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Google PDF Viewer

By Google LLC

App Category:- Productivity

Google PDF Viewer


PDF Viewing is now available directly in Google Drive. For environments where this cannot be deployed, Google PDF Viewer offers the same capabilities in a standalone app. View, print, search and copy text from pdf documents while you’re on the go.

Note 1: PDF Viewer is primarily meant for use in the context of the Android for Work Program (

Note 2: No icon is available in launcher, the app is launched when opening a pdf (from Downloads or another app).

Download Google PDF Viewer App Apk:-

Download Google PDF Viewer App Apk ( 4.89 MB )

User Reviews

David Naidoo
Great Good app

Khairus Sa’ida Md Sa’aid
Awesome ! Really great job 😍

saroj behera
Awesome Goog app

Jeel Mistry
Size & works This great app to read PDF file and its size is very smaller yhal all application’s sizes .

Shane Vanderhoff
Amazing app for PDF viewing on the go, pocket sized and portable.

Gert Van Zeben
Needed an PDF viewer! It works! Simple as 123.

Shubham Choudhary
A good one .May be perfect for instant use

Qurrat ul Ain
Best apps Google apps are very easy to use

shashank shekhar
Nice and well designed… Easy to use above all … Hassle free..

long boy
No issues, good small app for viewing pdf.

Joshi Dhruv
I like it, it’s smaller than Adobe reader in size. Good pdf viewer.

Ranjeetkumar Yadav
Good App But it’s not worth installing if you have Google Drive already installed as Drive has its own Viewer. Both of them are exactly same, as per what I have observed. I didn’t find any problem in it, it’s a Nice App.

Sujoy Chatterjee
best pdf reader lots of exciting stuff, enjoing it on my micromax canvas

Andrew Salido
Google PDF easy to view and read

Daksh Gohil
Best of best Google is best . Everything is free of Google. I think Google should make its game

Daniel Chihane
Best Android PDF app ! Using it on a S7 edge works marvelously ! Great job Google !

App User
Complainers everywhere… This is a reader Google don’t want you to have a shortcut! G Suite for 5$ a month will do everything for you. Integration with google is perfect, do it and than when you need a pdf click pdf on your google drive search and the cpu who’s gonna search for it is belonging to google so the anseer pops out as fast as if it was tgere before you even searched for it just do ‘pd…’ If you look for a pdf abiut a diploma you just go and type in google drive ‘pdf di..’ it pops Google is smarter than you and for you Thanks

Mahmoud Farrag
Great Reader! I was paid to rate this five stars…

Kumar Soni
Wow Thanks for Google’s

Dashing Mahar
Fantastic Very nice app

Abhishek Grandhi
Wonderful application I ever used and the best

Mukesh Marlin
Loving it Usefull for cheap android phones bcoz in costly phone this app is already inbuild

Prakruti Sharma
Its easy and good to download and see files from google chrome.

T Dennison
Great for. School stuff Thing. Of. Takeing. Early. Child. Hood. Doveipmet. Classes. My. Son. Showed. Mebthat. Intrest

Abhishek Dhania
Superb app with google trademark in short size

Dirt Devil
Best app Best app than others apps. I really love this!!!

Anandu Prakash
Simple. Loads very faster. Use very low storage.

Iorhundu Ushahemba J
Am just opening the site I need to understand how it work.

Jidul Jacob
Loved it Best pdf reader, have found ever in android.

Wali Adam Waaez Nusker
Great! This app came in handy during my exams! Took my notes in .pdf format and aced the test!

Very useful! I like it and keep my files to safely place in my files and folders. I am going recommend this to everyone should use it for any thing.

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