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Google Keep
by Google LLC

Quickly capture what’s on your mind and get a reminder later at the right place or time. Speak a voice memo on the go and have it automatically transcribed. Grab a photo of a poster, receipt or document and easily organize or find it later in search. Google Keep makes it easy to capture a thought or list for yourself, and share it with friends and family.

Capture what’s on your mind
• Add notes, lists and photos to Google Keep. Pressed for time? Record a voice memo and Keep will transcribe it so you can find it later.
Share ideas with friends and family
• Easily plan that surprise party by sharing your Keep notes with others and collaborating on them in real time.

Google Keep

Google Keep

Find what you need, fast

• Color and add labels to code notes to quickly organize and get on with your life. If you need to find something you saved, a simple search will turn it up.

Always within reach

• Keep works on your phone, tablet, computer and Android wearables. Everything you add syncs across all of your devices so your thoughts are always with you.

The right note at the right time

• Need to remember to pick up some groceries? Set a location-based reminder to pull up your grocery list right when you get to the store.

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Download Google Keep App


User Reviews :-


Hendri Irawan
4 stars, just because one thing : it convert to link automatically for every note that have 2 dots in between the words, i hate that. it should be there’s an option to determined if the notes wants to saved as plain text or not.

Ulf Hamster
It is the best Todo app you can get for free imo. It is compatible to the Google office ecosystem (calendar, photos, etc). I used keep for daily checklists, i.e. I copied my daily template and archieved it Docs at the end of the day. (However I moved on to Trello bcoz API access what I would not recommend to normal users.) Keep is very suited for the “external brain” or “external memory” approach. I..e you just dump what is in your head (e.g. by voice recording, typing, photograph your handwritten note) and never look back or use the Card as starting point for a project.

Ashley Glover
Almost perfect. It is great that Wear OS is supported, but I am have constant syncing issues. It either takes a long time to sync or does not sync at all. It would be good to add notes using Google Assistant/Google Home.

Adam Shaw
“Bug fixes and performance improvements” in every change log is a total cop-out. Which bugs were fixed? What performance improvements? You might as well say “We did stuff”… It would be just as meaningful.

Alex Addo
Update: Well done guys! App is back to full effect! This app was working great and used daily until a couple of days ago and now it constantly crashes everytime I attempt to open it. Has there been an update which caused this?

App User
There’s. No way this app should get more than 3 stars. What it does, it dies well. But what it doesn’t do is LET YOU ATTACH A GOOGLE DOC TO THE NOTE. Do we have to do all the work for you?

Antonio Suico
A simple note app I use often for creating lists and taking notes. However, this app doesn’t support audio recordings for lectures or meetings and has no Google Assistant integration to edit lists.

App User
There’s no “HOW TO USE” guide for the first time user. You’re just supposed to know what to do! The help file is a joke. If I didn’t KNOW how to download the app, I wouldn’t have to ask the help file that’s in it! There’s non-stop updates, but what’s being updated? AND why can’t you add a simple print feature? I NOW have to find an app that will allow me to copy and paste my note so I can print out what I need. Seriously Google, you just waste space. IF this app could print, I’d be happy.

Greg Sequeira
This app is awesome, someone tried to take my keys, just turned on keep and I had them right back. Thanks Google.

Damion Campbell
This app is all that I needed in a to do app. Only nuisance I have is not being able to add to a list using Google voice.

App User
I love this app because it is simple and nicely made, it is missing one important feature! Ability to lock notes to make them not completely visible!!! Only thing away from 5 stars!

Marcus Shughart
crashes every 5 seconds. worthless devs. Google continues to release garbage without proper testing.

Anna Ziółkowska
All shared notes has connection problems and tasks appear and disappear, when I try to write, keyboard is going down. When hints appears first letter of the word when I write is always missing. This app is getting seriously worse.

Shiven Singh
A password system could help to secure our private documents So, please add a password in it…

Shayari Banerjee
Its almost perfect, but please add the support for bold, italics, underline and strikethrough options within the notes-writimg section, which can make it the perfect replacement, to some degree, of popular note apps like Evernote. Also, multiple layers of subtasks need to be enabled, like in Todoist. Otherwise, it is absolutely perfect!

Jeremiah Kuinker
But this is awesome I can copy and paste that’s more unique almost like computer

Aaron Sentell
Doesn’t sync pics from app to web or other devices where app is installed (3 stars) And now doesn’t let me add photos to a note at all (2 stars).

App User
J’aime beaucoup cette app’, elle m’est utile pour les listes de la vie courante et me permet de partager facilement mes notes avec ma famille ou mes amis.

App User
What can i say, this app overruled any other note app I’ve seen yet. Awesome.

Gajanan Nagpure
One suggestion: please allow to create read/copy only notes. Or an option to make existing notes write protected so that we can only see and copy it’s contents.

Haris Rahman
Good app. But please add functionality to make text bold, italic, etc. Also allow making folders or notebooks to put different categories of notes in.

Yudrik Lathif
Ini aplikaso catatatn bagus, dah aman catatan g kehapus yg penting g lupa sinkoronnya, trus q tu suka kali buat agenda d sini bagus enak hhhhhh thanks Google

Thomas Dummermuth
Almost perfect but sometimes not triggering a new event when the notifications is wished away.

App User
This app is very useful and can add notes,graphic and easy to use

Faris Hussain
Make it a bit more like Evernote

Ashok Rathore
I would like to add some new features like making new folders for keeping my files in different ways.

App User
I love this app but would be nice if I can protect it with password/Fingerprint. Update please

Kaleem Bhatti
Helpful in remembering things and meeting, it make me easy to organize assets in orders.

hasan nour
Its my favorite note taking app .. after I tried all note taking apps , its light and running smoothly even on old devices , just missing thos things and it will be perfect : add customise text support ,like change font color or type on bold,italic ..etc and let us to be able to resize and rotate the attached photos . Please add thos features in next update if its possible

Keep and Pocket are two apps I’ll never delete!!! Thanks guys 😊 You have helped me sort through my thoughts, I write them down and can read at a later date. Very grateful.

is one
I absolutely love this app, and use it for every single thing! Every day! I’m super stoked about the ability to nest list items! The only really helpful suggestion I could give is that I would really really love the ability to pin one specific note to my home screen using widgets. Currently I can choose a specific category, I’d like to essentially put a sticky note on my screen. Other than that, love, love, love it!

Rudy Rude
love the improvements… you’re only allowing one indentation ⁉ no disrespect, but you need to take a page out of Trello’s book to add rich text formatting… This is weak❗… it be neat if these features were added: link notes together, eg successors and predecessors, because adding the link from the web does not create an attachment like link as it does with other URLs. Also, to assign/add collaborators to labels… instead of adding collaborators one by one to a note… why set colours?! Just add a hex colour scale so we can customize our own colours

ahmed hazem
its amazing and i use it all the time . but i have an idea for you guys why not add feature of locking the note to use it without mistakenly delete any thing from it by mistake while reading it or copy any thing from it .

Jessica Jean Francois
Amazing. Saved me more than a few time. As an avid list maker, I can day this one is my favorite. I’ve recommended it to my family and friends

Sirianan Saleeram
We install it as a good experience. The cause of the application is often unresponsive. What interferes?

Chris Brennan
Latest version has bug causing excessive mobile data usage. My Google keep app used over 1GB background data this month and I barely used it. How could I have anywhere close to 1GB of data in keep?!

Adrian Scarlett
Finally, some updates! I’d like to see markdown support and an api for integration with other apps and sync with things like Alexa shopping lists. Please keep going with the updates!

Abhinava Sen
The thing which I liked the most is that this app gives the online synchronisation feature directly to your Google account, thus ensuring no data loss. Thumbs up Google !

Sanny Wind
Не возможно задать в качестве места напоминания координаты (из того же google maps). Также при поиске места нет возможности свериться с картой – словно отсутствует передача данных между продуктами google. 3 звезды только из-за того, что как обычный блокнот все же работает вполне не плохо.

Jay Suave
Collaborators are not easily added. App has contact and storage permissions, yet users are required to manually input email addresses??

Andrew Kakai
I find it strange that with the latest feature, the ability to indent has been added yet something as simple as text formatting even a simple bold or underline doesn’t exist

Rubo Sebastiah
No Assistant integration. Another great service that Google choose to ignore. You cannot trust Google.

ARA Żąîñh
Google keep is not fully support to 18:9 display. Its take little black space to top and bottom.. otherwise really useful app.

App User
Thank-you this is a very good app for your people that has troubles with reading n so much more thanks again for your help and time thoughts of all of us people of the world signed Sam and if anyone else has any troubles this app may help you out download it if you want

Priyank Maheshwari
What’s wrong with syncing of notes ? Why aren’t my notes syncing across devices and shared ones across users ? That’s the basic functionality of notes taking app, plz get it right.

Abhishek L
Great app… Please enable us to create folders to completely move the required notes inside them instead of labelling them…!! Also need bold, italics font for customization of notes. Include search within a particular note feature.

Samuel Stephen
The app has many options for what kind of note to make. However I find it irritating to always have to open a new note, wait, then hit back to start typing. Drawing my characters is not my preference. Reminders don’t work. Also, I cannot make a note with some text with and some without check boxes.

Missy Narkiewicz
Update! I finally got my wish you can indent list items! This makes this app perfect! Thank you, thank you! I’ve tried lots of task apps, I didn’t like any of them. This one is simple but effective. Gentle reminders you can set for a time or a location. The location option is cool, how often would you like to be reminded about something when you get to a place instead of the time you think you’ll be there. Love the new way to set location alerts, way easier. Keep up the great work!

Andre Smith
Great, except for one terrible bug. It has stopped syncing between my phone and desktop, and I haven’t been able to resolve this.

Justin Smeltzer
Stopped syncing with wife’s account. All the right buttons are checked but nothing works. It used to be great but now its un-usable.

Brendan Jones
Does what it says on the box. Search could be better – show me the text that matches, not just the card it’s in.

B. C.
I love this app, but the widgets drive crazy. Most of the times they don’t work and they never get updated automatically.

Graham Richmond
Could STILL do with voice recording, when it’s not connected to the internet, for transcribing later. It also apparently syncs keystrokes, which if you’ve accidentally deleted further than you meant is a little bad, especially when you’re using it for archival purposes! Lack of relevant info in what’s new.

App User
Crappy app: too many bugs grouping of notifications is the worst feature Reminders should not be visible in the notes section And there should be an option of “stick to notification bar”so that one doesn’t forget the reminders unless he presses the”done” button The reminders feature is useless

JMM com
Hi Google keep today i synchronize keep extension in chrome browser with keep app in my mobile and I loss a lot of my notes i don’t know what happen that very dangerous please check synchronize problem between chrome keep extension and Google keep app in moibl

Hand writing is like fluid, but need a feature to extract note as pdf as one can generate pretty good vector graphics in this.

CJ Goldstein
Great app. I continue having a problem setting up the default reminder settings. The app returns to the original settings no matter how many times I rest the defaults.

Mohamed Hantirah
The app keeps crashing. I tried everything but it crashes every time. It’s annoying that sometimes it crashes while taking notes and when restarted the note is gone. Very disappointing

M. H.
Fix the damn Android Wear version. Since you updated the app (black new UI), you cant use it anymore and 99% of the time a message “notes syncing” is shown and it takes FOREVER or nothing happens. And it syncs every time again if you open it and preventing you look on notes,

Budiman Nugroho
Please add the automatic date and time every time we put a new note. Could be a tiny font at the end of it or somewhere else

Divya Iyyani
This is the perfect replacement for actual paper notes. I’d used other notes apps but nothing is as efficient and user friendly as keep.

Crys B
Great app for several things including quick notes and music recommendation s that ppl give when not at home along with groceries list and anything else you may need to jot down real quick

Shubham Thakkar
When we set a reminder (e.g. for daily purpose) and archive it, then after notification for that reminder comes, it gets unarchived and have to archive again, this feature is irritating. Can you have a look at it, thank you.

Abhinandan Jain
These App Is Great But It should have some Password Protection also because if u say your personal Blog n if some find it than its dangers So Password Protection is must

Regent Djan
Better the Evernote and colornote apps. However i would like it to able to sort by by alphabetically ,monified time ,reminder time ,created time and texts sizes options. Add more options for reminder control. Thanks

E Sat
Great! Requests: 1. It would be great to be able to search for a word within a note (some notes can be long). 2. It would also be great to be able to extract text from an image note, just the way it is already possible on the keep website. Thank you!!!

Great app but it wil be great if they, add securuty feature like pin or passcode for secure notes

Sachin Suresh
Thanks for free app googles exelent UI,could hav better if it have a locker like fingerprint or google pin

Tejas Thakker
It will be really good if Google Notes can number how many notes we have saved

Fam Stafford
After latest update constantly crashing on Android 8.0… 😒

mark rich
Have used this app daily for the last few years. Constantly closes now making it cumbersome to use. Please fix! Nexus 6p

Mahesh Kavathiya
I am happy to use this app since last 5 years but now I need security for open app or some more secure of my cards, if you can then I can give 1000 start instead 5 🙂

Charlie J
I have tried most of the similar apps and this one is the cream of the crop. Been using it for years. You will not be disappointed….

Glorya Jordan
Love it! Able to save hundreds of news articles, blogs, etc in various categories. I can also dictate thoughts, lists & notes. And then I can share them with others. Did I mention I love being able to share articles to this app?

Alothman Musab
After adding undo and redo I’m giving you top rating, but.. what if you have a choice to lock some notes from editing, I mean if you want to edit it you have to enter a pin code,I think this will be a great addition.

Jason Teo
Good app for keeping notes! Was using it as a replacement for colorful notes. Suggestion to have widgets for individual notes! And checklist count widget just like colourful notes.

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