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Google Korean Input

By Google LLC

App Category:- Tools

Google Korean Input

Google Korean Input

Google Korean Input

Android TV support.
– Gesture typing on Korean keyboard.
– VoiceIME: Enter text using voice input.
– Suggestion dictionary: Suggests corrections for mistyped words and suggests next word after typing one word.
– Single Vowel layout: Provides larger buttons to reduce mistyping.
– H/W Keyboard support (Shift + Space or Right Alt or Ha/En key to switch between Hangul and English).
– Themes

How to enable
– Settings > Language & input > Check ‘Google Korean Input’
– Touch ‘Default (Input method)’ > Select ‘Korean (Google Korean Input)’

How to disable
– Settings > Apps > All > Google Korean Input > Disable


Download Google Korean Input:-

Download Google Korean Input App ( 6.2 MB )

User Reviews:-

Bryan G

I’ve used all the major keyboards with millions downloads on them and they’re not nearly as efficient as this one. The simple function of swipe up for capital letter and down for special symbols is absolutely the most convenient. I can type fastest and most easily with this one. Can’t understand why other developers have these simple yet amazingly helpful functions. Also easy to switch between the two languages. Solid 5 stars.

Culeen Barapon

I don’t know why this app was rated so poorly. It works perfectly fine. I’ve tried downloading other korean keyboards with higher ratings but they’re all useless. So far, this app was way much better if you ask me. Thanks google!

Biju Neyyan

Why did this change to ‘Not compatible with your device’ overnight? I loved this keyboard since it was so lightweight (Compared to Gboard) and I could easily switch language from the tab above without changing keyboards and avoiding the small lag. All of a sudden, this app has become incompatible. BUT IT IS STILL INSTALLED ON MY DEVICE AND IS WORKING FINE. I am afraid, once I uninstall or reset my phone, I will not be able to get it back officially. @google, please check this situation at the earliest, and let us (users) know why did the compatibility change overnight. I would like to give a very good rating. (4.5 to 5 stars) once you fix the compatibility issue.

Mu’izz Siddique

Neither of my phones are apparently supported even though I’ve been using this for years. One is still on Lollipop (where it was working just fine and still does) and the other was just updated to the latest security patches on Marshmallow. The .apk works just fine.

Mrs Collins

It’s a good key board. My only complaint is switch from English version to Korean is not easy to do. Making conversation text uneasy.

Captain Floof

Works great, aside from long press sometimes being finicky, but who doesn’t swipe to type these days. Just backspace once to show language switch, double tap single consonants for double or change your keyboard style, not that hard guys.


This is very helpful for me. Even though i already speak and quote Korean, this helps with some of my grammatical errors and our lets me type in Korean, with my Korean friends.

App user

It’s perfect! I don’t see any problems here, it works perfectly fine. Before I finish this off, I have a little bit of suggestion, if you don’t mind. If you would please, can you please add key sounds? Or at least can we customize it? It’s not that a big deal but watching K-drama with their phon…

Charles Agliam

This is actually perfect, and I don’t know why people rates this app with 1-2 star. FAQ: Fix the En/Ko toggle can’t be shown, it should always be shown! Help? A: Easy, just disable any other keyboard, then when you encountered this again just press the ‘Globe’ button to switch languages. WHY IS THIS PRE-INSTALLED ON MY PHONE, I CAN’T DELETE IT! A: Just root your Android device then kaboom delete it through /system/app/ or /system/priv-app/

Yeeun Jung

Nice…but too easy to make typos especially with numbers (e.g. u=7). Everyone always thinks im drunk because of this keyboard…

App user

I dont know why they low rated this app. I never got any problem this far. It’s actually a nice app. Google apps never disappoint me.

Trendy funky

Awesome. This is the best there is out there, it works amazingly well. No ads and it is perfect for beginners who wants to improve their Korean.

Anha Rawat

Its good but I have a prob that umm when u write annyeonghaseyo in Korean there r sum consonants in Korean which r silent so could u do sumthing to it…

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