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Google Opinion Rewards
by Google LLC

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Answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards, an app created by the Google Surveys team. Getting started is easy. Download the app and answer basic questions about yourself. We’ll then send you surveys around once a week, although it may be more or less frequent. You’ll get a notification on your phone when a short and relevant survey is ready for you, and can receive up to £0.60 in Play credit for completing it. Questions can range from, “Which logo is best?” and “Which promotion is most compelling?” to “When do you plan on traveling next?”


Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards


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Download Google Opinion Rewards App


User Reviews :-

Mamun A
Although I have made money from this app i have had it for almost 3 months and i only have got 46p. I was hoping to get more surveys or better yet, more money from the surveys. I have not done a survey in quite a while so i hope that changes soon. But this app does still give money which is better than other apps. So yeah ill keep using it but i i will probably only suggest this app for in app purchases. Unless you would like to wait a whole year or more to get £5.00 just for one game

Casey Wills
I would of gave this app 5 stars as it is an amazing app with the concept of taking free surveys for Google play credit, however I’ve had this app for a few weeks and only received 2 surveys. They did not pay much and I do understand you can’t just give out hundreds. I also understand that you can only give surveys out when you have them ready but I feel like your not caring too much for the app as I’ve rarely received any. I would think it would be a bit better if you spent more time on the app than you do now.and I’ll give 5 stars.

james duncan
I was going buy an in app item. The item in question is 99 cents. I currently have $1.16 in my account after using google opinion rewards. When I went to buy the item, I was told that I don’t have enough funds to purchase the item. It said I only had 46 cents, but when I clicked the add payment option, It showed I had $1.16. When I went to the play store and tried to buy a 99 cent app, I was able to afford it. Using another app also showed I have sufficient balance to purchase a 99 cent item. The idea of getting money by answering surveys is great, but if I can’t use the funds for what I want, I can’t give more than 3 stars

Its good, but it takes forever to get the survey. You also should boost the amount of money you get from finishing them too. For now, this is the best option to get the money since i rarely got time to do the surveys. The other apps pay too little and takes too long. I’ll change my rating once we could have at least 3 surveys a day, the money wouldn’t matter but it would be better. 🙂

Dhaval Jani
I used to be able to redeem credits on Google play but since last few months it doesn’t do anything when. I click to redeem. I’ve $17.44 in credits but it’s still asking me to use my credit card or enter redemption code when checking out. I’m logged into both apps using same ID and I’ve tried to email and contact support using feedback option but haven’t had any luck.

Pam Buckshon
Make sure you have your location set to high accuracy if you want more surveys. I’m not sure why they ask me the same questions over and over again, even on the same day, but at least I know the answers and don’t mind making a dollar every week or so! Sometimes I’ll get 8-10 surveys in a two-day period and all of the questions will be exactly the same. I’m not sure if they’re just trying to figure out whether I’m lying or what lol. Regardless, I haven’t paid for an app since I installed Google Opinion Rewards and this year I’ll probably be able to afford my upgraded Google Drive too.

Natasha Sharma
This is an absolutely fantastic app. The best way to warn legit Google Play credit. The survey frequency varies, from 3 in a day to 2 to in a week. But in the 2 months i have been using it, i have earned almost $4. You need to do virtually nothing. Only provude correct answers (they kniw when you are lying). Keep your lication on for more frequent surveys.

Tara Phanh
This is a great app, free money. Just answer a couple questions truthfully. I’ve gotten over $50 worth and used them to buy music, but you can buy games too. I’ve had this for about 2 years but for the past 9 months I haven’t gotten any surveys, and I have the notification on. Update: after not receiving anymore surveys, I have lost the rest of my Google play money. It was nice while it lasted. But now it is time to delete. Thank you.

Lexi Winslow
I am getting NO surveys AT ALL. I have this app for almost a month now and I only got one survey please update. I am trying so hard to get 7 dollars for Minecraft but I can’t do that if I get no surveys. Please fix this and I will rate 5 stars. Also can you make it so we can transfer some credit to other people too. I want to be able to help my sisters to if they don’t get surveys.

Alexander Davis
I changed my review from a 1 Star to a 4 star. When this app started sending surveys it kept coming. It does allow down occasionally and you’ll not get surveys for quite some time but wait it out. One or two will pop up. I have bought ebooks with so my earnings which is greater than 8 dollars.

I have had the app since roughly June and it’s October. Since then I have accumulated a little over $9. You get paid free money, but you can only spend it on Google play. I dont get a lot of surveys, I get around 1-5 a month. You get paid anywhere from .10-.60 cents. If you leave your GPS on though, you’re likely to get more because it will record where you have been ask you about them. Make sure that you are being honest with your answers.. they know when you are not. I recommend them to everyone. Hopefully I’ll get more surveys soon!! Update: still use this app. I have made about $30 in a year all together. Love it.

Michael Divers
The app itself works fine but I had this a couple weeks and only received one survey. That survey only asked me if I had watched basketball on TV that week. It asked it a few times worded pretty much exactly the same. 1. I am not a big sports fan. 2. It wasn’t basketball season. Apparently answering honestly put me in a category of people that don’t get surveys. Depending on your demographics and interests this may be a good app, but I suspect many users will have my experience. You will answer your survey honestly and get yourself listed as someone they don’t want market research from.

Dina Arnold
I really love the app! It’s really cool in my opinion. The only reason I didn’t rate five stars is because I’ve only gotten one survey so far while other people seem to be getting multiple surveys a day. Is this a bug with my phone or is there a way to fix it?

Abbey Odell
I really like the concept of this app. Easy way to earn Google play credits. I only wish they were more frequent and not here and there with surveys. Update: have earned about $6 since downloading the app a couple months ago but its FREE MONEY so no complaints. Update: have had this app since March 2015 and have earned $125 and some change. TIP: leave location on your phone on and you will get more surveys. Dont listen to some reviews on here. I have had this app for a few yrs now. The max I’ve earned with one survey and them only being a few questions was $1.10 and tge minimum was $.10

Pramod Kumar
This is the best and the official app from Google to earn Play credits.We can earn money by answering the surveys given Google to us in our phone.When we answer the surveys we get money.We can use this money to buy paid games, applications,movies and music only from Google PlayStore. The maximum amount of money that we get in answering each survey is ₹10 ($0.1). We can get only 1/2 suverys weekly. All the surveys are not of the same amount of money. In some surveys we can also not get paid. Wherever in some surveys we can earn ₹2,₹6.40,₹10 etc. But not greater than ₹10 ($0.1)

James Gent
got the app late 2015 have earned £75. some weeks get more srvys then others they are quick 1-5 questions, 1 touch answer surveys bassed on where you have been and what you have watched on YouTube. like others say keep location turned on. you get from 6p – 60p per survey in my experience

Pattina Phetphommasouk
It would get a higher rating if it would give me rewards. It’s been a year since I did not get anything from it. I even did a google home survey and I still got nothing. Please fix this issue. Except for that, it’s really easy to use doesn’t take much time and you can do it at your own pace!

Ted Jordan
On Samsung you have to select “Optimize Battery Usage” otherwise you won’t get any surveys. For some reason my surveys have stopped even though I have this setting (so has my Southwest app) so now I’m not sure what’s happening I’d like to know a way to test the app

Rahul Prakash
I have been using this app since September 15th, 2015. When it first started off the surveys were not very frequent, I made $2 by the end of the year. However in 2016 they came more frequently and I made a total of $27 throughout the year. To date I have made a total of $56.62. I noticed that on Android by turning your “Sync” and “GPS” settings on all the time the app tracks where you go and asks for reviews on certain locations, the more you travel to brand names stores and the more real your answer, the more cents you make, and the more rewards you receive. I have never had a problem with this app and I will continue to support it. The payout ranges from $0.10 to $1.00 a survey however not all surveys reward money (only happened to me a handful of times).

Leo Setu
This app is wonderful. Over the steady course of around 6 months where i would get surveys every few 3 days ive earned $26. This is real, free and easy. However in the last month or so the number of surveys I’ve received started doing and i have not done one since nearly a month. I also came across the issue a few months back where it would not notify me if i had a survey, so i had to manually check in the app and refresh it to see if i have a survey. Cant remember if it’s fixed, it may be but i can’t confirm as i haven’t received a survey in a while.

Matthew Sanders
Simple and I’m sure effective. I find the randomness of the rewards fascinating. But there is an elephant in this room… play store Movies etc are all too expensive for digital content. Honestly in some case I’d be paying less at brick and mortar stores. Drive down the prices and this will feel more rewarding.

Jay Gemas
So I had the app for 3 years. For the first year things went good. After the first year the surveys cut in half, by the second year and to the third I maybe received 2 surveys. Honestly it just takes up space now, and can be easily replaced by many other apps. Will be removing and will not recommend anyone else to it.

Nadiya Begum
Wow… it is now almost the end of June 2018, the last survey I had done was all the way near the beginning of January of this year. And nothing seems to have changed since 😑 This really needs more surveys and then it would be worth 5 stars

It’s a AMAZING app! You take simple surveys and get actual money! You can spend it in the play store or even use it in games! I am having a problem purchasing something in-game. I have $1.35 and the thing costs $0.99. When I try to purchase, it says I have $0.32. Help?

Rory Agey
It’s hit and miss. Some people get surveys all the time, and some don’t. Which I understand, a certain demographic gets more, but I really wish I’d get more than 1 in the span of 6 months. I might have earned maybe 10 dollars over the 2 years I’ve had this installed. That’s a generous estimate, though.

Q Haggs
I love the concept of earning money through surveys. The only problem is my money isn’t transferring for in app purchases. When I go into pokemon go and go to purchase something it shows my balance before I earned my opinion rewards credit. Although the play store shows my updated balance. I do not know why this is not working. Any help would be gladly appreciated

Diane Marshburn
Finally an app for taking surveys that’s legit! You are rewarded “play credits” they’re redeemable within the Google Play app. DOWNLOAD THE APP!! YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!! I’ve purchased some editing apps for photos and videos, I wouldn’t have been able to get them had it not been for the play credits earned with this app! Thanks Google!

Maddie Decker
This app is a great idea and easy to use. I like to use it to make additional purchases in Pokémon GO, and we aren’t really in a stable enough financial situation to keep making purchases on Google Play. The only catch is that there are seldom any surveys available.

Jeffrey Clement
This would be great if your rewards didnt expire so quickly. Trying to save for a specific app. But you cant make that much in the time they expire. So you end up giving them info for free. Please extend your expiry date. On a positive not. The more you visit specific areas, the more chances you get at surveys. I hope this rate keeps up.

Spencer Page
Very cool idea but it’s been almost 2 weeks since my last $.08 survey. So the surveys are kinda to far apart. One a day or even 3 a week would be fine. But over all it is what is just alot slower pace then expected.

Mithinga Brahma
I trust this app with 💯% . I am planning to purchase PUBG’s in app supplies/crates in near future. The app was working perfectly. But since new version came, the app always tells me to update the app which I have already done. I can’t even do the survey, the app is not letting me to. Please fix this ASAP. Thanks

Miranda Osborn
I’ve had this app since February of ’14 and earned over $100. Went almost year with no surveys, but they started up again. Love that I have random $ to spend on games. Who doesn’t love free money? 😁

Trond Wennevik
Latest update won’t work. Edit: Says my app is too old, need to update. I did. Still says it’s too old. Otherwise a good app. You actually earn credits to use on Google play for answering a couple of questions. But frequency of available surveys has gone down from a handful a month to once every two-three months.

Catherine Hayes
Over half of my rewards disappeared after the update. I checked the help center and there was nothing on the issue. I contacted customer service and they refused to help and told me to check the help center. I even provided screen shots that showed proof. I told them I had already checked the help center and they never contacted me back. I know it isn’t much money, but that is still wrong. Fix it and do the right thing and I’ll change my review.

Barry Shrum
Update 2018: I’ve had experience with this app since 2014. It simply doesn’t generate surveys at all. I keep coming back expecting different results, so I don’t know what that says about me! I suppose I expect a little better service from Google.

Kristin Coyne
It seems ligit. They say they will give out surveys when they are available. I had this app for weeks now and still no survey. Maybe I just missed some. IDK! I gave this one more star becuz I got a few surveys. I now have $0.54 in Google credit. I will give it a full 5 stars if I get more surveys. I got more surveys! $0.92 now!

Manas Kalyan
it is the one of the best apps I ever seen. Google give me rewards for each and every survey but. Not only in this way it should have a another option such that we can convert the money that has been awarded to us in the form of paytm cash or something else wich would bee a useful thing PEACR😘😇😇

Min Se Thu
The app was working fine before the update. But after the most recent update, it still says that Google Opinion Rewards is out of date and to install the latest update from the play store. Which I already have. Even though there’s an available survey, I am not able to answer it due to this problem.

Tina Wong
I’m having the same issue as most since the recent update. It also keeps telling me to update the app before I can complete any surveys even though the app is up-to-date. Please fix and I will be able to write a proper review.

This app is great. The surverys are short and the rewards you get in return are great as well. You can get about $0.10 to $0.90 after each survey. The surveys may come after like 1½ weeks or so, but since it’s totally free and legit, can’t complain.

It is a great app, useful when needing money for entertainment or in app purchases. But there is one problem: The surveys do not go on often. Some people have waited many months for 1 survey. I would appreaciate a reply.

subajit hazra
Right away, I found this review… which was extremely helpful. Google Opinion Rewards Review Report this ad I’m not sure why this user stopped getting reviews… but the information they gave about their experience was very specific, right down to how many surveys they had done and how long they had been using the app. When we take into account how many months they’d been using the app (8), how long it took to do each survey (30-60 seconds), the amount of time it’s been since they’ve received a survey (7 weeks), and the exact number of surveys they’ve received in total (39), we can easily see that this person received an average of 6-7 surveys a month while they were still completing surveys. This meant that, for about 6-7 minutes of work each month, maximum, they were earning somewhere between $3 and $7 that they could then use in the Google Play Store for apps—which is actually pretty sweet. Other reviewers seemed to support what we found in this review—though some say that they get even fewer surveys than this. Some say they get one a month, others say they don’t even get that many… more like one every 5 to 7 weeks!

Krista O’Halpin
This app is sexist. My husband and I get the exact same surveys (sometimes he gets more actually even if we go to the same places) but he will ALWAYS get 60% or more money in rewards than I ever do.

Patrice Bacote
I love this app. I’ve had it downloaded for a little over a year. I’ve made 24 dollars in all. I know that’s not a lot but it comes in handy when you want to buy a game from the Google Play store or buy extra within a game you’ve already downloaded. The surveys are short. I’ve received about 20-30 so far. The surveys are based on places you’ve been to or been near…

Anthony Narkevicius
The more I use it the less money it gives me, now it’s telling me that not all surveys will give me money? Starts great and then slows down drastically. Edit:now that I’ve used it for much longer it has been giving me more varied surveys. They are super random in the amount you get. Could be 10 cents or 40.

Jin Lee
Some amount of my rewards disapeared after the new update, and it still says I have to update even after I’ve just done it. Please fix it. Otherwise it’s a good app, gives Google Play credits after you answer easy short surveys.

Ian Stoufflet
Awesome app. I started delivering as a job and made 3 dollars in one day from all the hotels I visited. Don’t forget to use Google maps everywhere you go ;). The more you gps and actually go there the more surveys. Answer honestly. It affects how many surveys it gives.

Sullivan Pearson
I WAS receiving surveys, and I answered everything honestly, but then I just suddenly stopped receiving them. I haven’t for more than a month now! Edit: New update has been awesome! I have gotten about FIVE in the past week! Thanks devs!

Pdantix James
Newest update, installed 26th May 2018, can’t complete any surveys, keeps telling me to install latest version which I have. Otherwise have had this app for a couple of years now and have a good little bank of spare Google credit if I need it for anything.

No support on email. After to latest update I can’t get pass the terms of service screen as I get “an error occurred, please try again later” for over a week now! Please fix. Rolled back two version with no problem, but now these version is not supported and does not work anymore…

Paul Steadman
Easy way to gain credit for use in Google store. HOWEVER the latest update has broken it. It just says the app is out of date and needs updating even though it IS the latest version

James Thompson
I have had the app for months and I’m yet to get even my first survey or anything, kind of ashamed. Will increase if anything comes through but it’s been months and I’ve had nothing to do.

sarah bear
I usually never had a problem doing a survey and earning. But recently I had a survey that the app would not load for me. I contacted them and they basically told me to check the help page. The help page could not help me, which is why I contacted them. The survey expired and I earned nothing with no help!! I have had this app for many years now and I feel unappreciated!!!!!!

Symphoni Schacht
I wish it gave more surveys, at least once a week, but I’m happy to say I am getting a lot more then I was before. I went through a dry spell for a few months, but now I get several a month. Telling the truth is worth more then lying for 10¢. EDIT: I WISH YOU WOULD TELL WHEN YOU NEED AN UPDATE GOOGLE PLAY WHY DONT YOU WORK FOR ME

Eleanor M
Loved it until the new update! Now, whenever I click to answer the survey it says it is out of date which it isn’t as I have just updated it! Also the frequency of surveys has decreased and the amount you get for them too. It was a good app for earning a little amount of money for surveys- it’s good to save up for the play store.

Caitlin Matos
Great when out started out a few years ago, but not anymore. As others have said, the latest version is telling me that my version is outdated. Thankfully, unlike some other reviewers, I don’t seem to have lost any money. I have this installed on two devices. One received surveys every week or so. The other, my primary device, never receives surveys, even though it’s using the same account. I can have a survey available on my tablet, not complete it, load the app on my phone, and find no survey. Each survey pays about 10¢ these days.

Sachin Pardeshi
After latest updates, I received survey but before provide feedback it showing me to install current version. I installed updates but after that it always ask me to install updates but already I updated. I does not able to provide survey answer because of this. Kindly solve issue as early as possible.

Jess Showler
Latest update has made it so I can’t complete any surveys. It continuously says its out of date and I need to update, but I already have. Please fix this asap as I can’t earn any amount of credit due to this. I will update my review and put 5 stars once this issue has been fixed.

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