There is no way to organize uploaded or purchased books – users have been asking this for years, but in different ways. There needs to be a way to organize your uploaded or purchased books into series or authors or how every the user needs. Google are you listening! I have deducted all stars – I keep getting anime suggestions for books and books I’ve said I’m not interested in – I have never purchased any and Mark them as not interested but more show up!

-This app is absolutely great!! I thoroughly loved using it. There’s one problem however, I do not want the covers of my books to be shown in my device’s gallery. Please make them hidden. It’s taking up a lot of gallery space, and besides I do not want anyone else to peep into my collection through the gallery.

-Limits displayed highlights in Google Drive with message “Highlighted text cannot be displayed” after reaching a limit, can’t print all highlights so no good for research work. Limits copied texts as well. Read aloud OK but no ready settings within app to change speed, etc of reading.

-Limits displayed highlights in Google Drive with message “Highlighted text cannot be displayed” after reaching a limit, can’t print all highlights so no good for research work. Limits copied texts as well. Read aloud OK but no ready settings within app to change speed, etc of reading.

-The addition of finished reading start reading continue reading shelves was great. but I can really be flexible with the shelves. Now imagine that I accidentally opened a book and I decided that I will read it later so I start some other book. Now the book I opened earlier will stay in my continue reading shelf. And that’s gonna bug me when you keep asking me to continue reading a book which I haven’t even started yet… please fix this issue

-I am glad Google are venturing into the audiobook realm in addition to e-books. But I would definitely welcome an updated, improved Play Books app, which has more integration of audio and ebooks purchased via Google. I mean in the sense that you can both read and listen at the same time if you want to, as well as easily switching from reading to listening. This is doable with Amazon’s Audible and Kindle apps, and those work together very well. It is shame because I have Google Home and other Google products, but this is certainly something that might sway me from using those Amazon apps mentioned.

-Love it! Please allow people to submit books I have cool books that are old but I don’t know hoe to upload the snacs of it to your website. You should allow this so we can make all books around the world in a database so if a book gets destroyed we have it online.

-Need another method to buy book, coz i dont have cc and difficult to find gp gift at my village. I try buy with my phone number and still stuck. If u can, give method to buy from minimarket/supermarket

-It keeps disabling in my phone… I have to come to store and enable it every time I want to use it. Frustrating… Update – It doesn’t get disabled anymore, so it gets a 5 from me for being perfect. ❤️

-I love finding books on here and many of them are free or cheap. I also really like the offline dictionary. I use this app to read most of the time. the read aloud option is great! I listen to books while I’m driving or doing dishes. It can get confusing since it uses your tts on your phone and there is no way to tell when different people are talking but now there are audio books available too so if you listen to books a lot that might be the way to go. Overall this app has everything you could ask for.

-I love that it can read the book to you. A speed up/slow down setting would be a welcome addition. My only problem with the application is the difficulties with highlighting. It is tedious to accurately select the text and highlighting across page breaks is impossible. I wish they’d fix that.

-This would be a almost perfect app if it didn’t insist on changing my preferred male (English united kingdom) text to speech voice back to the grating female voice. I find this problem so annoying that I’m going to have to find another reader.

-The app is OK in general, but audio books leave a lot to be desired, Google audio books are way behind audible in terms of functionality. My main issue with the audio book side is the lack of bookmarks, every book worm needs bookmarks! Please add the ability to bookmark audio books!

-It’s fine as a portable library. My one criticism is the Read Aloud feature is pretty poor. There are a lot of places where it stumbled when it comes to clear-cut punctuation, such as dashes, which would denote a pause. It reads years like “the late 1970s” as “the late one thousand nine hundred and seventies.” These don’t seem like difficult fixes to make, but I’ve had this app on all my Android phones and have not seen much improvement in this feature. I wish there would be an update to it.

-I can’t translate from English to Thai language. Before reset my phone this function can use. Do you have some method to solve this problem.

-I was happier having it in a previous Samsung device. However on an s8 it doesn’t exist to download on the screen and find it easily.. it’s very annoying

-The long, show upload and download process is a pain. Playbooks needs the ability to just open a local file without it being to upload. 5 stars when people with poor internet due the NBN being an absolute a joke are respected.

-It used to have a quick way to translate words which seemed to disappear. Also, can you please finally fix the page numbers? Tired of seeing 10 at the top for pages 100-199 and 20 at the top for pages 201-299. This is a simple fix that has been neglected for a long time. I have yet to find any issues with the audiobook interface.

-On par with the Kindle app (at least in GUI) but is a bit lacking in some very specific areas. I don’t believe there is a way to highlight across pages, but that’s about as far as complaints go.

-This is great because books are relatively cheaper compared to Audible even without a monthly subscription fee. However, it still lacks useful features such as bookmarking and note taking.

-It’s keep getting disabled Everytime I try to open this app need to go to play store and enable it… nonsense

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